Laurence Bowers drives to the basket [Photo]

Missouri forward Laurence Bowers drives past Colorado forward Shane Harris-Tunks on Wednesday at Mizzou Arena. Bowers scored eight points as the Tigers beat the Buffaloes 92-63.

Announcer Wright leaving Missouri [Photo]

Missouri basketball public address announcer Randy Wright is leaving for a job at the University of Florida. Wright has been announcing at Missouri games for 22 years, since he was a sophomore at Missouri.

MU men's basketball guard J.T. Tiller [Photo]

Senior guard J.T. Tiller puts up a shot in front of Colorado's Alec Burks on Wednesday at Mizzou Arena. Tiller finished the game with 10 points and nine assists.

Free bread at Harbor House [Photo]

The Salvation Army Harbor House shelter is currently over capacity, with approximately 70 people sleeping there each night. "They've really been providing for us," said resident Sharon Nevels. "I'm really surprised that they can feed everybody."

Harbor House Shelter [Photo]

Sharon Nevels talks on the phone in the cafeteria at the Salvation Army Harbor House while her son, Taye Grayson, looks at his phone.

Harbor House Dinner [Photo]

Sharon Nevels talks with her daughters during dinner at the Salvation Army Harbor House. Nevels and her children have been homeless for 8 months and moved into the shelter about 1 month ago. "You just gotta humble yourself," she said. "If it wasn't for the Harbor House, where would we be?"

Harbor House [Photo]

Sharon Nevels poses with her bible in her room at the Salvation Army Harbor House. Nevels and 3 of her 4 children have lived in the shelter for about a month. "I know my God is gonna pick me back up again," she said.

Columbia College women's basketball player Denise Rosario [Photo]

Columbia College junior center Denise Rosario, a native of Caravelas, Brazil, has become a force for the Cougars, averaging 16.5 points and seven rebounds in her past four games.

True/False Pass Holder Pick-Up [Photo]

A decked-out Columbian talks with volunteers minutes before they began distributing tickets to True/False pass holders. The True/False box office at Ninth and Cherry Streets opened its doors at 5 p.m. Wednesday for pass holders.

True/False Sales [Photo]

Customers picking up their passes at the True/False box office in downtown Columbia stop to check out the available merchandise on Wednesday. The box office opened at 5 p.m. for pass holders, and customers were lined up waiting for distribution twenty minutes prior.

True/False Volunteer [Photo]

Volunteer Danielle Chastain hands out pens to pass holders to help speed up the process of picking up tickets on Wednesday. Chastain has been volunteering at the True/False Film Festival since it started seven years ago.

True/False Passes [Photo]

This year’s True/False Film Festival pass holders picked up their tickets Wednesday at the T/F Box Office at the corner of Ninth and Cherry Streets in downtown Columbia. In order to keep the process moving quickly, coordinators prearranged all of the passes so volunteers could find them easily and deliver them to customers.

Totta steps up [Photo]

Columbia College's Quintin Totta has led the Cougars in the absence of the team's two leading scorers.

Vancouver Day 11 [Slideshow]

Photos from day 11 of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, British Columbia.

MAP: True/False tells global stories [Graphic]

The seventh annual True/False Film Festival features more than 45 films that document stories from more than 25 countries including China, South Africa and Brazil.

Hallsville Post Office Crash [Photo]

A car crashed into the Hallsville post office on Wednesday. The car, a 1994 Ford Explorer, created a hole approximately 5 feet wide and 3 feet long in the side of the building, said Chief Gale Blomenkamp of the Boone County Fire Protection District.

'Shot books' are the new birthday keepsake [Photo]

MU junior Courtney Schmiemeier with her 21st birthday shot book in the lounge of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. Schmiemeier's friends and family created the scrapbook filled with memories of their lives together as a symbol of friendship, not just a night of drinking.

True/False Q & A [Photo]

A photo illustration for the True/False Film Festival.

Auction item sells for $500 [Photo]

Volunteer Don Stamper, left, and Greg Croll, the auctioneer at Bob McDavid's campaign fundraiser event on Wednesday, lift an item up for display which eventually sold for $550. The event raised at least $5,000 from the auction alone, not including ticket sales and donations at the door.

McDavid hosts auction to raise funds [Photo]

From left, Melody Perry, auctioneer Greg Croll, Bob McDavid and Don Stamper sort out the details of the last item up for auction at McDavid's mayor campaign fundraiser held at the Eagles Lodge on Tuesday evening. The event raised at least $5,000 from the auction alone, not including ticket sales and donations at the door.