Busch dominates [Photo]

Kurt Busch takes the checkered flag to win the NASCAR Kobalt Tools 500.

Sewing baby sleepers [Video]

MU Extension 4-H members met Sunday to assemble baby sleepers using the skills they’ve learned in their 4-H sewing project. Project leader Theresa Shettlesworth talks about the group’s decision to help newborns in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Columbia Regional Hospital.

Catching a pop fly [Photo]

Center fielder Ryan Lollis, left, catches a pop fly as right fielder Aaron Senne, right, provides back-up during the Ball State game. Ball State took an early lead with a score of 4-0 in the fourth inning, but MU responded with five runs in the bottom of the fifth. MU went on to win 7-6.

Cheers after stealing home [Photo]

Center Fielder Ryan Lollis is greeted by his teammates after stealing home and putting the Tigers in the lead 5-4 in the bottom of the fifth during the MU-Ball State game. The Tigers went on to win the game 7-6 and the series 3-1.

Coleman swings at-bat [Photo]

Trevor Coleman swings during his first at-bat of the MU-Ball State game on March 8 at Taylor Stadium. Coleman made it to first base and Ball State picked up an error on the play.

Purim carnival [Slideshow]

On Sunday, Congregation Beth Shalom celebrated the Jewish holiday of Purim by hosting a carnival. Purim is known as the most joyous holiday on the Jewish calendar.

Missourian reporter auditions for "The Real World" [Photo]

Andrew Orozco fills out preliminary paperwork at "The Real World" casting call in the Memorial Student Union on March 7. The paperwork asked a variety of questions some of which were rather personal. For example, one question asked participants to describe their relationship with their parents and siblings.

Students make sleepers for neonates [Photo]

Marissa Edmiston, 9, uses a serge machine on the seams of a sleeper at the Boone County Extension Center on Sunday. Serge machines are slightly different from regular sewing machines because they cut off the fabric that is beyond where the garment seam is closed.

Sew down the snap line [Photo]

Sydney Graf, 14, sews down the snap line of a baby sleeper at the Boone County Extension Center on Sunday. The sleeper will cover the infant's legs and has an attached blanket that allows the infant to be swaddled without the risk of the blanket coming loose and covering the baby's face.

Sewing sleepers [Photo]

Alejandra Hoyos, 14, uses a serge machine on the seams of a sleeper at the Boone County Extension Center on Sunday. Hoyos' 4-H group is sewing sleepers for infants in the neonatal intensive care unit of Columbia Regional Hospital. The group plans on delivering the sleepers on March 31.

Columbia Trojans tryouts [Video]

On March 7, the Columbia Trojans held tryouts for their inaugural season. The Trojans, a semi-pro football team, will play their first game later this spring against the Kansas Chaos.

On the scene [Photo]

Members of the Maryville Fire Department direct traffic outside the First Baptist Church after the shooting on Sunday.

Jump for two points [Photo]

Bruin junior Ricky Kreklow goes airborne in an attempt for two points against Branson's Tee Helsel. Kreklow scored 10 points in the game.

Mourners after a shooting [Photo]

Women comfort each other in front of the First Baptist Church in Maryville, Ill., where a gunman fatally shot the pastor and injured several others at church on Sunday.

Aim for the free throw [Photo]

Briton Rudd takes aim at the free throw line at the quarterfinal match up against Branson. Rudd's 15 total points helped the Bruins move past Branson and onto the the final four.

Dog rescue [Photo]

Duke, a 16-month-old St. Bernard, is held by a Billings firefighter after he was freed after being frozen to the ice on a pond at the Peter Yegen, Jr. Golf Club in Billings, Mont. Friday, March 6. Firefighters believed the dog had fallen in during the night, then became frozen to the ice by his tail after climbing out.

Bruins boys celebrate quarterfinal win [Photo]

The Rock Bridge bench cheers the final seconds of the Bruins Class 5 state quarterfinal victory Saturday over Branson.

Tryouts draw 15 potential players [Photo]

Athletes stretch prior to the start of tryouts for the Columbia Trojans, a start-up, semi-professional football team. Fifteen players showed up to the team's first tryout on Saturday.

Columbia Trojans host first tryout [Photo]

Lawrence Washington runs through a lineman drill at a blocking sled on Saturday morning during the Columbia Trojans' first tryout.

Coaches study skills of potential players [Photo]

Kendrick Jackson (left), Matt Kenna (middle) and Craig Mullins (middle right) show of their agility to Columbia Trojans coach Jeff Edwards on Saturday during the semi-professional football team's first tryout.