Playaway photo illustration [Photo]

Grant improves test scores [Graphic]

An early reading program has been successful at raising test scores.

Estimated timeline for shared lane markings for bike routes in 2009 [Document]

GetAbout Columbia provides a timeline for when shared lane markings will be in place around the city in 2009.

Shared Lanes [Graphic]

Many roads throughout Columbia will soon feature "sharrow" symbols to help motorists and cyclists travel more safely together.

Biden on highways [Audio]

Part 3 of Sen. Joe Biden's phone interview with the Missourian. In this clip, he talks about highways.

Biden on nuclear energy [Audio]

Part 2 of Sen. Joe Biden's phone interview with the Missourian. In this clip, he speaks about nuclear energy.

Biden on health care [Audio]

Part 1 of Sen. Joe Biden's phone conversation with the Missourian. In this clip, he talks about health care.

Centering on pawpaw [Photo]

The MU center started a pawpaw trial in 1999 with 10 cultivars and 50 trees.

Meet the pawpaw [Photo]

Pawpaws, native to Missouri, are tropical fruit that resemble a pear on the outside but have a custard-like juicy consistency on the inside. The sweet fruit is being cultivated by the MU Center for Agroforestry in hopes of making it easier for family farmers to benefit from the fruit’s potential.

Hickman's Asbury Brothers [Photo]

Safety Kyle Asbury ,left, and his wide receiver brother Ryan Asbury are attacking both sides of the ball for the Kewpies this season. Kyle is in his junior year at Hickman and Ryan is a sophomore.

Sarah Becking and her two children [Photo]

Sarah Becking with her two children Adelaide, 6, and Jack, 3.

An excerpt of Radio Adelante [Audio]

Radio Adelante airs every Saturday at 10 a.m. on KOPN/89.5.

Getting the word out [Photo]

KCOU DJs and staff handed out fliers to passersby and the crowd gathered at Speaker's Circle.

Supporting the radio station [Photo]

Jordan Stockdale, hip-hop/R&B coordinator for KCOU, shows his support for the station at Speaker's Circle on Wednesday. KCOU disc jockeys and staff gathered to support the station. KCOU has been trying to get funds from MSA and needs $30,000 for a new radio tower.

Carolina Escalera mug [Photo]

Carolina Escalera is the host for Radio Adelante, which airs every Saturday at 10 a.m. on KOPN/89.5.

Bruins softball player Carly Levy [Photo]

Rock Bridge infielder Carly Levy, center, receives congratulations from her teammates after she scored in the bottom of the fifth inning Wednesday.

"ESPN the Magazine" Oct. 30 cover [Photo]

Castine Bridges said secondary could be improved [Photo]

After a 5-0 start, MU starting cornerback Castine Bridges said the team has been doing well, but he thinks the secondary still needs improvement. "(We need) to stay on top of our deep balls and make the quarterback force throws," Bridges said. "Every game since the first game, we've been getting better and better."

Thomas R. Shrout analyzes economic crises [Photo]

Thomas R. Shrout, 89, recalls memories of the Great Depression at his home on Sunday. Shrout, who earned his Doctorate of Theology at Harvard shortly after the Depression ended, commented on the current economic crisis. “My feeling is that we will have a period of decline and then it will raise back up. Congress has taken action and in the Great Depression there was a lot of hesitation,” he said

Thomas R. Shrout as he was in the Great Depression [Photo]

Thomas R. Shrout is pictured here in a high school yearbook photograph. Shrout’s childhood was affected by the Great Depression from elementary school through college.