Chase Daniel [Photo]

Missouri quarterback Chase Daniel runs downfield as Buffalo’s Raphael Akobundu prepares to make a tackle.

Jeremy Maclin [Photo]

Jeremy Maclin returns a kickoff as Buffalo’s Alex Pierre chases from behind.

Tommy Chavis [Photo]

Missouri defender Tommy Chavis, right, goes to dive on the ball after it was stripped from Buffalo’s Lawrence Rolle.

Drew Temple [Photo]

Missouri running back Drew Temple celebrates on the sideline after a Tigers touchdown.

MU fans [Photo]

Missouri watches the game unfold from the sideline on Saturday. The Tigers were heavily favored, but costly turnovers kept the game close for three quarters.

Jeremy Maclin [Photo]

Jeremy Maclin carries the ball against Buffalo on Saturday. The receiver had 14 catches in the game for 168 yards.

Chase Coffman [Photo]

Missouri tight end Chase Coffman caught 10 passes for 84 yards and a touchdown Saturday. But he also lost a fumble, one of three Tigers turnovers. “That’s something that we need to get fixed,” he said.

Ziggy Hood [Photo]

MU defensive tackle Ziggy Hood runs toward Buffalo punter Peter Fardon during the Tigers’ game Saturday.

Pie-A-Prof [Slideshow]

The Lambda Pi Eta sorority and Intercollegiate Communication Organization of Mizzou co-hosted Pie-A-Professor, an MU fundraising event for prospective communications students, on Friday. Students paid $2 to pie willing professors.

Rally for Democrats at Demstock [Photo]

Heather Hoffman, 24, shows her support for state Sen. Chuck Graham at Demstock, held at The Blue Fugue on Thursday night.

Performing at Demstock [Photo]

Ian Beiersdorf, center, of Al Holiday and The Lucky Stars covers an Otis Redding song for a young and pumped crowd of Democrats. The show was part of Demstock, which was held at The Blue Fugue on Thursday night.

Redefining kosher [Photo]

Executive Chef Jeff Nathan poses for a picture in the kitchen of his kosher restaurant, Abigael's, in New York. A new generation of cooks is redefining what it means to be kosher.

Sushi and sashimi with fountain [Photo]

A sushi and sashimi platter with a soy sauce fountain is seen at Abigael's Restaurant in New York.

Sushi and sashimi platter [Photo]

A sushi and sashimi platter is seen at Abigael's Restaurant in New York.

Cashew encrusted sea bass [Photo]

Cashew encrusted sea bass with Thai coconut rice is seen at Abigael's Restaurant in New York.

Reuters live off the land [Photo]

Eric Reuter feeds grass to Dianna, one of his goats at Chert Hollow Farm on Sept. 9. "I don't have to spend money outside, I got milk from goats and meat from goats," Reuter said.

Living off the land [Graphic]

sashimi [Photo]

Seared sashimi at Abigael's Restaurant.

soy fountain [Photo]

A soy sauce fountain is a chic addition to an Abigael’s sushi and sashimi platter.

sea bass [Photo]

Cashew encrusted sea bass with Thai coconut rice is a luxurious take on Kosher dining, seen at Abigael’s Restaurant in New York.