Dancing to the 'YMCA' [Photo]

RiverCity Rage fan Devin Lofton, back, dances to "YMCA" by the Village People only a few feet from former Missouri safety Pig Brown, left, on the bench.

Attracting the attention of reporters [Photo]

Despite being turned down by the NFL, Pig Brown, left, still attracts media attention from local sports reporter Rene Knott of KSDK/Channel 5 in St. Louis.

Darnell Terrell straps up before game [Photo]

Former MU defensive back Darnell Terrell straps up before an exhibition game. Before joining the Rage, Terrell worked at the Boys and Girls Town of Missouri in Columbia.

Kington hand-stitches a purse [Photo]

Jolene Kington hand-stitches a purse made from old wool sweaters at her home in Columbia on Thursday. Kington will be selling her crafts this weekend at a Mothers of Preschoolers spring fundraiser on Saturday as well as at Earth Day Festival on Sunday.

Jolene Kington [Photo]

Jolene Kington crochets organic cotton baby rattles and sells them on and at various Columbia events. She also makes purses and amigurumi dolls.

Making amigurumi dolls [Photo]

Jolene Kington makes a variety of crafts, including these amigurumi dolls. Amigurumi is the Japanese art of crocheting anthropomorphic dolls. Kington has to keep them hidden because her 7-year-old daughter always wants to play with them, even though she has her own.

Kington cuts an old wool sweater [Photo]

Jolene Kington cuts an old wool sweater to be sewn into a purse at her home in Columbia on Thursday. Kington felts the fabric before working with it by washing it in hot water and then drying it. Once the fabric is felted, it can be cut without unraveling.

'Juggling act' [Photo]

Jolene Kington works on a purse made from an old wool sweater. Kington's crafts and her family keep her busy. "It's such a juggling act trying to get everything done," she says.

Hero Award winner Max Lewis [Photo]

Vicki Russell, left, associate publisher of the Columbia Daily Tribune, congratulates Max Lewis of Boone County Family Resources as the winner of the 2009 Hero Awards for outstanding public service in the individual adult category. In addition to a crystal trophy, Lewis also received $500 on behalf of the Tribune to donate to his not-for-profit organization of choice.

Ben Askren at American Top Team [Photo]

Ben Askren, a former MU wrestler and U.S. Olympian who has recently gone professional in MMA, trains at Columbia's American Top Team gym in 2009.

Missouri players stand steady [Slideshow]

Missouri baseball coach Tim Jamieson tells his hitters not to get out of the way when a pitch is coming at them. Missouri players and fans discuss the strategy — and the pain — of getting hit by a pitch.

Leading by example [Video]

Left-fielder Greg Folgia knows what it’s like to get hit by a pitch. The junior from North Wales, Pa., has been hit 12 times this season in 41 games, the most on the team.

Bruins freshman tennis player Ford Zitch [Photo]

Rock Bridge freshman Ford Zitch returns the ball during his match against Glendale sophomore Paul Nahon on April 23. Zitch won the match 9-7.

Denim Day raises awareness of sexual assault, violence [Video]

MU’s textile and apparel management department hosted its third annual Denim Day on Thursday to raise awareness about sexual abuse and violence. Departmental students and faculty handed out at Lowry Mall pamphlets about sexual abuse and violence. They also provided free Denim Day buttons and safety whistles to ward off attackers.
The department also invited several Columbia and campus organizations for victims of sexual abuse and violence to the event, including The Shelter, MU’s Counseling Center and the Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention Center.
Ashley Turner, a textile and apparel management student in charge of organizing the event, explains the history of Denim Day.

Life after Faurot Field [Video]

Cornelius "Pig" Brown, Xzavie Jackson, and several other former MU football players didn't make it to the NFL. They're hoping their stint with the St. Louis arena football team River City Rage will give them another chance. Here, they talk about life after Faurot Field.

Runaway daughter returned home [Photo]

Fifteen-year-old Ashley Friel was reunited with her family Wednesday night. The family spread the word about their search for their runaway daughter via online blogs, e-mail and Twitter, a social networking site.

A little to the right ... [Photo]

Brett Johnson, director, left, guides the actor's into their positions on the stage as they rehearse Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night at the Ryhnsburger theater on April 8.

Everybody gather 'round [Photo]

Brett Johnson, director, center, instructs the actors during the rehearsal of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night at the Ryhnsburger theater on April 8.

Constructive criticism [Photo]

Brett Johnson, director, offers instruction during the rehearsal of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night at the Ryhnsburger theater on April 8.

Shell family sits under the maple tree [Photo]

Harvey Shell sits on his father Harvey Shell Sr.'s lap along with brother Bill Shell on his mother Dottie Mae Shell's lap. The family is sitting under the maple tree where the book gets its title.