Submarine crew taking in the sights [Photo]

MU tour guide Dave Thiessen explains the benefits of the Student Success Center to Cmdr. Dale Green, who will be captain of the USS Missouri, during a campus tour for the crew members of the submarine Wednesday. The crew was on campus to foster a relationship with their submarine's namesake state.

Observing Tiger Plaza [Photo]

Lt. Michael Keating listens to facts about Tiger Plaza during a tour of campus on Wednesday. Keating, who works as a naval science instructor at MU, was accompanying three officers of the USS Missouri on their tour of the school.

Oversight ordinance [Document]

The full document of an ordinance that amends Chapter 21 of the City Code to establish the Citizens Police Review Board and fixes the time when this ordinance becomes effective.

Cigarette tax increases by 62 cents [Photo]

Marlboro Milds, priced at $4.55 per pack with the new federal tax and $4.89 total, wait behind the counter to be purchased by smokers at Hitt Mini Mart on Wednesday. The price of cigarettes increased recently as the federal tax on them was raised from .39 cents to $1.01, the highest increase in tobacco taxes thus far.

Cigarette sales slow for Hitt Mini Mart [Photo]

Tom Newell buys a pack of cigarettes at Hitt Mini Mart on Wednesday. "Cigarette purchases are slowing down," said owner Sunny Patel. "But we're doing all right."

Coleman throws the runner out at first [Photo]

Catcher Trevor Coleman throws out a player at first.

Looking out at Busch Stadium [Photo]

Austin Holt, Andrew Thigpen and Rex Meyr look out onto Busch Stadium on April 1, 2009.

High five from the team [Photo]

MU baseball player Ryan Lollis, center, gets congratulated by teammates.

Tobacco tax might cause cigarette cutback [Photo]

Rachel Puidk counts cash to pay Hitt Mini Mart owner Sunny Patel for her pack of Camel No. 9s on Wednesday April 1. As a result of the tax hike on cigarettes, "Some people have cut down — they used to buy two packs a day, and now only buy one," said Patel.

Cluttering up the Cardinals dugout [Photo]

MU baseball players' hats, gloves and bags litter the St. Louis Cardinals dugout.

Hustling to home plate [Photo]

Michael Liberto hustles home to score a run for the Tigers.

National anthem at Busch Stadium [Photo]

Phil McCormick holds his hat over his heart during the national anthem.

Trying for the double play [Photo]

Shortstop Michael Liberto throws the ball to first after making a tag at second.

Stretching before the game [Photo]

Tigers outfielder Ryan Lollis stretches before the game against SLU at Busch Stadium on April 1, 2009.

Tigers play at Busch Stadium [Photo]

From left to right, Austin Holt, Andrew Thigpen and Rex Meyr watch from behind the batting cage, as the Arch and Busch Stadium loom in the background during the Tigers' batting practice session before Wednesday's game against Saint Louis University.

How Mike Anderson's salary compares to other coaches [Graphic]

USDA Prospective Crop Plantings [Photo]

John Coffman [Photo]

John Coffman is general counsel of the Consumers Council of Missouri. This piece was submitted as a guest column to the Missourian.

K. Kendall Mathews [Photo]

Major K. Kendall Mathews is the regional coordinator for The Salvation Army.

Allan Sharrock: Balance on the council [Audio]

Allan Sharrock, an industrial arts teacher at Lange Middle School, is one of two candidates for the Second Ward City Council seat that will be filled in Tuesday's election.

In the audio clip at the bottom of this page, he talks about balance on the council.

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AUDIO: Jason Thornhill
Jason Thornhill: Why people should vote for me
Jason Thornhill: City Council's role
Jason Thornhill: City's most pressing issue
Jason Thornhill: Budget challenges
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