Columbia Youth Football coach Stuart Parnell [Video]

Stuart Parnell has been involved with the Columbia Youth Football League for more than 10 years, coaching boys in first through sixth grade. This year, he is the coach of the third-grade Packers team, where he will help the boys transition from flag to tackle football. While working to help the boys learn the fundamentals of the game, he also hopes to teach them about teamwork, perseverance and work ethic.

Tigers volleyball fan enjoys time with the team [Slideshow]

Nellie Dodd has been attending MU women's volleyball matches for 30 years. A heart transplant in 2006 has given her a second chance at life.

Homeowners look at possibilities [Photo]

Vendoni Colvin looks into what will eventually become the kitchen of the "Earthship" house she is building with her husband, Kenny, on Sunday, Oct. 4, in Brumley.

Home built with mostly repurposed materials [Photo]

Cement and aluminum cans form a wall that encircles the load-bearing, dirt-filled, rubber tires in Vendoni and Kenny Colvin's "Earthship" house on Sunday, Oct. 4, in Brumley. The Colvins have been building the house, largely composed of repurposed materials, since April 2003 after visiting some other Earthships in Taos, N.M.

'Earthship' home uses tires filled with dirt [Photo]

An umbrella hangs off of a coat rack along the interior wall of Vendoni and Kenny Colvin's "Earthship" on Sunday, Oct. 4, in Brumley. This load-bearing wall is composed of tires that have been filled with dirt, a process that Kenny Colvin said takes at least three hours per tire. The tires are then stacked up and coated with a soybean-based insulation foam that makes a water-tight seal. This wall will ultimately be covered up by stucco when the Colvins finish their Earthship.

Family builds 'Earthship' home with repurposed materials [Photo]

Vendoni Colvin, Karen Spicer and Kenny Colvin consider the possibilities of what will eventually become the kitchen of the "Earthship" house the Colvins are building in Brumley. The Colvins have been building the house, largely composed of repurposed materials, since April 2003 after visiting some other Earthships in Taos, N.M.

Sal Nuccio makes mayoral bid [Photo]

Sal Nuccio, owner of the Eastside Tavern, an alternative rock bar, is running for mayor.

Dean of Trulaske College of Business to retire [Photo]

Bruce Walker, dean of the Robert J. Trulaske College of Business at MU, is scheduled to retire.

Special Business Disctrict report on proposed noise ordinance [Document]

This is the report submitted to the city manager from the Special Business District board recommending that the proposed noise ordinance be revised to be more specific and more directly address the noise problem between Shiloh Bar and Grill and its residential neighbor.

Espresso Book Machine helps writers get published [Video]

Jennie McAfee, a Columbia-area writer, has been writing a book for more than 20 years. After unsuccessful attempts to get it published because of high prices, she turned to the Espresso Book Machine at MU’s University Bookstore. With the help of Heather Tearney, Mizzou Media Coordinator, McAfee could print her book quickly and affordably.

Filling cups in record time [Photo]

Rick Linhardt, manager of Buck's Ice Cream Place, fills a paper cup with fresh ice cream while Laura Ortinau puts lids on the cups. Within 30 minutes, a team of four workers can fill 1,120 cups.

Making ice cream [Photo]

Rick Linhardt, manager of Buck's Ice Cream Place, scrapes off excess ice cream from the tub with a knife before putting a lid on it. Buck's is located in Eckles Hall at MU.

Dropping off the children [Photo]

Sarah Chapin, right, drops off Gus Barnett, 7, left, Shelby Barnett, 8, center, and Maria Turner, 8, at Fairview Elementary in the morning on September 29. Chapin decided to use the option to transfer her children from Parkade Elementary to Fairview after Parkade fell below yearly standards set by the No Child Left Behind Act.

Tattoos shed stereotypes [Video]

More and more adults are stepping into Columbia’s tattoo parlors. Janice Brothers, 48, is finalizing a memorial tattoo on her arm. She got her first piece of body art 25 years ago when tattoos were not as widely accepted. Adya Crawford, a tattoo artist at Living Canvas Tattoo, has seen the average age of her clientele increase over the past 10 years.

Kids get into the rhythm at Kindermusik [Slideshow]

Parents and their infants participate in an early childhood development music program.

Boone County logo finalists [Photo]

Ten entries have been chosen as finalists in the stormwater management program logo contest.

Children transfer because schools don't meet transfers [Photo]

Shelby Barnett, 8, Ella Chapin, 3, and Gus Barnett, 7, leave their house in the Vanderveen Subdivision for Fairview Elementary School on September 29.. Their mother, Sarah Chapin, transferred Shelby to Fairview after Shelby's previous school, Parkade Elementary, fell below the yearly standard set by the No Child Left Behind Act.

Missouri soccer player Tasha Dittamore [Photo]

Missouri senior goalkeeper Tasha Dittamore earned her 15th shutout with the Tigers over the weekend, giving her the school record for career shutouts.

Missouri soccer player Alysha Bonnick [Photo]

Missouri forward Alysha Bonnick, right, fights for the ball against Texas Tech's Talor Lytle on Sunday at Walton Stadium

Texas receiver Jordan Shipley [Photo]

Texas' Jordan Shipley (8) catches a pass as Colorado's Jalil Brown on Saturday in the Longhorn's home victory.