The right hoop for the job [Photo]

Shelly Dometrorch picks out hoops to embroider at her shop, Hoops Unlimited. Dometrorch also has the help of her stepson, daughter and dog, Annie, in the store.

Adding some flare [Photo]

Shelly Dometrorch sets a hoop onto a polo about to be embroidered at her business, Hoops Unlimited. Dometrorch has owned the business for ten years.

Tools of the trade [Photo]

The embroidery machine at Hoops Unlimited quickly sews out letters for Kilgore's Pharmacy polo shirts.

Humps not high enough [Photo]

A boy bikes down Alexander Avenue Tuesday afternoon amongst the speed bumps installed on the street after years of resident calls for such measures.

Mourning former Gov. Warren Hearnes [Photo]

Mourners enter the rotunda of the Capitol to pay respects to Gov. Warren Hearnes and to greet his wife, Betty Cooper Hearnes, on Wednesday morning in Jefferson City.

Jay Nixon hugs Betty Hearnes [Photo]

Gov. Jay Nixon hugs Betty Cooper Hearnes, the wife of former Gov. Warren Hearnes, as first lady Georganne Wheeler Nixon greets Betty Hearnes' sister Jane Cooper Stacy on Wednesday morning.

Nixons pay their respects to Hearnes [Photo]

Gov. Jay Nixon and his wife first lady Georganne Wheeler Nixon pay respects at the casket of former Gov. Warren Hearnes.

The viewing in the Capitol [Photo]

Family and close friends filter into the Capitol rotunda to pay their respects to former Gov. Hearnes and greet his widow, Betty Cooper Hearnes.

Dignitaries pay respects [Photo]

With all the remaining former governors and first ladies seated behind the podium, members of the public and family filled the seats.

A crowd of mourners [Photo]

Attendees were stacked three stories high around the rotunda at the Capitol on Wednesday.

MU singers [Photo]

The MU University Singers perform "Amazing Grace" during a memorial service for former Gov. Warren Hearnes.

Army band [Photo]

Members of the 135th Army Band of Springfield prepare for a procession around the Capitol.

Pallbearers [Photo]

Pallbearers from the Missouri State Highway Patrol carry Hearnes' casket out of the Capitol building Wednesday afternoon.

Betty Cooper Hearnes [Photo]

Betty Cooper Hearnes is assisted into a limousine after her husband's memorial service.

Procession around Capitol [Photo]

The hearse carrying former Gov. Warren Hearnes passes the Capitol during procession after the memorial service.

Blaine Dalton at football practice [Photo]

Freshman quarterback Blaine Dalton, who currently sits third on the MU depth chart, is working to get his football career back on track after a police stop last spring.

Suicide bomber attacks NATO convoy [Photo]

Afghans try to salvage belongings from destroyed vehicles at the scene of a suicide car bomb attack in the outskirts of Kabul. A suicide car bomber attacked a NATO convoy killing at least seven civilians and wounding 50 people, including several international troops, officials said. A U.N. spokesman said three U.N. staff were also wounded.

Kate warms up her horse [Photo]

Kate Pani warms up her horse Fancy That during the Midwest Region Mega Rally at Midway Expo Center in June. Kate, 9, has been riding since the age of 5 at her family farm in Kingdom City where her mother, Gretchen Pani, teaches Hunter/Jumper lessons. The Pani family purchased Maplewood Farm in 1994 and have lived there since. Gretchen regularly offers instruction to HVPC members both privately and in mounted club meetings.

Girls assemble bridle [Photo]

With the clock ticking, Brittany Penrod, Kate Pani, Rachel Quick and Peyton Brown rush to assemble a bridle in the last seconds of a timed exercise during the barn phase of this year's Midwest Region Quiz Rally held in March in Kansas City. Pony Club places a strong emphasis not only on horsemanship skills but also on horse management, safety and care. Members can receive ratings separately for horsemanship skills and knowledge skills. One of Hinkson Valley's teams The Motorcycle Mustangs (pictured) placed third in their division and seventh overall at this year's Quiz Rally. The Motorcycle Mustangs also won the much-rivaled T-shirt competition this year for their black rhinestone-studded handmade creations.

Rosalie practices bandaging her horse [Photo]

Rosie Purvis, 16, practices placing a bandage on her horse Tucker, a "17-hand bay monster," during a rating assessment at Fox Run in April. Rosie recently received her C-3 and H-B ratings. Eventually she aspires to obtain an A rating. Rosie equates an A rating in Pony Club with being an Eagle Scout: "If you say that you have an A in Pony Club on your resume, it is impressive to people, because it shows that you are very dedicated to what you do and that you know a lot and in the horse world it is understood by everybody that you are quite capable of taking care of a barn."

Before joining Pony Club in 2006, Rosie said her horse management skills were less than refined. For example, she knew roughly how often she would need to have the shoes on her horse replaced; however, she never kept a running log of how much she paid the farrier or what type of work he did. She now keeps a record book with all of the expenses for both her horse, Tucker, and any necessary purchases of riding tack and equipment.