Advance America payday loans [Photo]

The most recent report from the Missouri Division of Finance indicates that payday lenders in Missouri, such as Advance America in Columbia, charge an average interest rate of 430.68 percent.

Payday loans debated [Photo]

State Rep. Stephen Webber, D-Columbia, left, listens to fellow State Rep. Mary Still D-Columbia, as she questions United Payday Lenders of Missouri lobbyist Randy Scherr during his testimony at Monday night's hearing at Columbia Public Library. Scherr said a significant proportion of customers of the payday lending industry are "financially savvy" individuals who are frustrated with traditional banking systems.

Crowd attends payday loan discussion [Photo]

Latecomers fill standing room during the crowded legislative district hearing on payday loan reform held by state Reps. Mary Still D-Columbia, and John Burnett, D-Kansas City, at Columbia Public Library on Monday.

Vaudevillian-style pre-show [Slideshow]

On Monday, the Missouri Theatre Center for the Arts put on a Vaudevillian-style performance. The performers, known as Sutu Forte’s “Vaude Squad” began with a pre-show at 6:30 p.m. in the lobby. The pre-show warmed up the crowd for a night of entertainment with drums, vocals, guitar-playing, juggling and a Charlie Chaplin impersonator.

Missouri basketball player Keith Ramsey lifts weights [Photo]

Strength and conditioning coach David Deets keeps watch while senior Keith Ramsey lifts weights during a training session.

Miguel Paul lifts weights [Photo]

Missouri sophomore guard Miguel Paul lifts weights during conditioning at Mizzou Arena. The team holds conditioning sessions three times a week.

MU men's basketball team train with hurdles [Photo]

Missouri senior guard Zaire Taylor moves over hurdles during a conditioning drill. The team focuses on speed when it trains in an effort to reach the level of fitness it will need to play “The Fastest 40 Minutes in Basketball” that has become a trademark for coach Mike Anderson.

A father remembered [Photo]

Corey Brown is shown with his older son, Jailen, on the day he was born, Aug. 4, 2007. Brown was fatally shot Feb. 16, 2009, at the age of 18 behind Ballenger Liquor and C store.

Bendoff's floor routine [Photo]

Missouri's Brittany Bendoff practices her routine for the floor exercise.

Gymnasts get ready [Photo]

Missouri freshmen gymnasts Brittany Bendoff, left, Lauren Swankoski, center, and Tori Howard chalk up their hands before working on their routines on the uneven bars during practice.

Hunting blind [Slideshow]

Dennis Thompson is blind with only one arm and one leg, but the Boone County Special Sportsmen's Association can help him do one of the things that he loves: hunt.

Sutu Forté instructs performers [Photo]

Sutu Forté, center, instructs her performers on what to do in the beginning of their show during a rehearsal on Nov. 11, at Hazel Kinder's Lighthouse Theatre. From left, Irene Haskins and Hazel Kinder hug while Candace Martin smiles. Forte will perform a benefit concert Monday at the Missouri Theatre Center for the Arts.

Sutu Forté rehearses before "Sutu Forte's Vaude Squad" [Photo]

Sutu Forté rehearses for "Sutu Forté's Vaude Squad" on Nov. 11 at Hazel Kinder's Lighthouse Theatre. The show, which will be performed on Monday, is part of a benefit concert.

Brain images [Photo]

A T1-weighted Structural Image. The photo shows a comparison between data from new BIC 3T Siemens Trio system, left, and MU Hospital 1.5T Siemens Symphony system, right. Photo courtesy of

MU Brain Imaging Center opens [Photo]

Brain Imaging Center director Nelson Cowan stands by the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) equipment, which is worth approximately $1.9 million. The MRI scanner generates 3 Tesla of magnetic field. Within that powerful field, a monkey wrench can be lifted six feet up in the air.

MU Brain Imaging Center doctors already at work [Photo]

Nelson Cowan demonstrates how to analyze a test result in Room 122 at the MU's Brain Imaging Center on October 30, 2009. The Brain Imaging Center at MU recently opened, which provides all of the resources needed for magnetic resonance brain imaging.

Magnetic Mapping [Graphic]

MU’s Brain Imaging Center is home to the only magnetic resonance imaging scanner in mid-Missouri used solely for research. MRI scanners have been assets to doctors and researchers for many years because of their diagnostic capabilities. The scanners use a large magnet, radio frequency waves and three smaller magnets to map out the human body.

Mizzou After Dark hosts Bollywood Night [Video]

Mizzou After Dark hosted a special event called “Bollywood Night” on Friday, Nov. 5, 2009, at Memorial Union. Many South Asian activities were included in the event, such as belly dancing and henna tattoos. Cedric Cunigan, a student event staff member, and Aditi Bandyopadhyay, a dance instructor, talked about the premise of Bollywood Night.

MU senior guard Toy Richbow takes the ball [Photo]

Missoui senior guard Toy Richbow takes the ball around Northern Iowa's K.K. Armstrong during the Tigers' regular season opener.

Halftime games net prize for child [Photo]

Charlee Schultz, 9, tries to shoot a basket while dressed in an MU jersey to win a prize during halftime of the Missouri women's basketball season opener. Schultz had to put on an MU jersey and shorts, run down the court and make a basket before anyone else in order to win. After a few attempts, she won.