Horses receive formal assessment [Photo]

Stable Manager Nichole Sandner and Brittany Penrod of the Team Red Bull Gives you Wings wash down Smokey at this year's Mega Rally. Rally participants are required to present themselves and their horses prior to the beginning of competition for a formal assessment not only of their horse's grooming and upkeep but also of the rider's attire.

Members rest before competion [Photo]

Members of Hinkson Valley's Jump 4 Dressage team rest before the start of competition on the first day of this year's Mega Rally. Although riding is typically thought of as an individual sport, Pony Club encourages teamwork through team competitions and awards in annual events such as Quiz Rally, Mega Rally and Games Rally. Jump 4 Dressage placed first in its section for show jumping.

Missouri safety closes in on teammate [Photo]

Mizzou safety senior Hardy Ricks, left, closes in on teammate sophomore Kenji Jackson on Tuesday. The MU secondary is hoping to dispel doubts that they are not able to hold opponents in the passing game.

Corey Morris [Photo]

Corey Morris drowned after trying to save an 8-year-old boy who had been swept away by the current in the Missouri River.

Training younger workers to replace city retirees [Photo]

Vic Winn, left, gives direction to two city employees at the top of a telephone pole while apprentice lineman Kyle Allinson feeds them wire Thursday, Aug. 13. Winn is a retired city utility employee who still works 2-3 days a week training apprentices.

ENGAGING PEOPLE: Sydney Hemwall and her horses [Photo]

Sydney Hemwall nuzzles with Moonbeam and Dixie, two of her family's horses, on their farm in Pierpont on Aug. 11. Syndey and her sister Ava walked down to the back pasture behind their house to show the horses to children who were visiting with their parents to pick up their weekly allotment of Community Supported Agriculture produce.

ENGAGING PEOPLE: Sydney Hemwall in the garden [Photo]

Eleven-year-old Sydney Hemwall looks for ripe tomatoes to pick as she walks down a row of plants growing in polythene tunnels on her family's farm in Pierpont on Aug. 3. The tunnels protect the produce from the elements and extend the growing season.

ENGAGING PEOPLE: Sydney Hemwall runs the register [Photo]

Community Supported Agriculture member Jeannie Taylor waits while Sydney Hemwall rings up her purchases at Pierpont Farms on Aug. 11.

States raid 911 fund for officer uniforms [Photo]

Dispatcher Angelo Daga works at the Albany Police Department call center in New York. In New York, only 19 cents of the $1.20 the state collects from each cell phone subscriber each month goes to emergency calling services.

Most of NY fee goes to officer uniforms [Photo]

Senior dispatcher Ken Marks works at the Albany Police Department call center in Albany, N.Y. In New York, more than $1 of the $1.20 the state collects from each cell phone subscriber each month goes to uniforms for state police, a wireless network for emergency responders and the state's general expenditures.

Director of PedNet Coalition discusses bike harassment ordinance [Photo]

Ian Thomas, executive director of the PedNet Coalition, discusses the City Council's ordinance on the harassment of bicyclists on Aug. 17.

Transcript of Taser incident with Carl Giles [Document]

Editor's note: The transcript contains crude language. Reader discretion is advised.

City leadership ages toward retirement [Graphic]

Key employees with departments across the city will be eligible to retire within the next five years, many of them managers or supervisors.

Retiring at the top of their game [Graphic]

More than a quarter of City of Columbia employees are at or within five years of retirement age, and when only supervisors and managers are considered that number swells to more than half. This aging work force threatens to create both budget and talent deficits in the city. The city has not evaluated every position yet, but a look at the organization charts of selected city departments illustrates the impending retirement rush. The most senior employees appear at the top of each chart, and some department heads might appear multiple times. City Manager Bill Watkins heads many departments but only appears under his own office’s chart.

Cyclists gather for game of bike polo [Video]

The cyclists play at the top of Hitt Street garage on the MU campus.

John Yettaw leaves Myannmar [Photo]

John Yettaw of Falcon steps from the plane as he arrives in Bangkok on a U.S. government plane in this image taken from television on Sunday. Yettaw, who had been imprisoned in Myanmar for sneaking into the home of detained democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi, flew out of Myanmar after a visiting U.S. Sen. Jim Webb won his release. He is hospitalized in Bangkok, family members say.

Katy Bridge on Missouri River [Photo]

The historic railroad bridge in Boonville has spanned the Missouri River since 1932, but it is no longer in use. Federal stimulus money being requested by the Missouri Department of Transportation could save the bridge from being dismantled. Union Pacific, the railroad company that owns the bridge, intends to dismantle it and recycle the steel for a new bridge over the Osage River.

Vickers celebrates victory [Photo]

Brian Vickers ends up on the infield while doing a burnout after winning the NASCAR Carfax 400 on Sunday at Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn, Mich.

Christensen watches team [Photo]

Wyoming football coach Dave Christensen watches his team practice in Laramie, Wyo. Christensen embraces any competition that determines winners and losers because he believes competition breeds success.

Bowe catching on [Photo]

Kansas City receiver Dwayne Bowe's effort in early preseason practices has put him in coach Todd Haley's doghouse. But Haley said over the past two days of practices "(Bowe has) definitely started to show up."