Les Bourgeois winemaker tastes the Norton grape wine [Photo]

On Saturday, Oct. 24, Les Bourgeois winemaker Jacob Holman tastes the Norton grape wine to make sure that the process is going along smoothly in the back of Les Bourgeois Winery in Rocheport.

Les Bourgeois winemaker sets up a hose [Photo]

Les Bourgeois winemaker Jacob Holman, left, sets up a hose that will pump the wine from the bottom of the fermenters to the top at the winery Saturday, Oct. 24. "Carbon dioxide builds up as a byproduct of the process, and the skins rise to the top," Homan said. "We 'pump over' the wine so that they sink back to the bottom."

Oak casks at Les Bourgeois Winery [Photo]

Oak casks sit by fermenters in the back of Les Bourgeois Winery. Jacob Holman, the winemaker, was conducting a "pump over" for the fermenting Norton grapes.

MU basketball fan nets money shot [Photo]

Centralia's Jacob Stout was all smiles after making a half-court shot worth $5,000 in a halftime contest at Tuesday night's Missouri men's basketball game.

Deer harvests by county [Graphic]

INTERACTIVE MAP | See deer harvest numbers from 2007 to present for each county in the state.

MU men's basketball player Keith Ramsey vs. Chattanooga [Photo]

Missouri forward Keith Ramsey and Chattanooga forward Ridge McKeither chase after a loose ball in the Tigers' 99-56 victory at Mizzou Arena.

Kansas football coach Mark Mangino [Photo]

Kansas football coach Mark Mangino said he has had almost no communication with Kansas athletic director Lew Perkins or other administrators in the past week.

New Hickman boys basketball coach John Burns [Photo]

New Hickman boys basketball coach John Burns is familiar with Columbia. He played basketball for Missouri under former coach Norm Stewart.

Health care timeline [Document]

Health care legislation has taken many twists and turns since President Barack Obama first made it a central part of his campaign platform. Click here to download a PDF that summarizes the health care debate to this point.

Tenth and Locust development dropped [Graphic]

Trittenbach Development is no longer planning to build a $17 million development in downtown Columbia, claiming the economic climate won’t support it.

A new life with God [Slideshow]

Wale Aliyu was recently baptized as a Christian. He says the decision to build a stronger bond with God has given him a new direction in life.

Cafe Mozaki prepares to open [Photo]

Cafe Mozaki stands almost completed at Columbia Public Library on Thursday. The coffee kiosk opened for business late on Friday.

Cafe Mozaki to open soon [Photo]

Bruce Miller reads to his son, Charley, 2, in the seating area of Columbia Public Library's new coffee kiosk, Cafe Mozaki, on Thursday. The kiosk opened for business on Friday.

Moving a cornerstone [Photo]

John Kruger and Jonas Greenway discuss how to remove the Academic Hall cornerstone that has been part of the archway north of Francis Quadrangle on Elm Street. The cornerstone, which is even older than the famous Columns that also were part of Academic Hall, will move to an interpretive display in Jesse Hall.

Removing the cornerstone [Photo]

John Kruger uses a circular saw to cut through the one of the corner stones of the University gates located north of Francis Quadrangle on Elm Street ion Monday, Nov. 23. The inscription on the stone describes in a few words the one and a half century history of the stone.

Wilkerson has other interests [Photo]

Kirsti Wilkerson, center, plays basketball for Columbia College but also like to hunt with her family and has a trophy buck to her credit.

Basketball at low volume [Photo]

Columbia College's Kirsti Wilkerson began losing her hearing at the age of 5 and now has 58 percent hearing loss and wears hearing aids.

Barduzzi's friendship bring Frys to soccer games [Photo]

Columbia College sophomore forward Dylan Barduzzi, left, worked with Bob Fry in the maintenance department at Columbia College during the summer. Their friendship is one of the things that enticed the Frys to attend soccer games.

Heart of Missouri chorus [Photo]

Heart of Missouri Chorus members use techniques such as "revving up their motorcycles" to warm up physically and vocally before practices.

Girl uses FES bicycle as part of rehabilitation [Photo]

Margaret Romph uses her FES rehabilitation bike to help stimulate her muscles in her arms while her mom, Sherline Romph, monitors her Nov. 11, 2009, in their Jefferson City home. Margaret is performing her physical therapy exercise as she works on her arms one day and her legs the next. This bike was made specifically for Margaret and the needs she has as far as muscle stimulation and strengthening.