Alternative peace [Photo]

A larger crowd than the neo-Nazi march itself gathered Saturday afternoon in the Indoor Pavilion at McClung Park to counteract the event with words of kindness and understanding at the Community Rally for Unity.

Students paint shoes [Photo]

From left, Emily Evans, Emily Schromm, and Anton Lukyanov paint their shoes at Memorial Union on Friday as part of a fundraiser for children around the world without shoes.

Student decorates new shoes [Photo]

Stephanie Weidner concentrates while decorating her newly purchased TOMS shoes on Friday at Memorial Union.

Students go barefoot [Photo]

Kristen Raduzycki, left, and Liz Sperandio are two MU students who went without shoes on Friday as part of an event sponsored by TOMS Shoes. The company raises awareness and donates shoes to children around the world who otherwise wouldn’t have any.

Helping others heal [Video]

"A lot of values have to be discarded when you're put in the simple position of protecting the American way of life." David Sallee talks about his plans for helping fellow vets dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Woman member of weavers guild for more than 20 years [Photo]

Jenny Chicone has been a member of the Columbia Weavers and Spinners Guild for over 20 years. She sold pieces of her weaving, which include hats, towels, teapot cozies and felt balls, at the Weavers and Spinners Guild Holiday Exhibition and Sale.

Woman sells pieces at exhibition [Photo]

Irene Livingston has been a member of the Columbia Weavers and Spinners Guild for more than 10 years. She sold pieces of her weaving and crochet at the Weavers and Spinners Guild Holiday Exhibition and Sale.

AUDIO: Deaton's For All We Call Mizzou campaign announcement [Audio]

AUDIO: MU Chancellor Brady Deaton announces that the For All We Call Mizzou fundraising campaign has surpassed $1 billion.

MU surpasses $1 billion in fundraising [Photo]

From left, Cynthia Brinkley, William S. Thompson Jr., MU Chancellor Brady Deaton and Larry L. McMullen celebrate after Deaton announced MU's raising $1 billion in fundraising through the "For All We Call Mizzou" campaign Friday morning at Jesse Hall.

Possible layout for proposed trailer park for veterans [Graphic]

David Sallee has proposed that five acres of his land in Hallsville be used for a mobile home park for veterans who are disabled or homeless.

Driving like he's dodging artillery [Photo]

Heading toward his 5-acre property, Vietnam veteran David Sallee drives his truck like he is dodging artillery. Sallee hopes to add seven new trailer units to his property to house homeless veterans.

Sallee recounts handgun incident [Photo]

Aiming the pistol at her, "I could see the back of her head exploding," David Sallee said as he recounted an incident in 2001 in which he threatened his ex-wife with a handgun. He shot the ground instead of shooting her, but still served time in prison.

Sallee and his property [Photo]

David Sallee stands with a trailer unit on his 5-acre property outside Hallsville. Before he can add new units to create the Sallee Post-Service Sanctuary for homeless veterans, his rezoning proposal must be approved.

Secluded from society [Photo]

David Sallee's property is marked by signs that emphasize its seclusion from society, which he said is important to homeless veterans who are unable to deal with "polite society." Sallee came to terms with his post-traumatic stress disorder deep in the Missouri countryside.

Marine without a home [Photo]

"Once a Marine, always a Marine," Michael Michalek, a homeless veteran said after rolling up his sleeve to reveal a USMC tattoo. Michalek lived with Sallee for a short time before breaking Sallee's rules.

State of the property [Photo]

"This ain't over," Sallee said after a meeting with the Boone County commissioners concerning his rejected rezoning proposal. As it stands, a water spigot waits, ready to be hooked up to a trailer unit as soon as his proposal is approved.

Built with his own hands [Photo]

David Sallee spent six years building his home without any assistance while he wrestled his demons.

Piles of paperwork [Photo]

David Sallee sifts through a pile of paperwork related to his proposed development for homeless veterans.

Preparing his property [Photo]

Sallee prepares to pump waste water out of the sewage lagoon at the proposed site for Sallee Post-Service Sanctuary.

Missouri's Brian Coulter [Photo]

Defensive end Brian Coulter stretches at practice. He joined the Tigers this season after overcoming a series of family- and personal-related struggles.