Grooming after the performance [Photo]

Hannah Yoder, left, and Crystal Reisig brush their horses down after their performance at the Boone County Fairgrounds on Saturday afternoon.

Steady hand [Photo]

Hannah Yoder, a member of the Jack Knife Hollow Hick Chicks, remains steady even as her horse acts up a bit during the Hick Chick performance as part of the Horse Celebration at the Boone County Fairgrounds. Yoder's twin sister is also on the drill team, and her mother rode for seven years.

Fighting to keep the ball [Photo]

MU's DeMarre Carroll protects the ball against Texas Tech defenders Mike Singletary (32) and Alan Voskuil (20) during the game on Saturday at Mizzou Arena.

Free-throw focus [Photo]

MU's J.T. Tiller concentrates between two free throws during the Big 12 Conference game against the Texas Tech Red Rangers on Saturday. MU won the game with 97-86.

All fired up [Photo]

MU's mascot, Truman the Tiger, and the MU dance team fire up the audience during a time-out at the Big 12 Conference contest between MU's basketball team and the Texas Tech Red Rangers on Saturday.

Pep talk [Photo]

Mike Anderson, head coach of the MU tiger's basketball team, addresses his team during the Big 12 conference game against the Texas Tech Red Raiders on Saturday.

Tiller takes charge [Photo]

MU's J.T. Tiller (4) drives the lane against Texas Tech's D'Walyn Roberts (5) during the Big 12 Conference game on Saturday.

Carroll gets blocked [Photo]

Texas Tech's Robert Lewandowski (15) and Mike Singletary (32) block a layup attempt of MU's DaMarre Carroll (1) during the Big 12 Conference game Saturday at the Mizzou Arena. MU beat the Red Rangers with 97-86.

Winning pass [Photo]

MU junior guard J.T. Tiller passes to senior forward Leo Lyons at the Big 12 conference basketball game against Texas Tech on Saturday. The pass led to a basket made by Lyons, bringing the score to 28-12 in favor of the Tigers.

Jet stream shift [Graphic]

Watching the blaze [Photo]

The man who was reportedly sleeping inside the trailer when the fire broke out gets a hug while the pair watch firefighters work to put out the blaze.

Firefighters work to put out trailer fire [Photo]

Firefighters use hoses to break through a window of a burning trailer Saturday before trying to knock down the wall to gain access to the trailer. The fire was originally reported as an explosion, but officials were still investigating the cause early Saturday afternoon.

Keeping distance [Graphic]

0123MUgymnastics [Photo]

Adrianne Perry, a senior, performs on the balance beam during the Pink Out meet at Hearnes Center on Friday.

Spreadsheet: Amount of snow received [Document]

Click here for a PDF of the number of inches of snow Missouri has received since 1899.

Spreadsheet: Top 10 Snowfalls [Document]

Click here to download a PDF of record snowfalls in Missouri.

Rethinking resources [Graphic]

Parts and pieces [Photo]

Jordan Grant uses parts like these to rebuild and repair computers. Then he donates them to people who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford a computer.

Computers for those who need them [Photo]

Jordan Grant is a software developer for Carfax in Columbia. He started building computers as a hobby after accumulating used parts on

Building computers [Photo]

Jordan Grant builds a computer out of spare parts at his home Oct. 28. Jordan takes donated parts to build working computers that he gives away on the Web site to people who need them.