Natural art [Photo]

Mark Milanick creates sculptures with rocks and wood on his lawn.

Hickman swimmer Grant Hendrix at CASA [Photo]

As a member of the Columbia Aeronautics and Space Association, Hickman swimmer Grant Hendrix can experience what it would be like to be a part of NASA through simulators housed in a building on the Hickman campus.

Columbia golfer Chris Johnson [Photo]

Chris Johnson played for Hickman High School before joining the Missouri men's golf team.

Rock Bridge soccer practice [Photo]

Rock Bridge soccer players Michael Trecha, left, and Trevor Davis work through a drill in practice on Sunday. The Bruins say they are trying to work harder in practice after starting the season 1-4.

Accident cleanup [Photo]

The aftermath of a two-car collision at the intersection of West Broadway and Yorkshire Drive awaits cleanup Monday afternoon. The passenger of the silver car was unharmed, and the passenger of the other car refused medical treatment and was released from the scene.

Artisans connect at Heritage Festival and Craft Show [Video]

A blacksmith pounds on the metal of a horseshoe, permeating the air with the smell of hot metal. Linda Coats weaves her fingers though alpaca fibers, creating an entire shawl in an afternoon, and bluegrass music plays continually in the background at the 32nd annual Heritage Festival and Craft Show.

“It’s a group of craftsman and tradesmen displaying their wares and just having a good time,” Jay Jones said. “It’s free to come in, walk around, look at all the different different types of crafts. There’s some good crafts people here. They offer a lot of different types of music and shows. It’s just a good family weekend.”

Keene School to be auctioned [Photo]

The Keene School, a registered historical landmark, was built in 1898 and has since been remodeled into a residence. It will be sold at a private auction on Sept. 28.

Ashland Alternative School helps students complete high school [Photo]

Senior Kaylee Silvers, 18, takes an online test as a part of her coursework with the Ashland Alternative School on Tuesday, September 15 in Ashland. Silvers says she prefers the alternative school over being in a traditional classroom.

Children participate in Tashlikh service [Photo]

Jehoshua Casey, 6, tosses a piece of bread into the water as Noah Winton, right, watches alongside during the Tashlikh service on Sunday, Sept. 20, at Twin Lakes Recreation Area. In the Tashlikh service, part of Rosh Hashana, Jews throw bread crumbs into water to represent casting off the previous year's sins.

MRCC members march in 1971 [Photo]

MRCC members lead a march to the Farm Aid Concert in 1995 in Louisville, KY.

Roger Allison introduces Neil Young [Photo]

Roger Allison introduces Neil Young at family farm rally at Farm Aid in 2001 in Indiana.

Willie Nelson vists the MRCC in Columbia [Photo]

Willie visits with Missouri Rural Crisis Center regarding the Pork Checkoff in Columbia in 1995.

Martin wins Chase opener [Photo]

NASCAR driver Mark Martin celebrates Sunday after winning the Sylvania 300 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon, N.H.

Carthage courthouse gets Route 66 display [Photo]

In this Sept. 11, 2009, photo, Chris Wiseman, Route 66 exhibit designer, pulls a protective layer off a Route 66 monument-style sign at the Jasper County Courthouse, in Carthage. The historic courthouse is a frequent stop for tourists traveling Route 66. Now, Route 66 history is a part of the courthouse, in a display that mimics Carthage's former Boots Drive-In.

Route 66 display goes up in Carthage courthouse [Photo]

In this Sept. 11, 2009, photo, Chris Wiseman, Route 66 exhibit designer, adds some detail work to the exhibit's display case at the Jasper County Courthouse in Carthage. The historic courthouse is a frequent stop for tourists traveling Route 66. Now, Route 66 history is a part of the courthouse, in a display that mimics Carthage's former Boots Drive-In.

Dustin Lane plays night golf [Photo]

Dustin Lane, a manager at Perche Creek Golf Club, stands at the 13th tee of the three-par course on Thursday, Sept. 10. Lane said "it's nicer out at night" and he prefers to golf when the temperature and humidity are lower. While most people play the course in the daytime, Lane said Perche Creek anticipates night golfing will become more popular. While there are several lights already illuminating the course, the golf club plans to install more in the near future.

Finance committee to start voting on health care [Photo]

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., whose proposed bill on health care legislation comes to vote Tuesday, speaks at a press conference on Sept. 16 on Capitol Hill in Washington. His bill has both Democrats and Republicans in arms over its possible effect on the nation's health care system.

Memorial Stadium Changes Seats [Graphic]

Memorial Stadium reduced the seating space allotted for each person in the student general admission section from 18 inches to 14 inches this year. This change allows for 2,655 more seats for students.

Pastel painting for Au Plein-Air [Photo]

Jean Neely sketches with pastels along the entrance to the MKT trail by the MLK Jr. Memorial at Battle Garden during the Au Plein-Air Art Day contest on Saturday. Artists using various mediums worked on pieces outdoors in several locations throughout Columbia. They submitted their art at the end of the day to be judged for the contest. Neely has been working with pastels for a few years and uses a tray made by her husband to hold her colored chalk.

Retiree enjoys the challenge of watercolor [Photo]

Bonnie Zelenak and Shirley Keller share a laugh as they paint with watercolors under the guidance of professional artist Chris Frederick (not pictured) while overlooking Stephens Lake during the Au Plein-Air Art Day contest on Saturday. Zelenak had always admired watercolor, so when she retired one year ago, she picked up the brush and started taking classes. "It was a real challenge at first, but when you see what Chris can do, it makes you want to try hard."