John Fortman participates in 24 Hour Comics Day [Photo]

John Fortman concentrates as he draws the story of a man who makes up and is then attacked by a monster in his hallway during the 24-Hour Comics Day on Saturday. Fortman's wife, who goes by the pen name Lady Darke, and his sister, Jennifer Fortman, also participated in the event.

MU medical students teach kids about science [Photo]

John Mitabar, 11, looks at x-rays guided by Calvin Lewis, a pre-med student, on Saturday at a meeting of CALEB, the Science Club. Each station featured a mentor, usually either a medical student, pre-med student or doctor, who would explain the circumstances behind the x-rays.

Kids look at x-rays at science club meeting [Photo]

Serenety Cave, 10, looks at a chest x-ray of a pregnant woman under the guidance of Shuaib Okponobi, a doctor, Saturday at a meeting of CALEB, the Science Club. Students looked at an assortment of x-rays and made electromagnets at the day's meeting.

Aspiring writers work at 24 Hour Comics Day [Photo]

Aspiring writers, from left, Eric Yearwood, Robyn Seale, and Noah Medling pen and draw their tales as part of the 24-Hour Comics Day on Saturday. Participants aimed at a page per hour in this 24-hour event. Their diverse stories included time travel and the public education system, a robot falling through the sky, and a bear who encounters a ritual in the woods.

RV Tailgating 3 [Audio]

RV Tailgating 2 [Audio]

RV Tailgating 1 [Audio]

'Mercy Street' rendering [Photo]

Dustin Hoffmann works on a comic book adaptation of Peter Gabriel's song "Mercy Street" as part of the 24-Hour Comics Day on Saturday. The song was inspired by poet laureate Anne Sexton's work of the same name. Hoffmann used it and several of Sexton's works as his inspiration for the comic.

Duplex damaged by fire [Photo]

Columbia and Boone County fire officials battled a residential fire at 5101 Silver Mill Drive on Saturday afternoon. The duplex is the home of Gisell and Kelly Ballenger and their three sons. There were no injuries, and the adjoining duplex suffered no damage.

Derrick Fogle, the Hacky Sack guy [Photo]

Derrick Fogle performs a Hacky Sack trick at Speakers Circle on the MU campus on Sept. 17. Fogle, who frequents Speakers Circle each Thursday, has been kicking for more than 30 years. "I picked it up when I was a teenager and just never quit doing it," he said.

Derrick Fogle takes a water break [Photo]

Derrick Fogle takes a break to get a drink of water at Speakers Circle on the MU campus on Sept. 17. "I drink about a gallon and a half an hour," Fogle said.

Derrick Fogle shows his stuff [Photo]

Derrick Fogle says he is normally a pretty quiet individual. Footbag is the one thing that brings out his exhibitionist side. "Outside of Hacky Sack, I am a really an unassuming kind of person," he said.

Farmhouse moved to new location [Photo]

Part of a Victorian farmhouse dating to the 1890s sits roofless on Friday at the Boone Junction History Village. This part of the farmhouse was moved to Boone County Historical Society property at midnight on Thursday.

Crane crashes into apartment building [Graphic]

A crane in the alley between Booche’s and Niedermeyer Apartments fell onto the apartment complex Friday morning after attempting to move a bag of debris from the roof of Booche’s onto a nearby dump truck. The crane, owned by Watkins Roofing, only had two of its four outriggers extended for stabilization.

100209_FallenCrane [Photo]

Workers help lift the fallen Watkins Roofing crane at 3:30 p.m. after it was blown over by high winds. The crane landed on 920 Cheery St. around 10:30 a.m on Friday. "The good thing is that nobody was hurt," a worker said after lifting the crane from the roof.

How To Play Hacky Sack [Graphic]

To be successful at Hacky Sack, keep the bag in the air for as long as possible with a combination of kicks and stalls, which can be mixed to form tricks. Wear shoes with a flat surface above the toe and avoid wearing pants, which can restrict movement.

BRIXEY [Photo]

Elizabeth Brixey oversees the Missourian’s coverage of K-12 and higher education. You can e-mail her at or call at 882-2632.

Crane collapses onto downtown apartments [Photo]

A Watkins Roofing truck was blown over and landed on Niedermeyer Apartments at 920 Cherry St. According to Captain Eric Hartman of the Columbia Fire Department, there were no injuries and the extent of damages are still unknown.

How to decorate a bra [Photo]

Ellis Fischel Cancer Center Auxiliary supervisor Edlyn Donovan displays Joe Machens Ford's entry for the cancer center's Decorate-a-Bra Contest on Tuesday, in the center's basement. The bra features working headlights and the Mustang emblem. All 133 bras will be up for silent auction at the cancer center this Tuesday. The proceeds will benefit breast cancer patient programs and services.

MU School of Health Professions hosts job fair [Audio]

The MU School of Health Professions held a job fair Thursday afternoon for students in the health professions, who are in increasingly high demand. The events was held in the Reynolds Alumni Center, where steaming trays of food were provided, and handouts from coffee mugs to candy were sprawled across the tables of eager representatives from health companies across the country. Those appearing on the audio slideshow are MU student Rachel Volz, Sean Ellis from Select Physical Therapy, Maria Altmann from Healthsouth Rehabilitation Hospital and MU student Mandee Zervas.