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Our Decision 2010 [Graphic]

Week in Pix [Photo]

A model wears an outfit by French fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier as part of his Fall-Winter 2010-2011 collection presented in Paris on Wednesday.

How long do you have left to live? [Graphic]

Every year, statisticians at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention calculate how long the average American will live as well as his or her likelihood of dying within the next year, based on current age and gender. In general, the older you are now, the longer you will live because you’ve already dodged whatever killed others in your age group.

This week in pictures: March 6-12 [Slideshow]

Mizzou searches for the next 'Idol' [Video]

Students gathered in Jesse Auditorium Thursday night for Mizzou’s search for musical talent. Four judges, hundreds of students and 16 contestants, but only one could win the top prize – a trip to audition for Fox’s American Idol.

This is Mizzou Idol.

By the end of the night, Keertana Sastry, a junior, had won over the audience and the judges, winning the top spot. Paige Sommerer, also a junior, was runner-up.

Welcome home [Photo]

Mary Burch Nirmaier, center, is greeted at the Columbia Regional Airport by Salute to Veterans chairman Mary McCleary Posner, left, and Dana Morgenthaler on Thursday. Nirmaier flew to Washington, D.C., earlier this week to receive the Congressional Gold Medal for her service in the Women Airforce Service Pilots or WASPs.

A gold medal winner [Photo]

Mary Burch Nirmaier holds her Congressional Gold Medal after returning to Columbia from an awards ceremony in Washington, D.C., on Thursday. "I just want to tell all young girls that if they want to do something, get busy and do it," Nirmaier said. She received her medal for her service during World War II in the Woman Airforce Service Pilots or WASPs.

Fourth Ward candidate — Sarah Read [Photo]

City Council Fourth Ward candidate Sarah Read poses for an in-studio portrait.

Patient reading [Photo]

Robin Blake, a retired family physician and MU professor, reads a passage from "Still Alice," a novel about a woman's sudden descent into Alzheimer's disease during the MU Health Care Book Club meeting Wednesday. Blake retired early from medical school to write short stories and teach a class on medicine and literature.