Photo [Photo]

Bill Cannon puts on the first-place medal he won in the senior games' electronic darts competition Saturday at the Hearnes Center.

Village of Cherry Hill [Graphic]

Women and men share basketball court at senior games [Photo]

Janet Weaver, right, jokingly grabs the jersey of John Fischer while Penny Shaw, left, laughs during a free throw late in the teams' matchup Saturday at the Missouri State Senior Games 3-on-3 basketball competition in Columbia College's Southwell Complex. Weaver, Shaw and their team, Downtown Appliance, rallied in the second half but lost to the Missouri River Men 42-36.

Senior Games basketball [Photo]

Dale Shelby of the Missouri River Men takes a shot over his opponent Melody Derendinger. Derendinger and her team, Downtown Appliance, lost to the River Men but, because they were the only female team entered, won the gold medal for their division.

Raring to ride [Video]

Rodeo competitors from high schools across Missouri gathered for the Missouri State High School rodeo finals at the Boone County Fairgrounds. Events will continue Friday and Saturday.

What IS pickleball? [Video]

Pickleball players and Senior Games participants Connie Monson, Ron Monson, Jim Hogan, Carole Kennedy and Carolyn Hairston practiced Wednesday afternoon at New Haven Elementary School in Columbia. Pickleball is new to the games this year and is a blend of tennis, pingpong and badminton.

Photo [Photo]

Nabihah Maqbool prays, one of five times daily, at the Mosque downtown.

Salat and Society [Photo]

Nabihah Maqbool prays, one of five times daily, at the Islamic Center of Central Missouri downtown.

MU musicologist continues to be inspired by the Czech capital [Photo]

Judith Mabary poses with a magnet showing a famous 16th century astrological clock that still keeps perfect time in Prague.

Photo [Photo]

This postcard is one of the reminders of Prague displayed in Mabary’s office.

News of lower-than-predicted river cresting not of comfort to all [Photo]

Mark Rowland wades through rising floodwater near his home Thursday, June 19, 2008, in Foley, Mo. The tiny Mississippi River town could see several homes under water following a levee break Thursday afternoon, one of three levee breaks during a 24-hour period in Lincoln County.

Saying goodbye to Bingo: Nursing homes undergo makeover, redefine activities for seniors [Photo]

Elvis impersonator Richard Smith sings an Elvis classic to residents of the Columbia Manor Care Center.

Sharing a secret [Photo]

Columbia Manor Care residents Georgia Chesney and Beverly Conner share a secret during an Elvis impersonator performance in March.

Long-term facilities [Graphic]

Anatomy of long-term care facilities [Graphic]

Making granola bars [Video]

This past March, MU couple Steve Adamski and Sarah Newsome launched Herbal Oats, a granola bar company. The entrepreneurial duo works out of Café Berlin's kitchen after hours to supply several area businesses. The bars come in four healthy varieties, each with a different blend of herbs.

Military marker is strangely lost, then found [Photo]

Veterans of Foreign Wars Chaplin Jim Cunningham researched the family of Private John Richard King to ensure the return of his military grave stone. "I really appreciate all of Jim's work," said J.D. King, John Richard King's brother. "We have it after 31 years of not knowing it was there."

Photo [Photo]

Thirty-one years after the death of Private John Richard King, his military burial marker is returned to his family. Retired Naval Avaiation Commander Skip Yates lifts the 250 pound stone into J.D. King's vehicle.

Photo [Photo]

Retired Naval Avaiation Commander Skip Yates is thanked by J.D. King after King's brother's military marker gravestone is returned to the family. "I was told to destroy it and was ready to break it up and stick it in a muddy spot," Yates said. "But, I just couldn't do that. I'm a veteran, you know."

Former Rock Bridge student to lead Iraqi-American student discussions in Jordan [Photo]

Michael Schoenleber