Most of downtown doesn't pay much property tax [Graphic]

Government and educational institutions, as well as private parking lots, cover about 62.5 percent of Columbia’s downtown while paying relatively little or no property tax.

Downtown in decline? [Graphic]

Columbia officials, including City Manager Bill Watkins and Assistant City Manager Tony St. Romaine, have said that economic indicators suggest downtown is in trouble. Specifically, they cite data showing that the number of new business licenses issued in the central business district has stagnated and that the citywide drop in sales tax revenue is particularly dramatic downtown.

City: TIFs would bring revenue [Graphic]

As part of their push for tax increment financing downtown, City Manager Bill Watkins and Assistant City Manager Tony St. Romaine have distributed numbers showing how TIF-funded construction would increase projected tax revenues from The Tiger Hotel and the proposed development at Tenth and Locust streets. The numbers were originally contributed by the developers as part of their application and have been vetted by city staff.

Band Talent Show [Slideshow]

The 2009 Boone County Fair featured a Band Talent Show this year. This talent show was one of three to be featured at the fair. This slideshow gives a small clip of those who competed in Sunday's talent show.

Shampooing and pampering [Photo]

Judi Smith gets her hair shampooed at Rumors hair salon. "I know it feels good when other people scratch your scalp," said stylist Sarah Brown, rubbing shampoo into Smith's hair.

A mother's approval [Photo]

Sarah Brown has owned her styling business for five years. She has been designing and playing with hair since she was 15 years old, often experimenting on her own hair.

Brown's mother, Darlene, originally did not approve of this enterprise. "She wanted me to go to college, but I didn't end up making it to college. So when I told her I was going to hair school she was like that was good too," Brown said.

Satisfied customer [Photo]

Brandy Mizner-Klearman has been coming to Rumors for three years. The salon is open Tuesday through Sunday but sees most of its traffic on Fridays and Saturdays.

Learning to run a successful business [Photo]

Sarah Brown enrolled in Jerry's Hair School in 1995. Shortly after completing the program, Brown studied under Mary Smith, who has owned her own shop for over 25 years. Smith showed Brown how to deal with customers, how to be professional and how to run a successful business.

Merce Cunningham [Photo]

This file photo provided by the Merce Cunningham Dance Company shows choreographer Merce Cunningham in New York in 2009. Leah Sandals, spokeswoman for the Merce Cunningham Dance Company, says Cunningham died on Sunday at his Manhattan home of natural causes. He was 90.

Katy Trail winery trip [Photo]

The Deaton family of Houston, Chris Deaton, left, wife Kimberly Deaton and children Brandon, 9, left, and Natalie, 11, enjoy the view and beverages under the shade of a tree at Stone Hill Winery near the 239-mile-long Katy Trail, Thursday, July 23, 2009, in Herman, Mo.

Monty Perrigo waits for demolition derby to begin [Photo]

Derby fan Monty Perrigo waits as the first car of Sunday evening's demolition derby drives onto the track at the Boone County Fair.

Inspecting Chris Bradshaw's damaged vehicle [Photo]

Chris Bradshaw, 17, watches as his friends inspect damaged parts of his vehicle after he participated in the demolition derby on Sunday night that concluded the Boone County Fair.

Retiring from the Demolition Derby [Photo]

Chris Bradshaw from Harrisburg retires his car in Sunday's Demolition Derby at the Boone County Fair.

Cars get stuck together [Photo]

Justin Schafer smashes into Rob Heuer and becomes attached to the modified car Sunday in the Boone County Fair Demolition Derby. A tractor had to pull the two cars apart to continue the competition.

Jeffy Gonzales swerves [Photo]

Mud flies as Jeffy Gonzales of Columbia swerves to avoid an oncoming car.

Jacob Reed versus Jake Winston at demolition derby [Photo]

Jacob Reed, in the car labeled "7x," and Jake Winston, in the orange car, battle it out in the mud pit at the Boone County Fair Demolition Derby on Sunday.

Reed versus Winston at demolition derby [Photo]

Jacob Reed in the car labeled "7x" and Jake Winston in the orange car at the Boone County Fair Demolition Derby on Sunday.

Compact division of demolition derby [Photo]

Three cars crash into one another in the compact division of the Boone County Fair Demolition Derby. The division opened with 11 cars, but only one remained running.

Shielding eyes at demolition derby [Photo]

Attendees shield their eyes from the sun during Sunday's demolition derby.

Trevor Howard revs his car's engine [Photo]

Derby participant Trevor Howard revs his car's engine before the start of the 2009 demolition derby at the Boone County Fair.