Marching Mizzou leads MU homecoming parade [Photo]

On Saturday, Marching Mizzou led MU's homecoming parade. The route began on Sixth Street and ended at Hitt Street and Rollins Road. The band had to report to campus by 8 a.m., and had to be back by 1:30 p.m. to start rehearsing for the night's game. Members of the band and Color Guard battled the cold by wearing extra layers.

4-H team sews sleepers [Slideshow]

A team of 4-H members and their friends and family sewed sleepers for University Hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit Saturday. Theresa Shettlesworth, the 4-H team’s sewing leader, organized the event and led participants through the process.

James Rensing [Photo]

James Rensing says expanding the two-party system would be better for everyone.

Sam Page [Photo]

State Rep. Sam Page, D-Creve Coeur, says he would work to improve access to health care as lieutenant governor.

Peter Kinder [Photo]

Seeking his second term as lieutenant governor, Peter Kinder says he has helped develop prescription drug assistance for seniors and increased state tourism.

Teddy Fleck [Photo]

Teddy Fleck lists problems with the economy, taxes and energy as Missouri's biggest issues.

Page talks health care, education on campaign trail [Video]

Sam Page, the Democratic candidate for Missouri lieutenant governor, speaks at St. Luke Memorial Missionary Baptist Church in St. Louis on Oct. 12. Page received the endorsement of the Ecumenical Leadership Council of Missouri.

On the issues: James Rensing [Slideshow]

James Rensing, a candidate for Missouri Lieutenant Governor, representing the Constitution Party, discussed his candidacy by phone Oct. 15.

On the issues: Peter Kinder [Slideshow]

Peter Kinder, Republican candidate for Missouri lieutenant governor, discussed his candidacy in an interview Oct. 9.

On the issues: Sam Page [Slideshow]

Sam Page, Democratic candidate for Missouri Lieutenant Governor, discussed his candidacy in an interview Oct. 12.

On the issues: Teddy Fleck [Slideshow]

Teddy Fleck, a candidate for Missouri lieutenant governor representing the Libertarian Party, discussed his candidacy by phone Oct. 15.

Columbia woman fights for victory [Photo]

Marla "Lil' Evil" Kay, left, grabs Stefanie Lavender into a headlock in the second round of their fight during Battle at the Blue Note 8 on Friday in Columbia. "All you can think about is how much you want to kill that person," Kay said.

Number of jury trials has increased [Graphic]

Columbia women march forward [Slideshow]

A new women’s rights group founded by Columbia resident Nancy Harter marched in MU’s Homecoming Parade and held a rally on Oct. 25. The pro-Democrat group focuses on women’s issues, peace, green energy, and the election of Sen. Barack Obama as president.

Lost in fright [Photo]

From left, Chaya Buknston, Treston Wright, Nusha Wray are frightened by an actor in The Necropolis haunted house Friday night.

Staring fear in the face [Photo]

Bill Schnell, owner of The Necropolis haunted house, arranges a bloody skull before starting a show Friday night. The Necropolis Haunted house has returned for its fourth season and is located near the corner of College Avenue and Rogers Street.

LBC Homecoming [Slideshow]

The Legion of Black Collegians hosted its own homecoming festivities on Saturday. The event included stepping performances by three black fraternities and sororities and a homecoming court presentation.

Homecoming highlights [Slideshow]

Highlights of MU's Homecoming activities.

Wes Upchurch [Photo]

"Everybody I talk to is like, 'Oh, it's the young candidate,'" he said.

MU golfer Julia Potter [Photo]

Julia Potter, a junior at MU and the No. 1 player on the Tigers' women's golf team, has three top-five finishes in the four tournaments the Tigers have played this fall. Last summer, she qualified for the U.S. Women's Amateur Championship in Eugene, Ore.