Nixon Signs [Photo]

Gov. Jay Nixon signs the Show-Me Jobs Initiative (House Bill 191) at the Missouri Career Center in Columbia, MO on Thursday.

Showing your colors [Photo]

Puddles of paint collect around a newly decorated stage wall at the Stephens College Warehouse Theater on Thursday. The wall and another like it will be part of the upcoming production titled Jerks and Freaks which shows Friday.

Setting the scene [Photo]

Katie McKellar, a first year student at Stephens College, helps paint the platform for the upcoming show Jerks and Freaks on Saturday. McKellar will be the "radio" in the portion of the production titled "Video Killed the Radio Star". "I think it's going to be good. It's a really risque show. We're having a blast with it" said McKellar. Jerks and Freaks shows Friday.

Peppers [Graphic]

Rock Bridge baseball player Jaide Rose [Photo]

Rock Bridge senior Jaide Rose, a pitcher and outfielder, has been on the Bruins' varsity since he was a sophomore.

Art in the Park 2008 [Photo]

A bicycle decorated like a giant camel was one of several art bicycles displayed at Stephens Lake Park for Art in the Park in June 2008. The St. Louis Banana Bike Brigade designed the camel for the ArtCycles project.

New nightclub owner hopes to create memories for patrons [Photo]

Vinay Atluri stands before the bar at the new nightclub Memoir. At Memoir photographers document each night's events and post them to a slideshow the next day for patrons to see. "We're essentially creating memories" says Atluri, co-owner of the venue.

MU Horn Choir to play at international symposium this week [Photo]

The MU Horn Choir will play at the International Symposium this week.

State of the City address [Photo]

City Manager Bill Watkins gives the State of the City address at the Council Chambers, highlighting accomplishments of the past year and the goals and obstacles that the city foresees in the future. "It's been a long time since we as a community have had to face some of the economic challenges we will face in 2010," Watkins said in his address after he referred to the 1980s as the last period of no city revenue growth. Much of his speech addressed questions regarding efficient use of existing funds and programs.

Checking on the methane boiler meter [Photo]

Frank Putnam checks a methane boiler meter at the Columbia Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant. The orange engine generator in the background has been running since 1983 and produces $6,000 worth of energy a month. Plant officials are hoping to install two new generators if the stimulus money becomes available.

Behind the final clarifier tank [Photo]

Officials of the Columbia Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant hope to expand its facilities with the stimulus money to improve efficiency and meet new denitrification requirements. A grassy field in the background of a final clarifier tank is one location where they hope to expand.

Columbia Terminal Railroad [Photo]

Traffic drives alongside the Columbia Terminal Railroad on Paris Road.

Seeking to improve 'Blind' Boone center's roof [Photo]

Those at the J.W. "Blind" Boone Community Center on North Providence Road are seeking stimulus money to fund improvements to the center's roof.

Five new buses to be purchased with stimulus money [Photo]

The city of Columbia's El Dorado buses are mainly used to cover bus routes around the MU campus. Grant money is funding the purchase of five new buses, scheduled for delivery in April 2010.

Rough driving over Stadium Boulevard potholes [Photo]

Potholes make for a rough driving surface on Stadium Boulevard.

City to purchase new buses with stimulus money [Photo]

The city of Columbia's El Dorado buses are mainly used to cover bus routes around the MU campus. Grant money is funding the purchase of five new buses, scheduled for delivery in April 2010.

City stimulus requests up to $126 million [Graphic]

A new train overpass for Columbia [Video]

The COLT railroad crossing on US-63 is set to receive some safety improvements thanks to stimulus funding. ADS Transload Facility warehouse manager David Dick talks about the significance of the railroad.

Baseball stress [Photo]

Khalil Greene's 2008 season ended last July when he punched a dugout wall and broke his left hand. The Cardinals don't want the frustration to eat him up again, so they're using their slumping shortstop in a utility role for the time being.

Ragtime music's new tune [Slideshow]

Adam Swanson, 17, joined 11 other headlining performers for the “Blind” Boone Ragtime and Early Jazz Festival from May 31–June 2. Swanson performed in multiple concerts throughout the festival and hosted a seminar about his mentor, Johnny Maddox.

Swanson’s age makes him the youngest performer at the festival, but according to fans and fellow ragtime pianists, Swanson is more than capable of keeping time with the veterans.