Alden speaks on campus [Photo]

Missouri Director of Athletics Mike Alden addressed various topics Wednesday during a Q&A session at the Reynolds Journalism Institute.

Pfeiffer switches positions [Photo]

Wilson Pfeiffer grew up playing quarterback, but he has switched to cornerback after returning to play football this year.

Pfeiffer back on football field [Photo]

Rock Bridge's Wilson Pfeiffer runs a play during practice Wednesday at Faurot Field. After making the difficult decision to quit football his sophomore year to focus on baseball, he is back on the football field.

Blues in the schools [Photo]

T.J. Wheeler talks to students at Grant Elementary School about the history of blues music and the civil rights movement. Wheeler is the Artist in Residence at Grant for his third year in a row, singing and telling stories as part of his program entitled Hope, Heroes and the Blues. As part of this program he works with a group of students in the Blues Corps to write and perform songs at this weekend's Roots 'N' Blues 'N' BBQ Festival.

Children laugh at funny song [Photo]

Grant Elementary School students Henry Wilson, left, Raya Aberbach, Ellie Kayser, Audrey Roloff, and Karlee Shettlesworth laugh as T.J. Wheeler sings a funny line from the song they are collaboratively writing during the Blues Corps practice at Grant. The fourth and fifth graders who make up the Blues Corps make suggestions to Wheeler as he composes the song, which they will perform together this weekend at the Roots 'N' Blues 'N' BBQ Festival.

Freestyle blues singing [Photo]

Megan Matchell, left, and Shalyn Barclay get ready to freestyle sing over a song sung by the other Blues Corps students under T.J. Wheeler's direction at Grant Elementary School. Wheeler is the Artist in Residence at Grant for the third year in a row and is leading the Blues Corps in writing two original songs they will perform at this weekend's Roots 'N' Blues 'N' BBQ Festival.

Northeast Development [Graphic]

The Boone County and Columbia planning and zoning commissions heard feedback from the community Tuesday night regarding future development of 3,104 acres northeast of Columbia. The area contains the site of the new Columbia public high school, which is scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2013.

MU students celebrate cultural diversity [Video]

At the event, a part of MU’s second International Day, students displayed their local cuisines, artifacts and traditions. Alya Alluwaymi, from Saudi Arabia, Maetee Patana-Anake, from Thailand, and the event’s chief organizer, Sampath Devaram, from India, shared their thoughts about the event with the Missourian.

Colorado State picks off Nevada [Photo]

Colorado State defender Klint Kubiak celebrates after intercepting a pass in front of Nevada wide receiver Chris Wellington. The Wolf Pack had five turnovers against the Rams.

Nevada quarterback Colin Kaepernick gets sacked [Photo]

Colorado State defender Guy Miller takes down Nevada quarterback Colin Kaepernick last Saturday in a 35-20 Wolf Pack loss.

Dancing to the music [Photo]

John Franklin Jr. plays with a scarf at Shalom Christian Academy on Thursday. Playing with scarfs while dancing to music is one of the student activities at Shalom Christian Academy.

Crafts at Shalom Christian Academy [Photo]

Layla Harley Briton, right, works on her "project," a fire tree, while instructor Tara Foster helps John Franklin Jr., center, and Roman Kemp at Shalom Christian Academy on Thursday. About 25 children come each day to the center. Playing outside and arts and crafts are among their favorite activities, said Foster, who has been with the day care center for three years.

Shalom Christian Academy new construction site [Graphic]

The construction for Shalom Christian Academy and Day Care broke ground on Aug. 26, thanks to a $100,000 grant from the city of Columbia.

Michael McDonald measuring paranormal activity [Photo]

Michael McDonald consults a piece of equipment meant to measure paranormal activity during an investigation with the Kindred Moon Paranormal Society along the Katy Trail on Sep. 12.

Kindred Moon Paranormal Society on the Katy Trail [Photo]

Shelly Chirillo, Sarah Francis, Michael McDonald and Bonnie Darby, all members of the Kindred Moon Paranormal Society, watch the end of the Katy Trail for paranormal activity.

Home heating sources [Graphic]

The majority of homes in Columbia use natural gas rather than propane or electric. The cost of natural gas, along with other home heating sources, is expected to be lower this year than previous years because of low crude oil prices.

Rockin' sculpture [Photo]

Mark Milanick, a professor at the pharmacology and physiology department at MU, creates balancing rock and wood sculptures on his lawn, stretching from South Glenwood Avenue and Redbud Lane to West Rollins Road. He titles his project "Physics Inaction."

Natural art [Photo]

Mark Milanick creates sculptures with rocks and wood on his lawn.

Hickman swimmer Grant Hendrix at CASA [Photo]

As a member of the Columbia Aeronautics and Space Association, Hickman swimmer Grant Hendrix can experience what it would be like to be a part of NASA through simulators housed in a building on the Hickman campus.

Columbia golfer Chris Johnson [Photo]

Chris Johnson played for Hickman High School before joining the Missouri men's golf team.