Meet Tripod [Photo]

Heather Carver tells the story of her new dog, Tripod, whom she adopted from Columbia Second Chance animal rescue group. Carver got Tripod nine days ago and says, "He puts the 'try' in Tripod."

Hamster time [Photo]

Adele Dorman shares a story about her hamster, Teddy. The Dorman family also has a new pet — a black and white cat.

Kate with Maggie, Bailey and Toby [Photo]

Kate, whose mother asked that her name be withheld, holds, from left, Maggie, Bailey and Toby at the 10th annual pet blessing service at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Columbia.

Reflecting pools [Photo]

Dale Chihuly's Walla Wallas float in the reflecting pools outside the Climatron at the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis.

The Victorian District [Photo]

This is the Victorian District.

The Japanese Garden [Photo]

This is a view of the Japanese Garden with the ZigZag Bridge.

The Children's Garden [Photo]

This is the Children's Garden with a view of the Climatron.

The Chinese Garden [Photo]

This is the Chinese Garden at the Missouri Botanical Garden.

Gayla Hart [Photo]

Gayla Hart, 48, was hospitalized with severe burns she received Tuesday morning in the house fire that claimed the life of her father, Joseph Hart.

Making winning look easy [Video]

Casey Glaude, 11, and her father Marty Glaude reflect on her first soap box derby racing experience at the Mid Missouri Soap Box Derby in Columbia on Sunday

Cleaning up the debris [Photo]

Eledia Stone holds up her mother's childhood bank and a box of Mark McGuire home run baseballs from a wheelbarrow of items salvaged from her shed. Behind the barbed-wire fence, debris from the flood can still be seen. Her property on Hinkson Creek Road flooded on April 30. Stone and her daughters are still cleaning out the property.

Beginning the recovery [Photo]

Eledia Stone stands beside a shed on her property where the floodwaters rose. In the month since the flood, Stone has cleaned up much of her property. Now, a few plants have emerged from her garden that was washed away and covered by debris.

Ready to wear [Photo]

At the FairTax Rally, Alice Forker, left, Kim Lockwood and Erin Dunn sell related apparel.

Wheels with a message [Photo]

Supporters of offered this motorcycle in a raffle as part of the rally.

Exchanging views [Photo]

Paul Meyer, carrying the flag, speaks with Pete Jones from "Learn to Carry," a group promoting firearm and concealed weapons permit education, at the rally.

Backing from a state lawmaker [Photo]

Missouri Rep. Ed Emery, R-Lamar, spoke about his staunch support for the "fair tax" legislation.

Call for inclusion [Photo]

Democratic organizer Jessica Wexler stressed that the "fair tax" legislation's predominantly Republican supporters must be inclusive of other political groups for the legislation to pass.

'Joe the Plumber' speaks [Photo]

Samuel J. Wurzelbacher, better known as "Joe the Plumber," was one of the featured speakers at the FairTax Rally on Saturday. He told the audience, "If it saves my brothers and sisters in the military by torturing (terrorists), then by God, do it."

Politics on display [Photo]

Political badges were on display at the FairTax Rally.

Longtime supporter [Photo]

Jeff Parnell interviews Lee Lewis from Tebbets about his support for consumption legislation at the FairTax Rally. Lewis has supported "fair tax" legislation since 1994.