Peppers at the farmers market [Photo]

Students and members of the community were able to get a bit of shopping done on campus at the MU Fall Farmers Market on Thursday.

Kim English reads poetry [Video]

COLUMBIA — Typically, Kim English, a sophomore on the Missouri men's basketball team, is entertaining fans inside Mizzou Arena, but the sharpshooter was under the spotlight on Thursday night in Peace Park.

English participated in Poetry at the Park, an event put on by MU's Black Programming Committee. Before the main performance by poet Dana Gilmore, there was an open mic event. English is an open mic regular according to Lisa White, the senior chair of the committee.

Food bank opens new pantry [Video]

The Central Missouri Food Bank Pantry opens its doors to a new facility.

Executive Director, Peggy Fitzpatrick and Food Bank Board Member, Dave Machens speak to the advantages of the new facility.

Gallery crawl displays exhibits at MU [Slideshow]

Columbia art fans visited five galleries during the “MU Gallery and Museum Crawl” on Thursday.

Swinging for the ball [Photo]

Hickman freshman outfielder Sydney Washington swings at a pitch on Thursday at University Field.

Throwing a fast ball [Photo]

Rock Bridge sophomore Lauren Fuller pitches against Hickman on Thursday night at University Field.

Rock Bridge softball celebrates win [Photo]

Rock Bridge softball players Danielle Linneman, Lauren Fuller, Caroline Sicht, Sammi Bell and Kali Hall celebrate tagging out a Hickman Kewpie on Thursday at University Field. The Bruins defeated Hickman 4-0.

Hickman receiver Anthony Oetting [Photo]

Hickman junior wide receiver Anthony Oetting said he added 20 pounds during the offseason while working to return from a dislocated hip.

Hickman football player Anthony Oetting [Photo]

Hickman receiver Anthony Oetting makes a grab while playing catch during the Kewpies' practice Thursday. Despite dislocating his hip last season, Oetting returned to the field this year as a starter for the Kewpies.

Book signing [Photo]

Author Andrea Barrett, left, signs a copy of her book "The Air We Breathe" for Barbara Barlag of Columbia on Thursday at the Columbia Public Library.

Jones [Photo]

Both quarterback Blaine Gabbert (left) and Andrew Jones (right) have stepped forward this season.

Amended downtown noise ordinance proposed [Graphic]

GRAPHIC | The boundary of downtown as defined by the proposed amended ordinance.

Proposed noise ordinance change [Document]

A draft of a proposed amended ordinance that would loosen the restrictions on loud music and yelling downtown.

Shiloh's noise-reduction wall [Photo]

A plywood wall blocks part of the Shiloh Bar & Grill patio from Broadway. The wall was erected to limit the spread of noise from the bar.

Sierra Club protests MU coal use [Photo]

MU students promoting the Sierra Club Coal Free Campus Campaign put on a demonstration at Speaker Circle on Wednesday to educate listeners on the amount of coal the MU campus uses. The group displayed the amount of coal the MU campus burns every second and commented that last year MU burned 48,000 tons of coal.

Andrea Barrett - MUG [Photo]

Andrea Barrett, author of "The Air We Breathe," which was chosen as the 2009 One Read book as part of a program to encourage literary discussion within the Boone County community.

Lisa Ling speaks at MU [Photo]

Journalist Lisa Ling speaks about her career as an international correspondent at Jesse Auditorium. Ling recounted stories from her work abroad and expressed disappointment with the low level of media coverage given to international affairs. “The highest-rated news shows are the ones with old white guys telling you what to think. What does that say about the state of journalism – that we need to be told what to think? Opinions are masquerading as news.”

Family Fun Night [Video]

The Columbia Parks and Recreation Department teamed up with the Office of Cultural Events to bring September’s Family Fun Fest, which was geared toward bringing out the creativity in kids.

MU volleyball player Catie Wilson [Photo]

Missouri's Catie Wilson, right, celebrates the Tigers' victory Wednesday night over Kansas with teammate Julianna Klein.

Gallery crawl [Graphic]

The fifth annual MU Campus Gallery and Culture Crawl will take place from 4:30 to 8 p.m. Thursday. Attendees will have the opportunity to tour five different exhibits on campus. Those that attend all five are eligible to win prizes. For more information, go to