Hearts in bloom [Photo]

Artwork by Faith Elsbury, a third-grader at Lee Elementary, includes bright colors.

It feels pretty [Photo]

Blind artist John Bramblitt uses his hand to feel a Lee Elementary third grader's painting. Bramblitt, who lost his vision in 2001, uses the different textures of paints to identify colors.

Feel this one [Photo]

John Bramblitt guides the hands of a Lee Elementary student on Thursday afternoon. Bramblitt, who uses different textures to identify paints and colors, taught the students how to paint without using their eyes.

What's this? [Photo]

John Bramblitt instructs Lee Elementary third-graders Praise Tyler and Christopher Frank as they attempt to paint blindfolded. Bramblitt, who lost his sight in 2001, visited the school on Thursday to talk with the students about what it is like to be a visual artist that cannot see.

Checking her work [Photo]

Blind artist John Bramblitt listens as Lee Elementary third-grader Elora Matthews explains the story of "The Giving Tree." Bramblitt visited the school Thursday to teach students about how he uses the different textures of paints to identify colors and to help the students learn to paint blindfolded.

Missouri centerfielder Ryan Lollis [Photo]

Ryan Lollis round's third base against Western Illinois on Wednesday during the Tigers' home opener at Taylor Stadium.

Tolson is Bruins' emotional leader [Photo]

Rock Bridge senior Skylar Tolson goes in for a layup at a practice on Thursday. Tolson is known by his teammates as an emotional leader and for his skills from beyond the arc.

Ziggy Hodd at MU Pro Day [Photo]

Former Missouri defensive tackle Ziggy Hood performs a drill at Thursday's MU Pro Day at Devine Pavilion.

Friendships developed at elite gymnastics center [Photo]

From left to right, Sarah Shire, Adrianne Perry, Alicia Hatcher and Liz Straatmann trained together during high school at the Great American Gymnastics Express, before they became teammates at MU.

Max Askren seeks Big 12 title [Photo]

Max Askren will attempt to win his third straight Big 12 individual title on Saturday at the Big 12 Championships. Askren is ranked No. 4 in the country in the 197-pound weight class.

the beat 3/04 [Audio]

Children learn about different cultures [Slideshow]

In the Museum of Anthropology on Tuesday, Samantha Hunter, Anna Frieden, and Jessica Boldt hosted one in a series of classes teaching first- through fifth-graders about different cultures. This week their topic was the Native Americans of the northwest United States. Frieden explains why she thinks storytelling is important, and Hunter takes the kids outdoors to play a game. Then Memphis Hatten, 7, explains what she learned.

Bummer Sooners Seven [Photo]

Zaire Taylor goes for a basket as OU player Austin Johnson jumps up to defend the basket. The Oklahoma Sooners lost to MU 73-64.

Bummer Sooners Six [Photo]

Senior DeMarre Carroll jumps over OU senior Taylor Griffin to shoot during the MU-OU game at Mizzou Arena on Wednesday. Carroll had 15 points and 10 rebounds during his last home game as a Tiger.

Bummer Sooners Five [Photo]

DeMarre Carroll of Missouri tries for a basket while being guarded by Cade Davis of Oklahoma. The Tigers played the Sooners at Mizzou Arena, the last home game of the season.

Bummer Sooners Four [Photo]

Marcus Denmon of Missouri is congratulated by fans after the Tigers beat the Sooners at the last home game of the season.

Bummer Sooners Eight [Photo]

Senior DeMarre Carroll shows emotion as the seniors are announced at the MU vs. OU game Wednesday. It was senior night and MU's last home game of the season.

Bummer Sooners Three [Photo]

Leo Lyons of Missouri and Cade Davis of Oklahoma vie for the basketball during the the last home game at Mizzou Arena.

Bummer Sooners Two [Photo]

Junior J.T. Tiller prepares for a layup as OU freshman Willie Warren attempts to block the point at during the home game against OU in Mizzou Arena on Wednesday March 4. Mizzou beat the Sooners 73-64.

Bummer Sooners Nine [Photo]

Senior DeMarre Carroll readies a block as OU junior Juan Pattillo attempts to score in Mizzou Arena on Wednesday. The Tigers kept their streak alive to remain undefeated at home for the 08-09 season.