Notable historic sites [Graphic]

Struggles make MU wrestler stronger [Photo]

MU's Raymond Jordan keeps his eye on his opponent Jesse Strawn of Old Dominion in the 184-pounds final match in Missouri Open 2007. He wrestled three years as a 184-pound wrestler, but this season he has switched to the 174-pound weight class. Both of Jordan's parents died before he was 7 years old, and the road leading to collegiate success has been difficult.

Target cuts for MU divisions [Graphic]

Defense helps Missouri men [Photo]

MU's Zaire Taylor, no. 11, and Kim English, no. 24, block a shot by Baylor's Quincy Acy, no. 4, on Saturday.

the beat 2/05 A [Audio]

Heat wave happiness [Photo]

Sparky's Homemade Ice Cream employee Kelly Mitchum serves up some Red Bull shakes to high school students on Thursday afternoon. During the unseasonably warm weather, the store opened for the weekend. Columbia residents, university students and high school students taking advantage of a half-day at school came in to enjoy a variety of flavors such as "The King" and "Les Bourgeois & Ghiradelli Chocolate."

A brief opening at Sparky's [Photo]

With unseasonably warm weather, MU freshmen Susie Griffiths and Praveena Kolli enjoy scoops of "The King" and "Carrot Cake" from Sparky's Homemade Ice Cream on Thursday afternoon. The store opened for the weekend, using Facebook to let members of its fan page know about the brief opening.

Deaton memorandum on Forsee non-salary savings plan [Document]

Read the memorandum from MU Chancellor Brady Deaton to deans and department chairs.

A scoop of 'The King' [Photo]

Kelly Mitchum scoops out a serving of "The King" for a customer on Thursday at Sparky's Homemade Ice Cream on Ninth Street. The store took advantage of warm weather to bring in extra business before its official opening the last week in February in conjunction with the True/False Festival. Sparky's used its fan page on Facebook to encourage customers to come in while it was open through the weekend. Once the store is officially open for the season, it will be open from 11:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. seven days a week.

Students overcrowd remodeled bookstore [Video]

MU Sophomore Ashley Enders talks about her frustration with the construction at Brady Commons and what she has done to cope.

Crime statistics news release [Document]

Click here to download a PDF version of the news release announcing Columbia crime statistics for 2008.

Eating wings at speed of light [Photo]

Chloe Perkins,right, laughs as she holds a plate of chicken wings for Tilly Payne, left, a teacher at Hickman High School. Payne participated with the students in a wing-eating contest. in which they attempted to eat 15 wings the fastest.

Pie for fundraiser [Photo]

Gerardo Arzate, 18, throws a pie at Beau Rothwell, 18, during the Hickman High School Courtwarming King fundraiser. Rothwell is the Courtwarming King representative from the Hickman Junior Classical League. Rothwell says that he has raised almost $450 over two weeks for the fundraiser.

Throw a pie for a good cause [Photo]

Amann Woldeghebriel, 18, stands outside of Hickman High School in the cold weather on Wednesday. He allowed students to throw a pie at his face for a dollar.

Whacking a car for Courtwarming [Photo]

Carl Gillespie, 16, takes his turn hitting the car with a baseball bat as other Hickman High School students look on. Students could pay $1 for one hit, $2 for five hits and $5 per minute to hit the donated car. The only rule of the "car bash" fundraiser was that the tires must remain intact so the vehicle could be towed to the junkyard at the end of the day. All proceeds will be contributed to the Not for Sale Campaign to stop human trafficking.

Pie in your eye [Photo]

Amann Woldeghebriel, 18, allows Daryl Williams, 18, to throw a pie at his face for a $1. Amann is trying to raise money for the Courtwarming King fundraiser.

Medical Debt: Eylers [Photo]

Jackie and Jim Eyler of Wesminster, Md., are employed and insured, and they are unable to pay down a $10,000 credit card balance.

Fire truck out of service following accident [Photo]

A city fire truck was struck by a sport utility vehicle Thursday morning when the truck was responding to a residential structure fire. The fire truck received moderate damage, and is currently out of service.

SUV collides with city fire truck [Photo]

This sport utility vehicle collided with a city fire truck at the intersection of Providence and Walnut on Thursday. The fire truck was responding to a residential structure fire at the time. The SUV suffered major damage.

Medical Debt: Eakers [Photo]

Pummeled by a recession that is demolishing jobs and family finances, more Americans are struggling to pay medical bills. Ron and Mary Ann Eaker: Bankrupted by $100,000 in medical debt, they are now barred from a large clinic.