MO-X shuttle celebrates 10 years [Photo]

Norm Ruebling stands for a portrait next to one of MO-X's shuttles on Tuesday, Oct. 3., at the MO-X terminal at Business Loop 70 and South Providence Road. After leaving the now-defunct Tiger Air Express shuttle service, Ruebling and Brent "Doc" Moore founded the MO-X shuttle in 1999.

The Beat: Community college enrollment grows [Audio]

Pregame playmakers: MU cheerleaders [Video]

Members of the MU cheerleading squad have to learn to trust one another on the field while doing routines, but it's the trust shown off the field that makes this squad a group of friends.

Pat Martino [Photo]

Pat Martino and guitar. Photo courtesy of Jimmy Katz.

E. coli in Lake of the Ozarks [Graphic]

Although everyone has E. coli bacteria naturally in their intestines, people and animals can be infected with the strand of E. coli 0157:H7, which can sometimes be found in undercooked foods, contaminated water and feces.

Water waste in Lake of the Ozarks [Graphic]

A number of wastewater treatment plants failed to report high levels of bacteria that they were discharging into the Lake of the Ozarks over the summer. These discharges are one possible cause of the high levels of E. coli in the Lake of the Ozarks in recent months, along with rainwater carrying waste from farm fields and faulty residential septic tanks.

None injured in Worley Street accident [Photo]

Mian Hussein, left, fills out paperwork on the trunk of his Silver Toyota Camry while Columbia Police Officer Kim Green, center, interviews Jerry Grace and Julie Davis next to their car on Worley Street near West Junior High School on Monday. Hussein reportedly hit Grace and Davis in their black Kia Optima, who in turn hit a white Ford Mustang and a red Kia Sol in a domino effect. Everyone involved was wearing seatbelts and no one was reported injured.

Verifying accident on Worley Street [Photo]

Columbia Police Officer Kim Green verifies the details of a four-car accident with Ashley Edwards just after 3:00p.m. on Monday. Edwards' red Kia Soul was rear-ended while stopped on Worley Street at the Clinkscales intersection. Edwards and her three passengers were all wearing seat belts and no one sustained injuries.

Bonnie Shapero takes it one day at a time [Photo]

Bonnie Shapero poses for a portrait wearing a scarf she knitted during her chemotherapy sessions when she battled breast cancer in 2005. When she began chemotherapy in April of that year, Shapero picked up knitting as a way to keep her mind off treatment and pass the time. "It was calming," she said.

Jan Lank walks through Stephens Lake Park [Photo]

Jan Lank enjoys the vibrant fall colors as she poses for a portrait on Wednesday at Stephens Lake Park. Lank was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2003. Lank loves to walk, an activity she engaged in throughout chemotherapy and has continued since overcoming cancer. In the past two years, Lank and her husband, John, have participated in the Walk Across Missouri walking along the Katy Trail and have less than 30 miles to complete.

Kathy Windmoeller appreciates every day [Photo]

Kathy Windmoeller, a cancer survivor, stands outside the Ellis Fischel Cancer Center before an appointment on Wednesday.

Adam Falk [Photo]

Adam Falk is a multimedia reporter for the Missourian.

Columbia College basketball player Kaleb Turner [Photo]

Columbia College freshman Kaleb Turner became interested in coming to play for the Cougars after watching a video of the coaching staff in action on Youtube.

Next generation [Photo]

Eric Mueller, left, with his brother Andrew Mueller. Eric Mueller played baseball at St. Louis University. Andrew Mueller pitches for Missouri.

Proud Popper [Photo]

Don Mueller hit five home runs in two days in September 1951. His son was born during this stretch.

Mays, Don Mueller arrive in New York [Photo]

Don Mueller, Willie Mays with Leo Durocher [Photo]

Former Giants' manager Leo Durocher, center, with Don Mueller, left, and Willie Mays, the two players he depended on to win a second consecutive NL pennant.

MU golfer matures [Photo]

Missouri sophomore Hannah Lovelock practices her putting during the last practice of the fall season on Friday. Lovelock began playing golf as a child in England with her family and has never looked back, even when that brought her to mid-Missouri. "I love my team and I love my coaches and I love this place, I can't imagine life without it," Lovelock said.

Tim Luttrell describes installing billboards [Slideshow]

A 14-year veteran billboard installer describes his work above Missouri highways and interstates.

Moberly Area Community College prepares for changes [Video]

Forty-four-year-old Tammy Teel has returned to college after 25 years. Teel, who is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, is attending Moberly Area Community College in Columbia to earn the pre-requisites for a degree in occupational therapy. The community college experienced a 25 percent increase in student enrollment this year and will be moving to a larger facility next fall.