Carroll diagnosed with liver ailment [Photo]

DeMarre Carroll's agent confirmed that the former Missouri forward was diagnosed with a liver ailment "a couple years ago."

Gadbois Docs [Document]

Click here to download a PDF copy of the official documents Roger Gadbois used to build his argument for this editorial. The documents in this PDF include Gadbois's notes and commentary. He received the official documents as a member of the Community Advisory Committee.

People to People Ambassador [Photo]

Courtsey of Tina Schroeder
Nicole Schroeder, who just finished the fifth grade at Mill Creek Elementary, has been accepted into the People to People Ambassador Program and will travel to Australia.

Casey Palmisano in 'My Fair Lady' [Photo]

First-time actor Casey Palmisano was chosen for the lead of Henry Higgins in April for the Columbia Entertainment Company's production of "My Fair Lady." This is the 30th anniversary for the theater, whose first show was "My Fair Lady."

Lindsay Holland and Julia Beale prepare for 'My Fair Lady' dress rehearsal [Photo]

Actresses Lindsay Holland, rear, and Julia Beale prepare themselves for a dress rehearsal on Tuesday. It was to be the cast's last dress rehearsal before performing for the League of Women Voters Columbia-Boone County, on Wednesday. The show is scheduled to open for the public Thursday night.

Singing and dancing during a 'My Fair Lady' dress rehearsal [Photo]

From left, actors Marcus Miller, Larry Bernard and Matt Davis sing and dance during a dress rehearsal of "My Fair Lady" at the Columbia Entertainment Company. The show is set to open Thursday and is expected to run for several weekends.

Making beads from magazines [Photo]

Aubreyanna Wenzl, left, and Michael Castleman make beads out of magazines at the 25th annual Missouri Scholars Academy. The academy is a three-week camp for 330 students from across Missouri.

How to make wearable art [Photo]

Columbia teacher Brian Stuhlman demonstrates how to make wearable art at the 25th Missouri Scholars Academy. The academy is expected to lose the majority of its funding starting in 2010.

Warming up before an acting class [Photo]

Ed Grooms, center, leads Missouri Scholars Academy students through warm-up exercises during an acting for non-actors class on Tuesday. The academy is held at MU and has been operating for 25 years.

Heather Adair warms up for acting class [Photo]

Heather Adair, center, who will enter her junior year of high school in the fall, goes through warm-up exercises with her fellow members of the acting for non-actors class, one of many courses offered by the Missouri Scholars Academy.

Don Asbee discusses the new mid-Missouri chapter of SNAP [Photo]

Don Asbee discusses his experience as an abuse survivor and his goals for the new mid-Missouri chapter of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests at a news conference on Tuesday. Asbee is one of the group's two founders.

Bert Schulte [Photo]

Bert Schulte

Jamie Jeffries reviews West Broadway extension plans [Photo]

Jamie Jeffries, left, looks over plans for the proposed West Broadway extension with City of Columbia representative David Nichol, who helped spearhead the project. A meeting to discuss the final plans for the extension was held Tuesday at the Activity and Recreation Center.

Roger Gadbois and Nancy Harter listen to community feedback on West Broadway plans [Photo]

Columbia residents Roger Gadbois, left, and Nancy Harter listen to remarks from other community members during a meeting held Tuesday at the Activity and Recreation Center to discuss final plans for the proposed West Broadway extension between West Boulevard and Garth Street. Harter spoke on behalf of residents living on Broadway feeder streets, while Gadbois argued for the addition to two more lanes on the road.

Discussing West Broadway extension plans [Photo]

Columbia residents Roger Gadbois, left, John Riddick and Karen Miller participate in a discussion about the final plans for the proposed West Broadway extension between West Boulevard and Garth Street. The meeting, held Tuesday at the Activity and Recreation Center, was intended as a venue for gathering opinions and feedback from the different stakeholders in the proposal.

P-20 conference [Photo]

MU Professor Michael Podgursky, speaks with a participant of the P-20 Conference in Columbia on Tuesday. Podgursky and other Missouri educators gathered to discuss the newest challenges in education like pay increases based on teacher performance.

William Obermeyer prepares supplement pills [Photo]

William Obermeyer of prepares supplement pills to be sent to labs for testing in Pasadena, Md, on April 21. One quarter of supplements tested by the company over the last decade have had some sort of problem, including contents that don't match the label and unsafe amounts.

Sorting pills [Photo]

These supplement pills are being sorted for testing by William Obermeyer of A surprising number of supplements tested don't match what the label says.

Former Missouri pitchers Aaron Crow [Photo]

Aaron Crow throws for Missouri in Big 12 Conference competition in 2008. Crow was selected by the Washington Nationals with the ninth pick in the 2008 draft but contract negotiations stalled and he pitched in the independent American Association, with the Fort Worth Cats.

Pitching coach Tony Vitello [Photo]