Ben Chlapek prepares his screenprints for a showing [Photo]

Ben Chlapek, a Columbia screenprint artist, prepares prints for a showing of his work at the Ragtag Cinema on Nov. 11, 2008.

Another option: Paint the curb [Photo]

At the intersection of Northampton Drive and Bearfield Road the street signs have been take. Due to constant theft of street signs in the Bearfield neighborhood, street names have been painted at intersections.

More of the missing [Photo]

The street signs on top of the pole at the corner of Pimlico Court and Bearfield Road are missing.

Missing signs [Photo]

The pole at the corner of Bearfield Road and Northampton Drive is missing its street signs.

One solution: Put 'em higher [Photo]

Due to the high theft of the Rolling Rock Drive sign, the city of Columbia has placed it and Rock Quarry Road signs around 20 feet above the road to deter theft of the signs.

Off the street [Photo]

An MU student holds a Rolling Rock Drive street sign that was stolen from the intersection of Rock Quarry Road and Rolling Rock Drive.

Todd A. Miller [Photo]

Todd A. Miller

Wayne I. McCoy [Photo]

Wayne I. McCoy

Christine L. Laughlin [Photo]

Christine L. Laughlin

Michael J. Clancey [Photo]

Michael J. Clancey

Kenneth M. Burton [Photo]

Kenneth M. Burton

Rodeo riding in church [Photo]

Julie Ward rides her horse Liberty in the rodeo arena at the Cowboy Church of Ellis County on Dec. 7 in Waxahachie, Texas.

Preaching cowboy [Photo]

The Rev. Jess McCabe, a visiting pastor from Alpine, Texas, holds elk antlers to illustrate a point during his sermon at the Cowboy Church of Ellis County on Dec. 7 in Waxahachie, Texas.

Abby Sun [Photo]

Abby Sun

Lisa Mao [Photo]

Lisa Mao

Emma Myers [Photo]

Emma Myers

Brady Stills [Photo]

Brady Stills

Ashok Cutkosky [Photo]

Ashok Cutkosky

Using radioactive isotopes [Graphic]

0107MUHOOPS5 [Photo]

MU forward DeMarre Carroll reaches for a pass against Coppin State on Tuesday.