Brown of the RiverCity Rage [Photo]

Former Missouri safety Pig Brown spent this season playing for the River City Rage of the Indoor Football League. Brown received an invitation to attend the Green Bay Packers' minicamp this weekend to try out for a roster spot.

A man of many roles [Photo]

Brian Coley is the owner-chef of Coley's American Bistro. Coley, a 23-year-old MU graduate, takes on several roles at the bistro, including chef, manager, owner and even dish washer. Coley said he sees the main attraction of the restaurant to be a mix between the food and the ambiance. Coley's American Bistro is located at 15 S. Sixth St. in the District.

Landfill energy [Graphic]

How a bioreactor works [Graphic]

Free and clear: The salvation of Josh Kezer [Photo]

Convicted in 1994 for the murder of a 19-year-old nursing student, Josh Kezer's exoneration two months ago was only the second part of what he considers his salvation.

Hickman track coach Stewart Johnson [Photo]

Stewart Johnson, left, the jumps coach for the Hickman track and field team, checks junior Alicia Wagner's form during practice.

Free and clear: The salvation of Josh Kezer [Graphic]

Court documents exonerating Josh Kezer [Document]

Click here to download a PDF of the court decision in which Judge Richard G. Callahan ruled Josh Kezer should be a free man.

Garage sale [Photo]

A box of action figures awaits a potential customer next to Jeanie Musc in her front yard off of West Way in southwestern Columbia. Jeanie and her husband, Victor, had a garage sale on Saturday in effort to jump-start some spring cleaning.

Coats' superceding indictment [Graphic]

Humane society wins million-dollar makeover [Photo]

On Monday, the Central Missouri Humane Society announced the organization's first-place win in the makeover contest. The winners are given up to $1 million in goods, services and cash. The campaign began after two 13-year-old students from Columbia Catholic School, Amanda Huhman and Libby Burkes, expressed interest in entering the shelter in the contest. The Humane Society came away from the national contest with first place, despite the fact that it was entered four months into the contest.

Students honored for commitment in humane society makeover campaign [Photo]

Patty Forister, the executive director of the Central Missouri Humane Society, right, congratulates Columbia Catholic School students Libby Burkes, left, and Amanda Huhman, center, for their dedication and enthusiasm in the humane society's campaign for a million-dollar makeover from Specific plans for the makeover have not yet begun, but a wish list has been compiled, which includes more space in the shelter for cats and kittens to roam and play.

Firefighters respond to T-bone accident [Photo]

Firefighters with the Boone County Fire District responded to the accident just before 1 p.m. on Saturday.

Two cars T-bone at intersection of U.S. 63 and state Highway CC [Photo]

Four people were injured in a T-bone accident at the intersection of U.S. 63 and state Highway CC on Saturday afternoon, according to a Boone County Fire Protection District news release.

T-Bone crash injures four [Photo]

A red 1993 Chevy pickup truck was struck on its passenger side by a black 2005 Jaguar while crossing U.S. 63 on Highway CC westbound on Saturday afternoon.

the beat 4/27 [Audio]

Woodridge March 20, 2009 [Document]

Woodridge March 4, 2009 [Document]

Stonecrest April 14, 2009 [Document]

Stonecrest March 30, 2009 [Document]