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Earth Day festival [Slideshow]

Columbia residents gathered in Peace Park to celebrate Earth Day on Sunday. Around midday, the Grant Elementary School choir and drum ensemble performed.

Flowers find a new pot [Photo]

A toilet serves as a flower pot at the Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture garden, located at the intersection of Ash Street and St. Joseph Street in Columbia. The garden is nourished by compost collected by members of the Mizzou class "Sustainable Development in Downtown Columbia."

Edwards sprints across finish [Photo]

Carl Edwards runs to the finish line.

Carl Edwards leaves flaming car [Photo]

Carl Edwards climbs out of his car after crashing.

The initial bump [Photo]

Carl Edwards (99) and Brad Keselowski collide on the final lap.

Debris breaks off Edwards car [Photo]

Carl Edwards's car leaves a trail of debris after it went airborne and hit the catch fencing.