George Parker [Photo]

The family of George Parker said this was their favorite photo of him.

A change in political thought [Photo]

George Parker, former chairman of the Boone County Republican Central Committee, wanted to change the way people thought about politics. This photo is dated Oct. 25, 1990.

Reflections of the past [Photo]

The reflection of George Parker, the founder of the modern Republican Party in Boone County, appears on the picture of a young Parker with the F-101 Voodoo. During World War II, he flew a B-26 Marauder bomber. The photograph was taken at his home in Columbia on Dec. 11, 2006.

Sun Devils celebrate [Photo]

Arizona State's Jessica Mapes (12) runs along the dugout for congratulations after scoring against Missouri in the second inning.

Making her delivery [Photo]

Missouri's Chelsea Thomas pitches against Arizona State in the first inning.

Consulting with the coach [Photo]

Missouri coach Ehren Earleywine goes to the pitching circle to talk with pitcher Chelsea Thomas in the second inning of a College World Series tournament game against Arizona State. Thomas allowed six earned runs in two innings of play. Arizona State won the game 7-3.

On the campaign trail [Photo]

Hi-Liters and ballots fill the voting table in Hickman High School's common area during lunch. Students had the opportunity to vote for the "Big Four" student body government offices: president, vice president, treasurer and secretary, on April 23 and 24 during their lunch hours.

Before the committee [Photo]

Michael Corey-Yares, center, addresses the steering committee during his first steering meeting as president-elect while, from left, Hannah Pingleton, Emily Pintel and Billy Borgmeye look on.

Winning the election [Photo]

Hickman junior Michael Corey-Yares answers the phone at his home to find out that he has been elected as Hickman's student government president for 2009-2010.

Student government members tally votes [Photo]

From left, student government members Billy Borgmeyer, David Salmo, Emily Pintel and Sebastian Martinez, enjoy a laugh with Jami Thornberry's, the student government adviser, as they tally votes

Emily Pintel counts votes [Photo]

Hickman senior Emily Pintel counts votes after the final day of voting in Activities Director Doug Mirts' office.

Michael Corey-Yares campaigns at Hickman [Photo]

Michael Corey-Yares, right, gives Hickman High School kitchen cook Stephanie Turner a cookie as he campaigns for student government president during lunch at Hickman High School. Although teachers and staff didn't have a vote in the elections, Corey-Yares still gave handouts them.

Sen. Kit Bond speaks at Early Childhood Summit [Photo]

U.S. Sen. Kit Bond, R-Mo., speaks at the Early Childhood Summit, held Tuesday in Memorial Union on the MU campus. In addressing early education issues, Bond drew on his support and development of the Parents as Teachers program, which he considers to be his "greatest accomplishment in ... eight years as governor."

Parents, children attend summit [Photo]

Diane Cowart, director of the preschool staff at Christian Chapel Academy, and daughter Abi Cowart, 13, wait for the start of the Early Childhood Education Summit.

Summit addresses needs for focus on preschool [Photo]

Jim Caccamo, director of the Department of Early Learning at the Mid-America Regional Council, participates in a question-and-answer session during the Early Childhood Summit, held Tuesday in Memorial Union on the MU campus. Caccamo addressed the need for preschool and early learning issues to become a greater part of the public agenda.

High school campaign [Photo]

Sophomore Wilson Pfeiffer casts his vote for Rock Bridge High School Student Council officers on April 30. At Rock Bridge, the process for a position on the Student Council began at the Spring Assembly on April 24, while Hickman High School's campaign lasted a week.

Burn building exercise [Photo]

A Columbia firefighter* pulls a dummy out of the burn building at the Boone Country Fire Protection District Training Center. The training exercise on Wednesday combined firefighters from the Fire District and the Columbia Fire Department.

County division fire chief instructs trainees [Photo]

Eric Hartman*, a captain with the Columbia Fire Department, instructs members of the Columbia Fire Department at a training exercise on Wednesday. Firefighters from both organizations participated in a mock incident where they worked together to extinguish a fire.

Learning to coordinate efforts [Photo]

Chuck Leake, training director for the Boone County Fire Protection District, talks about the merger between the Fire District and the Columbia Fire Department. The two organizations are learning to coordinate efforts when called to a scene. This was the fourth joint training session between the two organizations.

Prime seats at Ben Folds concert [Photo]

Ben Folds and his band perform for the 9th Street Summerfest in Columbia on Wednesday. Fans gathered early to grab prime spots near the front of the stage.