Tracy Greever-Rice: Crime [Video]

Tracy Greever-Rice answers: Do you think crime is a problem in Columbia? If so, what is the best way to curb crime in the city?

Tracy Greever-Rice: Budget [Video]

Tracy Greever-Rice answers: Should the city be looking at new sources of revenue in tight economic times? If so, what are the best options?

Tracy Greever-Rice: Balance of power [Video]

Tracy Greever-Rice answers: There's been quite a bit of debate on the balance of power between the City Council and city manager. Do you think council members should have more input in executive decisions?

Globe Trotters [Slideshow]

Wun "The Shot" Versher from the Harlem Globetrotters basketball team pays a visit to the University Children’s Hospital. He demonstrated his ball handling skills and gave out autographs after his performance.

Hoyle performs 'Pow Wow' [Photo]

Rosa Hoyle, 15, performs her second poem, "The Pow Wow at the End of the World" by Sherman Alexie, at the Poetry Out Loud contest on March 3 at the Etta & Joseph Miller Performing Arts Center in Jefferson City. Hoyle won the Central Regional competition Feb. 23.

Missouri Poet Laureate speaks [Photo]

David Clewell addresses the audience at the Poetry Out Loud contest. Clewell's position as the 2010 Missouri Poet Laureate was announced at the competition in Jefferson City.

Mary Burch Nirmaier [Photo]

Mary Burch Nirmaier is to receive the Congressional Gold Medal.

Kespohl passionate about family, baseball [Photo]

Gary Kespohl is running for the Third Ward seat in the Columbia City Council.

Students get opportunity to question candidates [Photo]

MU students listen to school board candidate Philip Peters as he answers questions at an open forum with all five school board candidates Tuesday at MU's Townsend Hall. The College of Education hosted the event to allow students the opportunity to learn more about the Columbia Public School District.

James Whitt talks to students [Photo]

James Whitt, one of the candidates for the upcoming school board election, talks with a group of MU students at an open forum hosted by the College of Education on Tuesday. More than 70 students attended the event to share their concerns about both local and national education-related issues with all five candidates.

Columbia School Board forum [Audio]

Linda Bennett, the associate dean of educator preparation, and Eryca Neville, the assistant director of the teacher development program, both at the MU College of Education, talk about the Columbia School Board election forum held Tuesday. Both agree that the forum allowed MU students to interact with school board candidates and learn more about the public education system in Columbia.

Rosa Hoyle recites 'Sonnet 116' [Audio]

Rosa Hoyle, 15, recites “Sonnet 116” by William Shakespeare at her house in Jefferson City. She recited these poems at the local and state Poetry Out Loud competition.

Rosa Hoyle recites 'Jabberwocky' [Audio]

Rosa Hoyle, 15, recites “Jabberwocky” by Lewis Carroll at her house in Jefferson City. She recited these poems at the local and state Poetry Out Loud competition.

Practice makes perfect poetry [Photo]

Home-schooler Rosa Hoyle, 15, practices reciting poetry with her mother, Heather Hoyle, at their home in Jefferson City on Feb. 23. A few of the things she practices are the sound and pace of the poem, hand movements, pronunciation and expression, which are all taken into account in the Poetry Out Loud contest that she competed in.

MU baseball player Michael Liberto [Photo]

Through the Tigers' first nine games, Missouri shortstop Michael Liberto is hitting .471. Last season, Liberto hit .243.

MU baseball team set for home opener [Photo]

Missouri baseball players roll back the tarp at Taylor Stadium before their practice Tuesday afternoon.

Ramsey putting in extra minutes [Photo]

With Justin Safford out with an injury, Missouri's Keith Ramsey has played an average of 38 minutes in the past three games. He says the morning after those games has been a painful experience.

Gary Kespohl answers 11 questions [Video]

In this video, Gary Kespohl discusses the issue of crime in Columbia. Watch Kespohl answer 11 different questions about important issues the city is facing.

College Avenue collision [Photo]

After a collision at the intersection of College Avenue and Paquin Street, the driver of the first vehicle was transported to University Hospital. He was driving south on College Ave when he was struck by the second vehicle when it turned across College Avenue to turn on to Paquin Street.

Karl Skala answers 11 questions [Video]

Karl Skala talks about the city's new sustainability officer in this video. Watch Skala answer 11 questions about issues facing Columbia.