Clay Schrenger watches dance rehearsal [Photo]

Clay Schrenger watches as Carly Sinn, a Stephens College dance major, rehearses for a performance Schrenger choreographed on Dec. 4. Schrenger is a third-year student enrolled at Stephens College in the male apprenticeship program.

Eric Peters works on the set [Photo]

Eric Peters chats with Michaela Stein while arranging the set for the play "Little Women" at Stephens Playhouse.
Peters is a second-year male apprentice at Stephens College.

Craiova Church [Photo]

Parishioners of the Evangelical Free Church of Craiova in Romania worship in their newly built church for the first time in August.

Sherryl Laws [Photo]

Sherryl Laws speaks to parishioners in August inside the newly completed church that she has been helping plan for years.

Keith Laws [Photo]

Sherryl Laws’ husband, Keith, helps with construction of the church in Craiova, Romania.

Obama's artist [Photo]

Los Angeles street artist Shepard Fairey poses for a picture with his Barack Obama Hope artwork in the Echo Park area of Los Angeles. Fairey designed the famous Obama campaign poster and also the "Obey-Andre the Giant" poster of a few years back.

Obama Portrait [Photo]

Artist Shepard Fairey stands with his artwork titled "Barack Obama," a mixed-media collage, during its unveiling at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington. Fairey's large-scale stenciled collage was the central portrait image for the Obama campaign and was previously distributed as a limited-edition print and a free download.

Obama Posters [Photo]

Street artist Shepard Fairey signs his Barack Obama Hope artwork in the Echo Park area of Los Angeles.

Rock Bridge supporters celebrate [Photo]

Benjamin Truesdell, left, and Kris Nordberg, right, support the Rock Bridge Bruins at the school's home basketball game against Hickman High School on Thursday. The two brought costumes and props to express their school spirit.

Rock Bridge holding on [Photo]

Rock Bridge High School cheerleader Jasmine Brown holds Maya Shaw at the rivalry boys basketball game against the Hickman High School Kewpies on Thursday.

Rock Bridge prevails [Photo]

Rock Bridge High Bruin Ricky Kreklow battles for the ball against Hickman High Kewpie Eric Franklin during the rivalry game played at Rock Bridge High School on Thursday. Kreklow was the the team's lead scorer with 18 points, helping to secure a 63-45 Bruin win.

Super Bowl rundown [Graphic]

Monitoring energy [Graphic]

AUDIO: Executive assistant U.S. attorney Dan Nelson discusses Cut Throat gang [Audio]

Executive assistant U.S. attorney Dan Nelson talks about the Cut Throat gang.

AUDIO: Dresner talks about police work involving gangs [Audio]

Interim Columbia Police Chief Tom Dresner talks about gangs in Columbia and what has been done to keep them off of the streets.

Interactive map of shootings suspected of ties to Cut Throat gang [Graphic]

Roll over the Flash map to read about the shootings in which suspected members of the Cut Throat gang are alleged to have participated, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

MU women's basketball slips to Oklahoma State [Photo]

Coach Cindy Stein yells at the team during a time out early in the first period of the game against Oklahoma State at Mizzou Arena on Wednesday. The Tigers lost the game, 60-68.

Touch rule brings team together [Photo]

Sarah Shire receives support from her teammates after a practice performance January 29. The team has a "touch rule" that requires some form of supporting physcical contact after a gymnast's performance that aims to improve team morale.

High-fives satisfy touch rule [Photo]

Adrianne Perry receives high fives after completing a run on the uneven bars during practice on Thursday. The team has a "touch rule" that requires some form of supporting physcical contact after a gymnast's performance. Coach Rob Drass said Nebraska is the only other team he knows of that uses the rule.

Lyons falls from the spotlight [Photo]

MU senior Leo Lyons has struggled all season, and he is now seeing reduced playing time. Analysts around the country have predicted Missouri will make the NCAA Tournament.