Hours spent online [Photo]

Student John Rowe practices his electronic music DJ skills as he spends hours in his room broadcasting music online for his friends in La Canada Flintridge, Calif. Rowe, a 19-year-old student, spends six to 12 hours online each day. Researchers are raising the idea that young people who've spent too much time using the Internet and playing video games have wired their brains for technology rather than social skills.

Wired for technology [Photo]

University of California-Los Angeles Professor of Psychiatry Dr. Gary Small holds a human brain model at his office at the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior in Westwood, Calif. He suggests young people who have spent too much time using the Internet and playing video games have wired their brains for technology rather than social skills.

Columbia/Boone County Health Department information on whooping cough [Document]

This information from the Columbia/Boone County Health Department explains symptoms of pertussis, commonly called whooping cough.

Katy Steinmetz school photo [Photo]

Katy Steinmetz, shown here when she was in elementary school, battled obesity when she was a child.

William Randle testifies at Steven Rios re-trial [Photo]

William Randle, criminalist supervisor at the Missouri State Highway Patrol, explains to the jury that the flap on a box of evidence was opened when he received that box, which contained hairs from murder victim Jesse Valencia.

Practice, practice [Photo]

Choreographer Kira Josephson looks on as, from left, Sarah Marshall, Emily Shackelford, Izzie Baldwin, Sydney Turner and Charles Evans rehearse.

Stephens coach Crystal Dominguez at practice [Photo]

“Bug” Dominguez is using her athletic scholarship at Stephens to fill the role of student assistant coach.

Stephens coach Crystal Dominguez [Photo]

“Bug” Dominguez stopped playing for Stephens after suffering her fourth concussion in her basketball career.

Rehearsing the dance [Photo]

From left, Sarah Marshall, Sydney Turner, Colleen Grate and Emily Shackelford rehearse a dance routine from Stephens College's upcoming musical production of "Little Women."

Scott Olsen, new interim chief of the Boone County Fire Protection District [Photo]

Scott Olsen was named interim chief of the Boone County Fire Protection District on Tuesday, Dec. 2, 2008.

Jesse Valencia [Photo]

Former MU student Jesse James Valencia, who was found murdered June 5, 2004, in the East Campus area of Columbia. Rios, a former Columbia police officer, has been charged with his murder.

Choke hold demonstrated during Rios retrial [Photo]

Police instructor Todd Burke, rear, demonstrates a choke hold on prosecutor Morley Swingle for the jury during Rios trial. Swingle contends that Rios used the choke hold on Valencia before slashing his throat.

Steven Rios confers with his attorney [Photo]

Ex-Columbia Police officer Steven Rios confers with his attorney Gillis Leonard as the prosecution gives opening statements during Rios' trial. Rios is accused in the death of MU student Jesse Valencia.

Missouri's Jarrett Sutton and Leo Lyons celebrate Tuesday's victory [Photo]

Missouri's Jarrett Sutton, left, and Leo Lyons celebrate after the end of the Tigers' 95-41 victory against Arkansas-Pine Bluff. In the final minute of the game, Sutton made back-to-back three-pointers.

Laurence Bowers attempts a basket at Mizzou Arena on Tuesday [Photo]

Laurence Bowers, a freshman forward, attempts to score toward the end of the second period on Tuesday night, Dec. 2. The Tigers defeated the University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff Lions, 95-41.

Missouri's J.T. Tiller and Zaire Taylor on Tuesday [Photo]

Missouri's J.T. Tiller, left, and Zaire Taylor lock up Arkansas-Pine Bluff's Lebaron Weathers during the first half of the Tigers' 95-41 victory against the Lions on Tuesday night at Mizzou Arena.

1202Stephens [Photo]

Megan Sheffield, a Stephens freshman, handles the ball against St. Mary’s Samantha Ciani.

1202wrestling [Photo]

Hickman’s John Hilley, bottom, tries to get out of the grasp of Kirskville’s Jared Fox on Tuesday at Hickman. Fox won the match on a pin.

Jennifer Perlow of Perlow-Stevens Gallery on Nov. 28 [Photo]

Jennifer Perlow of Perlow-Stevens Gallery has noticed a decline in art sales with the recent economic downturn. "If people have the means, they need to make sure they are spending their money locally," Perlow said. Behind her is the painting "Red Garden" by Nina Weiss.

Radio Adelante Episode 10 [Audio]

AUDIO: Radio Adelante Episode No. 10
Aired: Nov. 29, 2008

Episode No. 10 Contents: Exchange rates and the changing value of the dollar; national and international news; profile on Columbia College Brazilian soccer player; and community calendar.

Host/Reporter: Carolina Escalera
Reporter: Beverly Rivera
Producers: Sarah Horne and Sara Shahriari
Business Manager: Mark Stanley