Students at projector [Photo]

Katie Van Doren, 16, a junior at Hickman High School, presented a report of her science internship at MU to a panel of evaluators on May 29, 2008. Doren is part of the gifted education program at Hickman.

Student at desk [Photo]

Katie Van Doren, 16, is part of the gifted education program at Hickman High School.

Students at table [Photo]

From left, Elizabeth Choe, Chris Novosel, Abby Sun, and Adithi Vellori make jokes about the answers of the 30-second lighting round at the Knowledge Masters club meeting on May 28 at Hickman High School. The team met to prepare for the Academic Championship, a national quiz bowl competition in Chicago, Ill.

Students in classroom [Photo]

From right, Boiar Qin and Adithi Vellori think through a question during their Knowledge Masters club practice at Hickman High School on May 28.

Press release: Suicidal subject [Graphic]

Click here for a news release of the incident from the Columbia Police Department.

The Art of Luxury, ivory [Photo]

C.B. Whalen, left, and Gennie Pfannenstiel gaze at a silver mustache curler placed among portraitures and sandals made out of ivory from South India. Every object in the display was once owned and used by someone.

The Art of Luxury, glass [Photo]

Several works of intricately designed Bohemian glass are on display at “The Fine Art of Living” exhibit. Such objects once played an important role, communicating social, political, religious and cultural information while helping to maintain the social order.

Unpaved roads in Columbia [Graphic]

The Public Works Department found about 9.66 miles of gravel roads in Columbia, and estimated it would cost the city $306,900 to pave them.

Baby Girls Contest at the Boone County Fair [Photo]

Competitors in the Girls Baby Contest are presented on stage at the Boone County Fair on Thursday, July 24, 2008.

Curly fries at the Boone County Fair [Photo]

Curly fries with ketchup and cheese are among the summertime delicacies that can be enjoyed at the Boone County Fair.

Hedrick's racing pigs welcomes you [Photo]

"His friends call him 'H-O-Double-G,'" said the announcer about racing pig Snoop Hoggy Hogg during the pig races at the Boone County Fair.

Pigs race at the Boone County Fair [Photo]

"Sarah Jessica Porker" was the name of one of the pigs at Hedrick's Pig Races during the Boone County Fair.

Sid Sullivan [Photo]

Boone County Southern District Commissioner candidate, Sid Sullivan, meets with supporters at a campaign event at Orr Street Studio.

Rabbit competition at the Boone County Fair [Photo]

From left, Kyle Perry, 11, Alan Perry, 13, Andrew Perry, 16, Luke Currey, 11, Blake Chappell, 8, and Zach Westfall, 10, wait for their rabbits to be judged in the Minirex portion of the Junior Rabbit Show competition at the Boone County Fair on Thursday.

Meet the tennis players [Graphic]

Mapping the proposed permanent Columbia Farmers' Market Pavilion [Graphic]

Columbia Farmers’ Market organizers would like to build a permanent pavillion that would include a certified kitchen and garden area.

Copper theft [Graphic]

Reporter eats a vegetarian option at the Boone County Fair [Photo]

Signs reading "Fried Bologna Sandwiches," "Thick Juicy Burgers" and "Chicken on a Stick" are common sights at the Boone County Fair. Vegetarian and Columbia Missourian reporter Julia Haslanger ate one of the few vegetarian options, mozarella sticks, at the fair Thursday night.

Road dust settles on leaves [Photo]

The dust from the gravel road leading to the Hills' house on Moon Valley Road sometimes settles onto leaves when cars drive by.

Residents talk about an unpaved road [Photo]

Roger and Donna Hills discuss the excessive dust that led them to voice their concerns to Sixth Ward Councilwoman Barbara Hoppe. Vehicles driven along Moon Valley Road, which leads to their driveway, kick up dust especially after the road has been graded and is dry, or depending on the weather, the Hills said. The dust then settles in their house.