Erin Greer tests flip-flops and sneakers [Photo]

Rock Bridge High School student Erin Greer performs an experiment Thursday in which she walks in flip-flops and sneakers to see which requires more steps to cover the same amount of ground.

Early morning fire in northern Boone County [Photo]

A fire broke out early Tuesday morning in northern Boone County, claiming one person's life and injuring another person. More than 38 firefighters responded to the blaze this morning.

Presenting police concerns over Citizens Police Review Board [Photo]

Columbia Police Officer Jill Wieneke, left, and Eric Dearmont, executive director of the Columbia Police Officers Association, present police concerns with the Citizens Police Review Board at a special City Council meeting on Monday.

Rex Campbell speaks at meeting on Citizens Police Review Board [Photo]

Rex Campbell, chairman of the Columbia Police Department's Citizen Oversight Committee, speaks at a special City Council meeting regarding the Citizens Police Review Board on Monday.

Missouri pitcher Kyle Gibson [Photo]

Former Missouri Kyle Gibson signed with the Minnesota Twins less than an hour before the signing deadline.

'I didn't think they were medications' [Photo]

Vince Palella talks to Dr. Susan Tan during an office visit at Moffitt Cancer Center on May 1, 2008, in Tampa, Fla. When Palella learned the supplements he was taking could interfere with his cancer treatment, he said he felt stupid. "I didn't think they were medications," he said.

Dietician warns patients about 'natural' supplements [Photo]

Dietitian Kathy Allen holds up some dietary supplements at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Fla. Allen says people should keep a healthy skepticism about so-called "natural" products.

The price of rejecting traditional medicine [Photo]

In this 2008 still image taken from video, Donna Flasch is seen holding a photo of her sister Leslee Flasch during an interview with the Associated Press. Leslee Flasch died of rectal cancer after rejecting surgery and turning to a special diet and supplements.

Caring for Missouri [Document]

Kenny Rankin [Photo]

Kenny Rankin in 2006. The singer-songwriter died of complications related to lung cancer, his record company announced on Monday.

Alex Inneco teaches at Carpe Diem [Photo]

Alex Inneco teaches the first in a series of music history classes at Carpe Diem on Locust Street on June 1.

Carpe Diem in Columbia [Photo]

Carpe Diem on Locust Street hosted the first in a series of music history classes on June 1.

Tuberculosis case identified at MU Hospitals [Video]

Chief medical officer of MU Health Care Les Hall describes the hospital's discovery last week of a health care worker who had contracted tuberculosis and the hospital's efforts to identify individuals who had prolonged, close exposure to the worker.

Cacao trees in Costa Rica [Photo]

While at "Finca La Virgen," a cacao farm in Costa Rica, Galve, left, planted a cacao plant next to cacao trees, while Dan Greene, right, watched. Cacao is the fruit which produces the seeds that make chocolate.

Viper in Costa Rica [Photo]

A viper snake she found on a trail in the Arenal Volcano. This snake was one of many animals Galve saw in Costa Rica.

Flowers of Costa Rica [Photo]

These are Costa Rica's native flowers. These flowers can also be found in Columbia but they must be replanted every year, Galve said.

90 minutes with Shakeaspeare [Video]

5th Wall Productions presented “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, Abridged” at the Boone County Courthouse Amphitheater last weekend. Director Monica Senecal, actress Michele Curry and audience member Mary McFillen discuss the play, which has a three-person cast and covers Shakespeare’s 37 comedies, histories and tragedies in 90 minutes. The show is free and will be presented again June 11-14.

Engaging people: Mario Manzini [Photo]

Elvis impersonator and Columbia resident Mario Manzini performs at the Eagles club in California, Mo., on April 24. Manzini, a Bronx, N.Y., native has lived and worked in Columbia for more than 25 years. In addition to his Elvis shows, Manzini does magic shows for kids and has traveled the globe as an escape artist.

Soothing therapy session [Photo]

Bonnie Tarantino rubs a bowl with a wand to make soothing sounds during a Reiki therapy session with a patient on Oct. 24, 2008, in the trauma center at the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore.

Reiki treatment [Photo]

Reiki specialist Bonnie Tarantino helps treat a patient at the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore on Oct. 24, 2008. Reiki is just one type of alternative medicine that is finding its way into hospitals.