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The little girl feeling her doctor's heartbeat in "The Touch" symbolizes the special bond between doctor and patient.

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Ira Hubbell and Kelsey Knorr admire their bronze counterparts after a statue with their likenesses, "The Touch," was unveiled on Thursday.

MU senior is new director for Boone County Democrats [Photo]

Mark Buhrmester poses outside of Boone County Democratic Headquarters on Walnut Street on Thursday. Monday, Buhrmester will take over as Executive Director of the Boone County Democrats.

MU Hillel reflects on 60 years of Jewish student life [Photo]

A photograph of the original Hillel House located at 1107 University Ave. It was razed in 1969 to make way for the larger B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation Dancinger House – MU Hillel's current building – on the same site.

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This photograph was taken when former President Harry S. Truman visited MU in 1959. He also visited Hillel House for the dedication of the Hillel Chapel in memory of his former partner Eddie Jacobson.

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This flier was circulated when comedian Blix Ruskay visited the Hillel House. The organization has hosted many well-known musicians, entertainers and political figures since its inception.

Photos of the Week [Photo]

AJ Miller of Rock Bridge High School performs a pole vault in the 9th Annual Missouri Relays in Audrey J. Walton Stadium on March 28.

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Hammers lay on the ground next to the feet of a competitor on March 28 at the 9th Annual Missouri Relays Men's Elite Hammer Throw.

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Kristin Klaus of Sullivan High School performs a long-jump in the 9th Annual Missouri Relays in Audrey J. Walton Stadium on March 28.

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Emma Booth of Helias High School performs a long-jump in the 9th Annual Missouri Relays in Audrey J. Walton Stadium on March 28.

Former Tiger Kleiza making solid contributions in the NBA [Photo]

Linas Kleiza declared for the NBA draft after his sophomore year at Missouri, and was taken 27th overall, eventually ending up with the Nuggets.

With tax levy approval uncertain, school board looks at future cuts [Graphic]

Franzese on his father [Audio]

Michael Franzese’s father, John, served as underboss for the Columbo family in the 1960s — but to his seven children, he was just “dad.” He wanted his son to be a doctor, not a mob boss, but Michael Franzese joined the crime family when his father went to prison. Ninety-two-year-old John Franzese remains in prison on robbery charges after numerous parole violations. His son maintains his father was innocent, at least of that crime.

Franzese on taking the oath [Audio]

Franzese discusses his induction into la cosa nostra, or “this thing of ours.” There is no mafia in the United States, he said, just a series of crime families. During the height of his career with the Columbo crime family, Franzese made as much as $6 to $8 million a week. He has since renounced organized crime and speaks to students and sports teams about the dangers of gambling.

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A taste of Taiwan [Photo]

Wendy Liu, an MU senior in Personal Financial Planning and a member of the Taiwanese Student Association, plays a matching game Wednesday during the Taiwanese Night Market on Lowry Mall.