Sturgeon Court of Common Pleas documents [Photo]

During the renovation of the courthouse, a cabinet full of 100-year-old documents from the Sturgeon Court of Common Pleas was found by Christy Blakemore, Boone County circuit clerk.

Bill Lant holds a chick from his feed store [Photo]

Bill Lant, owner of Lant's Feed, holds a chick, not unlike ones he lost in last year's tornado at the store on April 2, on Missouri Highway 43 north of Seneca.

Bill Lant in front of his store [Photo]

Bill Lant, owner of Lant's Feed, recalls last year's tornado as he stands in front of his store on April 2 on Missouri Highway 43 north of Seneca.

12CARROLL [Photo]

Missouri's DeMarre Carroll added to his growing list of accolades this season, earning MVP honors at the Portsmouth Invitational. Other honors include MVP honors from the Big 12 Tournament and All-NCAA West Region honors.

A new puppy for the Obamas [Photo]

The Obama family welcomed their new puppy, Bo, this weekend. Bo is a 6-month-old Portuguese water dog and a gift from Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass.

Hsiao-Mei Wiedmeyer speaks at Columbia Friends of China banquet [Photo]

Hsiao-Mei Wiedmeyer spoke at the annual Columbia Friends of China banquet. The event, held at the Columbia Chinese Christian Church on Saturday, featured a traditional Chinese meal and an awards ceremony that recognized teachers who have spent more than 250 hours teaching Chinese culture.

Thomas Kohler, 9, carries the Cross on Palm Sunday [Photo]

Thomas Kohler, 9, carries the Cross and a palm frond as part of the special Palm Sunday service at Columbia Hope Church on April 5 in Columbia.

Lay reader Pete Kohler takes last-minute instructions [Photo]

Lay reader Pete Kohler takes last-minute instructions from the Reverend Heather McCain on February 1 at Columbia Hope Church. Kohler grew up attending Grace Episcopal Church in St. Louis before joining Columbia Hope.

Discussing the logistics of a special Palm Sunday service [Photo]

Lyn Williams listens as Pastor Heather McCain discusses logistics with Deacon Janet Schisser, right, before a special Palm Sunday service.

Dennis Crouch and his son, Charly, after services [Photo]

Charly Crouch, 7 months, is held by his father, Dennis Crouch, as he chats with fellow congregation member Kathy Batt after services on February 1 at Columbia Hope. Church members have spent many hours and late nights readying the facility, which opened officially on February 8.

Columbia Hope Church [Photo]

Columbia Hope Church's new location on 4603 John Garry Drive in Columbia.

Columbia Hope Church's 'Journey Companions' [Photo]

Members of Columbia Hope Church's "Journey Companions" all-female faith-sharing group enjoy coffee, spiritual books and fellowship on Thursday. From left to right: Julia Chang, Chris Vitt, Lisa LoPorto, Shannon Hensley and Amanda Wheeler with her daughter, Meribelle Wheeler. The group was started by Parish Administrator Tamara Oberbeck in October 2008, and met at her house until the new space was ready in early February 2009. Oberbeck said the group rotates leadership, and follows covenants to make sure that no one voice dominates during discussion. "That's how churches grow is through small groups, " Oberbeck said.

Gun scare at Douglass Park easter event [Video]

A community Easter party Saturday afternoon at Douglass Park was interrupted by a gun scare.

Face painting [Photo]

Volunteer Ana Hagedorn of Stephens College paints a butterfly on 5-year-old Bianna Petty's cheek. Face painting was one of several children's activities at the Easter EGGstravaganza in Douglass Park on Saturday.

Easter piñata [Photo]

Five-year-old Alqueze Jones takes a swing at a piñata at the Easter EGGstravaganza. To the delight of the children around him, Alqueze burst the piñata, spraying candy everywhere.

Indulging in Easter candy [Photo]

Kyleigh Proter, 3, pops a piece of bubble gum into her mouth while waiting for the Easter egg hunt to begin.

Popping bubbles [Photo]

Five-year-olds Jessie Wang, left, and Guya Moncrief chase down bubbles to pop at the Easter EGGstravaganza at Douglass Park.

Family fun at EGGstravaganza [Photo]

Samiya Donnell, right, looks at her two-year-old sister Ashonda Bolden playing a toss game with the help of her aunt, Jayshane Bolden,at the Easter EGGstravaganza.

Playing with bubbles [Photo]

Six-year-old Rebecca Pan twirls around to make bubbles for other to pop at the Easter EGGstravaganza on April 11 at Douglass Park. The event included activities like sidewalk chalk art, face painting and an Easter egg hunt.

Poking the Bunny [Photo]

One-year-old Javonte Martin plays with the Easter Bunny at the Easter EGGstravaganza at Douglass Park on Saturday, April 11. The event was free to the public and included various activities for children, including an Easter egg hunt.