Learning the moves [Photo]

Charles Wiebe, center, and his daughter Leah Wiebe, 4, hold hands while they move across the dance floor.

A little help from Dad [Photo]

Chris Allen and his daughter Sofia Allen, 5, practice some fancy footwork.

Entering the dance [Photo]

Faith Boster, 8, takes her father Adam Boster's arm as they enter the Activity and Recreation Center.

Taking a break [Photo]

Between songs, John Viator and his daughter Isabella Viator, 5, take a break. "I'm most excited about the door prizes," she said.

A spinning hug [Photo]

Eric Sappington and his daughter Shelby Sappington, 6, smile during a spinning hug.

Sleepy from dancing [Photo]

Chris Allen and daugher Sophia Allen share a sleepy hug after dancing.

Hand in hand [Photo]

Charles Wiebe and daughter Leah Wiebe take a short break while Adam and Faith Boster keep dancing on.

Home builders suffer [Photo]

Home builders in a tough market [Photo]

Waiting for results [Photo]

Lucas Godon, 6, Jervon Hedrick, 14, Brady Whelihan, 6, Jonathan Jolley, 14, Tanner Smith, 7, and Trevor Jolley, 13, listen to the beginner class results of Parkside Skateshop's best trick competition at the Columbia Skatepark. Saturday's event was the first competition for all the boys.

Skateboarders compete [Photo]

Zack Shipley, 14, of Hannibal, airs out of a quarter pipe during practice for the best trick competition at the Columbia Skatepark. The competition was part of National Skateboarding Day. Shipley entered the beginner class but was moved to intermediate class after completing his first trick.

Bullriding at the Missouri High School Rodeo state finals [Photo]

Bullrider Cody Case does his best to stay on board a bull Saturday during the state finals of the Missouri High School Rodeo.

Best trick competition [Photo]

Joey Donnelly, 18, of Lake Ozark does a benihana grab in the best trick competition at the Columbia Skatepark on Saturday. The competition is Donnelly's first time skating since he broke his left foot one year ago.

Waiting for a pink balloon [Photo]

Ashonda Bolden, 2, waits for a balloon as she enjoys the activities in Douglass Park on Saturday afternoon.

Musical performance marks event [Photo]

Robert Wilson, a singer with the Columbia-based song group One of Accord, performs a song that he wrote at the Juneteenth celebration Saturday.

Giving history center stage at Juneteenth [Photo]

Addae Ahmad, center, stands among various history panels at the Juneteenth celebration in Douglass Park on Saturday. Ahmad was part of the committee that organized the event, which commemorates the importance of African-American history and freedom.

Firefighter laughs at Hindman [Photo]

Danny Spry of the Columbia Professional Firefighters laughs after Mayor Darwin Hindman is dunked during the "Extinguish Hunger" food drive's carnival Saturday.

firefighter standing next to barrels [Photo]

Walt Goodman of Columbia Professional Firefighters Local 1055, stands before a 1940 fire engine as he mans the food bank collection booth outside of HyVee.

Mayor Hindman about to be dunked [Photo]

Mayor Darwin Hindman took the first turn sitting in the dunking booth at the "Extinguish Hunger" food drive's carnival on Saturday outside of HyVee off West Broadway. The Central Missouri Food Bank and Columbia Professional Firefighters teamed up for the first time for this event. Organizers hope to make it a yearly event, and expect it to yield 3,000 to 4,000 pounds of food.

Moving suspicious objects [Photo]

The Mid-Missouri Bomb Squad removed seven "suspicious devices" from Mary Beth Litofsky's home on Highlands Parkway Saturday morning. Three of the bottles, which had likely been filled with cleaning chemicals, had exploded the night before. Police are investigating the incident.