Playing for the visitors [Photo]

Ehren Oncken plays the accordian for passersby during the Art in the Park Festival at Stephens Lake Park on Saturday. Oncken has been playing accordian since he was 8 years old and plays with the Ironweed Bluegrass Band/Swampweed Cajun Band, who also performed at the festival.

Letter to George Tiller's congregation [Document]

Phillip Wood of Columbia wrote this letter to the Christ Reformation Church in Wichita, Kan., after learning of George Tiller's death and the shooting incident at the church on May 31.

Columbia's criminal activity by age [Graphic]

Early lead wins it for the Bulldogs [Photo]

Fort Zumwalt South celebrates its victory over the Rock Bridge Bruins on Friday. The Bruins fought hard, but couldn't overcome the early Bulldog lead.

Tough loss for the Bruins [Photo]

Rock Bridge player Robert DeGraaff* bows his head after a disappointing 9-1* loss to Fort Zumwalt South on Friday. The Bulldogs took an early 4-0 lead at the bottom of the first inning. The Bruins will play for third place Saturday in Springfield.

MU Health Care Patient Care Tower [Photo]

The Patient Care Tower will be seven stories tall and be built on the north side of University Hospital, behind the main lobby. It will include space for support services, Ellis Fischel outpatient services, operating rooms, pre- and post-operation bays and private patient rooms.

Steven Bowen [Photo]

Steven W. Bowen, 38, is wanted on the charge of failing to register as a sex offender. Bowen has four previous convictions on this charge.

Mike Alden gets roasted [Photo]

Mike Alden, right, and his wife Rockie laugh during a roast of the Missouri athletic director held Thurday night to raise money for Alzheimer’s research.

Mazda sedan after collision with garbage truck [Photo]

The driver of this Mazda sedan was taken to University Hospital with neck injuries after his vehicle collided with an oncoming garbage truck on Thursday near Vandiver Mobile Home Park, Columbia Police Officer Ted Anderson said.

Pamela Benoit [Photo]

Pamela Benoit will be leaving MU where she served as dean of the graduate school to accept a position at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.

Checking the hail pads [Photo]

John Moon, right, throws a softball at his "hail pad" used to measure the impact of hail. Professor Tony Lupo, left, and MU student Marshall Wave have both worked with Moon on his experiments during the year.

Continuing a childhood interest [Photo]

John Moon checks one of his "hail pads" placed at the top of the Anheuser-Busch Natural Resources Building at MU on Thursday. Moon has always been interested in the weather; even as a boy, when he used to pretend he was a reporter.

Teens bond over similiar struggles [Photo]

Zach Smith and Danielle Dement, center, share a quick hug while hanging out with Sol House residents Carl Lewis, left, Heather Brown and Sol House's evening supervisor, John Paul Perez, right, before the weekly house meeting and life skills class at the Sol House in Columbia.

Sharing a meal [Photo]

Carl Lewis takes steamed broccoli out of a colander while cooking dinner with his fellow Sol House residents for members of Karis Community Church on April 15. Once a month a church group comes in to the Sol House in Columbia, cooks and shares a meal with Sol House residents and staff, but this month, the residents decided that they would cook.

Leaving Sol House [Photo]

Sol House resident Tyler Caldwell erases his name from the board that tells staff where residents are because he is leaving the house to go back to Michigan.

Going in a new direction [Photo]

Sol House resident Tyler Caldwell waits for a friend to pick him up who will be taking him to back to his home in Michigan since Caldwell is leaving the Sol House. Caldwell signed up for the National Guard and plans to begin boot camp in July.

Describing Sol House's residents [Photo]

The wall at Sol House's office apartment is adorned with the names of residents and staff with adjectives that describe them such as, "Heather: playful, happy, passionate."

Art In the Park [Photo]

A bicycle decorated like a giant camel was one of several art bicycles displayed at Stephens Lake Park for Art in the Park in June 2008. The St. Louis Banana Bike Brigade designed the camel for the ArtCycles project.

Learning to manage emotions [Photo]

Sol House intern Chris Radigan, center, and Deron Young, left, listen to Zach Smith during a life skills class about teaching residents how to manage manage their emotions. As part of the program for staying at Sol House, residents attend classes each week that are organized by the staff.

Working toward independence [Photo]

Zach Smith walks two miles, each way, five days a week along Clark Lane in Columbia to the Wendy's on Clark Lane near U.S. 63, where he works the lunch shift. The four mile round trip walk takes Smith 45 minutes each way. The job, which took him 10 months to find, is the second he has ever had. "It's a pretty stressful job, but you got to laugh about something," Smith said. Finding and keeping employment is a constant concern for Sol House residents.