Calvary welcomes its first female senior rector [Photo]

The Rev. Paula Robinson chats with church members after being officially welcome as Calvary Episcopal's first female senior rector. Robinson said that when she first started supporting ordaining women in the Anglican Communion, she thought it wsa about justice, not about her personally.

Service welcomes first female senior rector [Photo]

The Rev. Paula Robinson was officially welcomed as Calvary Episcopal's first female senior rector. The church's associate rector — Amy Cortright — is also female, making Calvary the only downtown church with an all-female clergy.

Hickman's Clint Ross [Photo]

Sophomore quarterback Clint Ross scans the field during the fourth quarter of Friday night's game. Hickman's loss drops its record to 3-5 on the year and 0-1 in district play.

Hickman coach Jason Wright [Photo]

Hickman coach Jason Wright, expresses his disappointment during Friday night's game against Fort Zumalt West. The Kewpies lost to the Jaguars 54-15 on senior night.

Video: Fight at Hickman High School [Video]

This video was taken on a cell phone by a student at Hickman High School on Wednesday. The video was originally posted on YouTube, but it was later removed. WARNING: This video contains profane language.
Editing by Sarah Orscheln

An eye for the tie [Photo]

Michael Yonan holds a homemade tie given to him by his colleague Kristin Schwain. Most of Yonan's ties come from flea markets or antique shops, and he rarely spends more than a few dollars on them.

The ties have it [Photo]

Michael Yonan shows off his plethora of ties. Yonan often travels to small towns around the state in search of vintage ties in antique shops.

Tied up [Photo]

Michael Yonan pets his cat, Felicity, as she rests on a portion of his collection of ties. Yonan went 200 days without wearing a tie twice after he was dared by his colleagues at MU.

Nothing but neckwear [Photo]

Michael Yonan’s collection mainly includes ties he purchased at flea markets and antique shops. “I do not really know when I started the collection and I must have over 200 ties now,” Yonan said.

Talkin' ties [Photo]

Michael Yonan adjusts his tie in the bathroom of his house. Yonan, a MU art history professor, is known for his collection of vintage ties.

Playing with Luke [Photo]

Clint Pickett plays with his sons Cody, 3, and Luke, 18 months, while Cheryl Pickett watches over them at the family's home in Wardsville. "We try to live as normal life as possible," Cheryl Pickett said. "Just because Luke has cerebral palsy doesn't mean that we have to stop living our life as a normal family."

Laughing Luke [Photo]

Luke laughs as he tries to hold his head up during an aqua therapy evaluation for his cerebral palsy at Capital Region Healthplex West in Jefferson City. Liesl Stevens, a physical therapist, assesses Luke's head control during his three-month evaluation of aqua therapy.

Kissing Luke [Photo]

Clint Pickett kisses Luke at a 5K fundraiser at Stephens Lake Park in August. The family raised more than $30,000 since May to help pay for travel and treatment expenses for Luke to go to China to receive a donated umbilical cord blood stem cell transplant treatment for his cerebral palsy. More than 100 people attended the fundraiser.

Working with Luke [Photo]

Linda Kuebler, left, a speech pathologist, and Terri Brune, and occupational therapist, work with Luke Pickett during one of his sessions at the Special Learning Center in Jefferson City. The center works with children with developmental delays. Luke goes to different therapists four days a week.

Luke watches bubbles [Photo]

Luke Pickett, held by Terri Brune, an occupational therapist, watches bubbles during one of his occupational and speech therapy sessions.

Feeding Luke [Photo]

Cheryl Pickett adjusts Luke's head as he arches his back while she feeds him. Luke's cerebral palsy means he sometimes moves in a way that does not properly align his body.

Giving Luke medication [Photo]

Cheryl Pickett gives Luke his night medication, Klonopin, an anti-seizure medicine, before he goes to sleep. Clint and Cheryl Pickett hope that a donated cord blood stem cell transplant will improve Luke's condition so they can take him off some of his medication.

Katy Steinmetz [Photo]

Katy Steinmetz

Crowds gather to watch Jill Biden [Photo]

Joyce Chastain, left, applauds Jill Biden after her speech at Stephens College in Columbia on Friday morning. Chastain, a Columbia resident, went to see Joe Biden when he visited Columbia last month and was equally pleased to have an opportunity to hear Jill Biden speak.

Jill Biden speaks at Stephens College [Photo]

The Stephens College Velvetones performed a song on the Stephens college campus before Jill Biden's speech Friday morning. Joe Biden's wife was promoting the Obama/Biden ticket for the presidential race.