150th anniversary [Photo]

Dripping Spring Christian Church is celebrating its 150th anniversary.

Gravestones near Dripping Spring [Photo]

The cemetery next to Dripping Spring Christian Church, north of Columbia, has gravestones dating back to the 19th century. The church is celebrating its 150th anniversary.

Lighting up the sky [Graphic]

A piece of history [Photo]

Dan Adams and Don Miles pose in front of the airport beacon in Boone County Fairgrounds. "This is going to be more work than I thought. There's a lot of weight on top," Miles comments to Adams about the rusty beacon. The beacon was originally built in 1933 at the old airport, which is now Cosmopolitan Park. Miles says they are trying to make sure the beacon gets preserved and is not lost in history.

Bosnian baklava [Photo]

Zerina Omeragic tries a sample of baklava before the premiere of the documentary "Neither Here Nor There," a film about a Bosnian family in Columbia who fled their country to come to the United States. Baklava is a sweet pastry native to the Bosnian area and is made with several layers of thin, crispy dough and usually stuffed with chopped nuts and honey.

South Side Bosnians [Photo]

Mirnes Kelestura, a singer of the South Side Bosnians, a rap group out of St. Louis, performs one of the group's songs from the film "Neither Here Nor There."

Traditional Bosnian music [Photo]

Before the premiere of the film, Armin Karabegovic plays traditional Bosnian music on his guitar. Karabegovic's music was featured in the documentary "Neither Here Nor There," which is about a family that lives in Columbia after having fled Bosnia-Herzegovina to escape the war that was raging in their hometown of Srebrenica in the mid-1990s.

Looking for bugs [Photo]

Marian and Braeden Morris take a moment to look for bugs during a nature walk through Forum Nature Area.

A hawk sighting [Photo]

Chris Hansen, a graduate student in the MU fisheries and wildlife department, points toward a night hawk at Forum Nature Center in Columbia on Friday afternoon as Julie Hansen and others look on. Two-hour nature walks were led through the Forum Nature Area by several MU graduate students as part of the fifth annual BioBlitz environmental outreach program.

Selimovic family [Photo]

Nermina Selimovic laughs with her son, Adnan, during a question-and-answer session after the premiere of the documentary film "Neither Here Nor There." The film centers around the Selimovic family, who traveled to Columbia following the war in their hometown of Srebrenica, Bosnia-Herzegovina, in the 1990s.

Look at this [Photo]

Shauna Marquardt of the Missouri Department of Conservation shows off tadpoles she caught at the Forum Nature Area on Friday afternoon as part of the fifth annual BioBlitz. Caroline Bocklade, 10, and friends examine the catch.

Heritage Festival [Slideshow]

The Heritage Festival was held on Saturday, September 20, and Sunday, September 21, at Nifong Park in Columbia. The festival featured an assortment of acts and events honoring many different cultural heritages.

Forrest Park Bluegrass [Slideshow]

Bluegrass fans enjoyed music by Hoots Hellmous, The Steeldrivers and Big Smith on Friday Sep. 19 at Forrest Park. The park, attached to MoJo's, was dedicated this summer in memory of Forrest Park, a local music icon.

Aster [Photo]

The Hair Wrangler [Slideshow]

Kim Sorensen, 20, balances her dog grooming business and riding horses every day.

Swinging tailgater [Photo]

Chris Pantas plays a game of “hit the empty beer” can as a way to pass the time before the MU football game Saturday. Many fans, like Pantas, tailgate through the start of the game.

Derrick Washington [Photo]

Missouri running back Derrick Washington carries the ball as Buffalo’s Scott Pettigrew tries to tackle him. Washington ran for 89 yards on 18 carries and scored two touchdowns.

Chase Daniel [Photo]

Missouri quarterback Chase Daniel runs downfield as Buffalo’s Raphael Akobundu prepares to make a tackle.

Jeremy Maclin [Photo]

Jeremy Maclin returns a kickoff as Buffalo’s Alex Pierre chases from behind.

Tommy Chavis [Photo]

Missouri defender Tommy Chavis, right, goes to dive on the ball after it was stripped from Buffalo’s Lawrence Rolle.