Baha'i gathering [Photo]

Jeanne Engle reads over a Hindu peace prayer during a devotional meeting of mid-Missouri Baha'i members Sunday afternoon in Hallsville. Baha'i incorporates aspects of many popular religions including Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism, among others.

eating disorders [Photo]

Anna Bardone-Cone, who runs the Eating Behaviors and Body Image Lab at MU, talks with Lauren Schaefer, left, a research assistant, Jennifer Aubrey, right, Assistant Professor of Communications, and students. The group met to discuss potential ways they will be categorizing data of people's reactions to pro-anorexia Web sites for her research project.

Bicycle accident [Photo]

A bicyclist was struck by a motorist on Paris Road around 9:15 p.m. Thursday. He was taken from the scene by an ambulance.

Baha'i group [Photo]

Tyree S. O. Byndom and his daughter Klaye Daylene Byndom enjoy a celebratory song performed by Baha'i members at a devotional event held Sunday afternoon in Hallsville.

Forsee's State of the University audio [Audio]

Click to listen to the audio from UM System President Gary Forsee's State of the University speech on Feb. 6, 2009.

Growing a garden [Photo]

Julie Stern and Christo Brock say they were drawn to growing delicious food. Brock, a documentary filmmaker, doesn't think of himself as a patriotic gardener, but he is worried about the future of the planet. "The produce from Chile - it's not ripe or it has no flavor. And now it has a big carbon footprint," he said.

Seeds for a garden [Photo]

In October, Julie Stern and Christo Brock started leeks, peas, beets, carrots and a few other vegetables from seed.

Forsee's PowerPoint Slides [Video]

This movie shows the PowerPoint slides UM System President Gary Forsee planned to use in his State of the University address Friday.

Picking Lettuce [Photo]

Julie Stern and Christo Brock pick romaine Rouge d'Hiver lettuce.

Columbia crime statistics [Graphic]

Douglass defeats Higbee [Photo]

Douglass junior Amileo Lawson maneuvers around Higbee junior Byron Bartolacci, left, and Higbee junior Mitchell Stewart, right. Lawson and his teammates won the game 73-45 on Thursday.

Full roster for Douglass helps team win [Photo]

Douglass freshman Justin Meyers passes around Higbee junior Zach Reffett in the fourth quarter of the Douglass-Reffett varsity basketball game. The teams competed in the Smithton Middle School gym Thursday.

Maxine Nelson in class [Photo]

Maxine Nelson works with a student during her afternoon class on Jan. 29 at West Junior High School. Nelson, a special education teacher, has taught at West Junior High School for 19 years.

Border showdown gets personal [Photo]

MU forward Marissa Scott and Nebraska guard Dominique Kelley fight for the ball in the second half of the Tiger's win over Nebraska on Jan. 17. On Saturday, the Tigers play Kansas in the 75th meeting between Kansas and Missouri women's basketball teams.

Notable historic sites [Graphic]

Struggles make MU wrestler stronger [Photo]

MU's Raymond Jordan keeps his eye on his opponent Jesse Strawn of Old Dominion in the 184-pounds final match in Missouri Open 2007. He wrestled three years as a 184-pound wrestler, but this season he has switched to the 174-pound weight class. Both of Jordan's parents died before he was 7 years old, and the road leading to collegiate success has been difficult.

Target cuts for MU divisions [Graphic]

Defense helps Missouri men [Photo]

MU's Zaire Taylor, no. 11, and Kim English, no. 24, block a shot by Baylor's Quincy Acy, no. 4, on Saturday.

the beat 2/05 A [Audio]

Heat wave happiness [Photo]

Sparky's Homemade Ice Cream employee Kelly Mitchum serves up some Red Bull shakes to high school students on Thursday afternoon. During the unseasonably warm weather, the store opened for the weekend. Columbia residents, university students and high school students taking advantage of a half-day at school came in to enjoy a variety of flavors such as "The King" and "Les Bourgeois & Ghiradelli Chocolate."