Columbia family sells fireworks from home [Photo]

Christina Gardner, 20, decorates the fireworks display table in her family's barn. Gardner's Discount Fireworks is owned by John Gardner and located behind his home on Old Field Road.

Photo [Photo]

Fireworks are on display in John Gardner's barn. Gardner is the owner of Gardner's Discount Fireworks located on Old Field Road. The fireworks stand is located behind the family home and mostly serves nearby neighborhood residents.

Flood terminology needs re-evaluation [Photo]

A farm in northern St. Charles County is seen in this aerial photo Friday. Some scientists and disaster officials say flooding terms such as "100-year" and "500-year" are misleading, especially since the recent flooding came only 15 years after the Great Flood of '93.

Teen wants people to draw their own conclusions about his art [Photo]

Bob Dynamite uses wood slabs instead of canvas and paints with Wite-Out, acrylics and watercolors. With the exception of the clown painting, which is titled Toothache, the titles of his paintings are the same as the word in each speech bubble.

Photo [Photo]

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MU graduate makes zero-budget movie [Photo]

Sarah Phillips, 22, checks a shot before filming a scene in a Rock Bridge High School classroom on June 9, 2008. Phillips intends to make her film, "Memory, Loss," with no budget by using a volunteer cast and crew.

Photo [Photo]

Director Sarah Phillips, center, and Ben Ogawa, left, a member of the crew, give direction to Rock Bridge High School principal Kathy Ritter in a Rock Bridge classroom on June 9, 2008. Like the other members of the cast and crew, Ritter is acting for free.

Grill One 5 closes after nine years [Photo]

Rich Trippler, center, examines a bottle of scotch that he thinks has been in the bar for the five years he's worked at Grill One 5, which closed its doors Saturday night after nine years of business. "It's really sad," Trippler, a bartender, said. "It's my favorite bar to hang out at and drink in. I'm going to miss it for that more than for a job."

Photo [Photo]

Denise Reynolds, Jana Greenlief and Brian Smith talk after their last meal at Grill One 5 on Sixth Street downtown Saturday night, during the bar's final night of business. Their leftover pizza was wrapped in foil because the bar was out of to-go boxes.

Gearing up for the Fourth [Photo]

Alyvia Swearingen checks out some fireworks at Bob’s Fireworks on S. Providence Road on Sunday. Swearingen was picking out fireworks with her parents and big brother, preparing for the Fourth of July festivities. The family has recently moved from Illinois, where most fireworks are illegal, and was excited about the large selection. Bob’s Fireworks is open for business through July 10.

Farewell to Boehm [Slideshow]

Retiring Columbia Police Chief Randy Boehm attended his retirement reception held by the city of Columbia at the Daniel Boone Building on Sunday. The chief has served with the Columbia Police Department for 31 years and will take a job as manager of security for MU Health Care on July 7.

Wine and Food Festival 2008 [Video]

Assistant chef at Churchill’s restaurant, Emmitt Joyner, explains the importance of complementing food and wine at the Wine and Food Festival 2008 at the Holiday Inn Express in Columbia on Friday evening.

Oakland Family Aquatic Center opens pool slide [Slideshow]

Oakland Family Aquatic Center debuted a 125-foot-long water slide Friday. But Saturday marked the first time many used it. The pool cost $180,000 and was paid for by a city park sales tax.

Photo [Photo]

Four-year-old Kaden Fugate gazes up at the new slide at the Oakland Family Aquatic Center on Saturday. The slide, which cost $180,000, was opened for the first time later in the afternoon.

Photo [Photo]

Dakota Dyer, 14, propels himself down the waterside at the Oakland Aquatic Center on Saturday.

Photo [Photo]

Photo [Photo]

From left, Kaitlyn Bailey, 6, and her sister, Lauren, 5, enjoy a dip in the pool at the Oakland Aquatic Center on Saturday.