Chase Daniel lifts Redskins [Photo]

Redskins quarterback Chase Daniel, right, takes the ball from Redskins center Will Montgomery in Friday's preseason victory over the Steelers. Daniel, a former Missouri standout, threw two touchdowns in the game.

Missouri offensive lineman J.T. Beasley [Photo]

Missouri offensive lineman J.T. Beasley (No. 67) says switching roles on the offensive line hasn't been a problem. "A little more tiring, but other than that, it's the same old, same old," he said.

Walking home from the first day of school [Photo]

Scott Southwick walks home with his children Linus right, 5, and Polly, 7, at the end of their first day of school on Monday. While Scott was picking up the kids from Lee Elementary School, his wife had started her first day back to classes as a professor at MU.

Recalling the first day of school [Photo]

Linus Southwick, right, 5, takes a moment to tell his father, Scott Southwick about his first day of school at Lee Elementary School on Monday. Linus started kindergarten today.

Columbia schools' enrollment [Document]

Download this file to see a summary of enrollments for the new school year.

Waiting for sister after first day of school [Photo]

Dane Horn, 3, right, waits in the shade with his mother Sarah Horn outside of Lee Elementary School for his big sister to finish her first day of school on Monday.

Families move in to Stephens dorms [Photo]

Sarah Vincent, 20 and a senior at Stephens majoring in theater, and her father Darrell Vincent rearrange a chest of drawers after thinking long about where it should go. Sarah is concerned about her dad's movement. "Clumsiness runs through our family," Sarah said.

Stephens students move in [Photo]

Having unpacked their stuff in a dorm room at Stephens College, Victoria Hambrick, left, and Whitney Anderson have a conversation about what they did during the summer. Whitney is a 19-year-old sophomore majoring in psychology. "I like to advise and help people," she said. "My aunt is schizophrenic, so I want to help her too." Victoria is a 19-year-old sophomore student majoring in legal studies.

Columbia Public Schools first-day enrollment [Graphic]

First-day enrollment figures for Columbia Public Schools.

MU first-day enrollment [Graphic]

MU, which started classes on Monday, saw record enrollments for minority student groups, including African-Americans and Hispanics. Both total and undergraduate enrollment numbers are the highest in the history of the university.

McCaskill answers questions at town hall meeting [Photo]

Sen. Claire McCaskill answers questions regarding health care during a town hall meeting held Monday at the Moberly Area Community College in Moberly.

Audience member asks question of Claire McCaskill [Photo]

An audience member stands to ask Sen. Claire McCaskill a question during the health care forum held Monday at the Moberly Area Community College in Moberly. The crowd seemed apprehensive about Obama's health care proposal, but most tended to agree that some sort of health reform was needed. U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill has been holding a series of meetings on the president’s plan throughout the state.

Scoping the scene [Photo]

Rock Bridge sophomore Cameron Brindkamp, 15, waits for his friends to arrive before heading to his first class on Monday. Brindkamp, like all incoming sophomores, will be aided in acclimating to a new environment by a team of more than 70 senior mentors.

First bell [Photo]

Rock Bridge High School students make their way back to school on Monday morning to start off the new school year. "Our goal is to have every student be successful and the enjoy high school experience," Rock Bridge principal Kathy Ritter said.

Walking in [Photo]

Elementary students arrive with their parents in tow at Paxton Keeley Elementary School for their first day of classes Monday morning. Paxton Keeley started classes on Monday, as did nearly every other public school in Columbia.

Coming prepared [Photo]

Second-grader Christian McCormick, 7, right, and third-grader Foster McCormick, 8, center, gather their school belongings with their mother, Marty, left, on their first day of the 2009-10 school year at Paxton Keeley Elementary School on Monday morning. The boys, like many other Paxton Keeley students, brought supplies other than their school equipment with them to help stock their classrooms.

Spring in their step [Photo]

Parents walk their children to school on the first day of classes at Paxton Keeley Elementary School on Monday morning. The relatively new elementary school is located just behind the Columbia Mall on Park de Ville Drive.

Hot wheels [Photo]

Whether by car, bus or bike, students and parents arrive at Paxton Keeley Elementary School for the first day of class. Many students were asked to help stock the classroom on the first day with supplies such as tissues and paper towels.

Completed forms [Photo]

Sisters Rebecca Dennis, left, and Lawanda Dennis, second from right, review paperwork before their children's first day of school on Monday. Their children, Malcolm Herron, 16, second from left, and Keuna Guy, 16, right, will be entering the 11th grade at Hickman High School.

First arrival [Photo]

Nick Boren, chief operations officer for Columbia Public Schools, helps to greet students as they arrive for their first day back to school at Hickman High School on Monday.