Brown School Road construction completed [Photo]

A ribbon-cutting ceremony for the completion of Brown School Road happened Thursday morning. Construction on the project lasted nine months. Some residents in the nearby Clearview subdivision said they are worried about the long-term effects of the construction on their neighborhood.

Helping out with the hams [Photo]

Matthew Hensley, 12, helps organize hams on Thursday for the youth and open ham shows to take place at the Boone Country Fairgrounds on Friday. Hensley has worked with the competition for 3 years and always enters in a ham of his own.

Kissing a ham good luck [Photo]

Mikaela Adams, 13, picks up her ham to kiss it good luck ahead of the 2009 ham competition on Thursday. Her mother, Jessica, said Mikaela is a member of 4-H. She said it is a great organization because "parents get involved, and it makes the kids get involved, and they get hooked on it. Now, it's like a competition for her. She tries to outdo herself every year."

A ham awaits judgment [Photo]

Hundreds of hams, such as this one from Uless Reeder, are tagged and sorted for the ham competition. The hams are to be judged in eight categories: Eye appeal, color, smoothness, fitting, trim, firmness, meatiness and aroma. The top 20 hams are expected to go up for auction next weekend.

Show-Me State Games Participation [Graphic]

The Show-Me State Games have grown to become the largest state games in the nation and have enjoyed a rich history of promoting fitness for Missourians.

Communications allocations [Graphic]

The Public Communications Resource Advisory Committee has proposed project funding for 11 applicants. Columbia Access Television (CAT TV) has since withdrawn its application, leaving $1,150 to be redistributed among remaining applicants.

Public Communications Resource Advisory Committee funding proposals [Document]

This PDF document includes funding requests submitted to the Public Communications Resource Advisory Committee, and funding recommendations by the committee.

Crawford escorted from courthouse [Photo]

Taron Crawford is escorted out of a Boone County Courthouse courtroom Thursday evening after being found guilty of second-degree murder and armed criminal action by a Johnson County jury in the Nov. 16, 2003, shooting death of MU student Charley Blondis.

Victims family thanks Crawford prosecutor [Photo]

From left, Charley Blondis' uncle Robert Krzeminski, and parents Tom and Alba Blondis thank Boone County Assistant Prosecutor Andrew Scholz Thursday evening after Taron Crawford was found guilty of second-degree murder and armed criminal action by a Johnson County jury in the Nov. 16, 2003, shooting death of MU student Charley Blondis.

Crawford found guilty [Photo]

Taron Crawford, center, reacts to a Johnson County jury's verdict Thursday evening at the Boone County Courthouse. Crawford was found guilty of second-degree murder and armed criminal action. Standing with him are defense co-counselor Sara Watson and public defender Tony Manansala.

Daniel Boone City Building bond payments [Document]

This PDF document illustrates the schedule of bond payments in connection with construction on the Daniel Boone City Building.

Daniel Boone City Building construction [Photo]

Phase 2 of construction on the Daniel Boone City Building continues. Construction has closed some streets, such as Eighth Street north of Broadway.

Going over evidence in Crawford case [Photo]

Detective Jeff Nichols, right, one of several witnesses called during the retrial of Taron Crawford, points to photographic evidence presented by prosecutor Andrew Scholz on Wednesday in Columbia.

Taron Crawford granted retrial [Photo]

Taron Crawford, center, looks towards the courtroom entrance as another witness is called to the stand Wednesday in Columbia. Crawford, convicted for the killing of Charles Blondis in 2004, was granted a retrial because of ineffective counsel.

Montessori directors teach children [Photo]

Emma Kingsley, 4, left, and director Holly Kroon watch as Garrett Hoover, 4, traces a sandpaper letter before carving it in coffee grounds at the Columbia Montessori School on July 9. Montessori teachers prefer to be called directors, in keeping with the idea that they guide students instead of instructing them.

Multiplication board at Columbia Montessori School [Photo]

Braden McKenzie, 4, left, waits his turn while Ben Stephen, 5, works on a multiplication board at the Columbia Montessori School on July 9.

Checking her face paint [Photo]

Amanda Huckabey checks out her new face paint in a mirror at the Family Fun Fest at Flat Branch Park on Wednesday.

Bouncing around at the park [Photo]

Deacon Sweeting, 5, jumps in a bounce house at the Family Fun Fest at Flat Branch Park on Wednesday.

MU wheelchair basketball player John Gilbert [Photo]

The Tigers' John Gilbert breaks for the basket during a 2007 scrimmage at MU. Gilbert, a repeat All-American for the Missouri wheelchair basketball team, also plays for the U.S. national team, which won the International Wheelchair Basketball Association's Under-23 World Championship this week in Paris.

Gender-bending the rules [Photo]

Michele Spry helps coach Chuck "Charlene" Everitt arrange his skirt, T-shirt and wig ahead of their team's first game in the Kickballapalooza tournament at Rainbow Softball Center on Wednesday, July 19, 2009. The Gold Coats did not have enough women, according to the rules, so Everitt dressed up as one.