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Title: Clearing Weather after Snow at Mt. Fuji and Mt. Ashtaka

From the museum's research: "Ando became famous for his poetic treatment of Japan's climate and topography."
He began experimenting with landscape woodblock images in 1830. He is one of the most well-known traditional Japanese woodblock landscape artists.

Japanese woodblock prints illustrate calming scenes [Photo]

Title: Clearing Weather after Snow at Mt. Fuji and Mt. Ashtaka
Ando became famous for his poetic treatment of Japan's climate and topography. He began experimenting with landscape woodblock images in 1830. He is one of the most famous traditional Japanese woodblock landscape artists.

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Title: Rain in Maekawa, Soushou, 1932

Hasui was famous for his nighttime rain scenes. The vertical slashes of rain along with the lighted windows help capture the quiet and loneliness of a walk in an evening downpour.

MU grad heads to Arena Football League playoffs [Photo]

Craig Heimburger, who played football for MU from 1995 to 1998, extended his professional career by playing for the Cleveland Gladiators in the Arena Football League. The team is just two wins away from contending to be the ArenaBowl champions.

Filipino-American July Fourth party grows and grows [Photo]

Mae Del Rosario flips hamburgers and hot dogs at the annual July Fourth picnic hosted by the Filipino-American Cultural Society of Mid-Missouri at Twin Lakes Recreation Area. Besides American food, traditional Filipino food is served, such as roast pig, called "lechon," and mussels with coconut milk.

Park Hill keeps alive July Fourth tradition [Photo]

Excitement builds for Elizabeth Henderson, 5, as she waits for the start of the Park Hill Neighborhood Fourth of July Parade. Elizabeth is wearing a red, white and blue dress sewn by her grandmother, who also gave her the ribbons for decorating her bike.

Friends honor Forrest Rose at park dedication [Photo]

Phil Redmon and Carolyn Orbann, center, wait for music to begin at the dedication of Forrest Rose Park next to Mojo's in Columbia on Friday. The open space was dedicated in honor of the Columbia musician who died in 2005.

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Sadie Sweitzer, 5, blows bubbles at Phil Redmon and Carolyn Orbann at the dedication of Forrest Rose Park on Friday afternoon. Redmon and Orbann came to the dedication for music and foood. "It's an all-around package," Redmon said.

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Jason Bromberger and Atreyee Das play dominoes at the dedication of Forrest Rose Park on Friday. Das said the two came because they enjoy listening to live music.

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Jason Bromberger explains a move of the game of dominoes at the dedication of Forrest Rose Park near Mojo's.

A fabulous night for fireworks [Photo]

Hundreds of people gathered on the top of Virginia Avenue Garage on the MU campus to watch the fireworks display at Memorial Stadium on Friday. The fireworks were part of the Fire in the Sky event taking place at the stadium.

Community carnival [Slideshow]

Casey "The Balloon Guy" Shamey's balloon stand was among the attractions at Flat Branch Park at the Fourth of July carnival, sponsored by Columbia's Karis Community Church. Coordinators estimate that the event drew more than 1,500 people.

Reasons to celebrate [Audio]

Park Hill neighbors talk about holiday traditions.

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Title: Hirosaki Castle, 1935
This print captures the cherry blossom season at its end as the cherry tree's blossoms start to fall. The combination between the transient blossoms and the seemingly intransient castle is a poetic reflection of the Buddhist principle of impermanence. Cherry blossom season lasts about two weeks.

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Title: Mt. Fuji from Okitsu River, 1928

From the research: Mt. Fuji, the tallest in Japan, is frequently used in Japanese art. Here two men are fishing at daybreak before Fuji on the Okitsu River, which is the only place to fish for ayu (freshwater sweet fish) in Eastern Japan.

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Title: Ochanomizu, 1861

Hiroshige II, Ando's (he's in the show too) disciple, Ochanomizu, means "tea water." This print is a reference the tradition of gathering river water for the shogun's, the military dictator of Japan, tea.

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Title: Shinobazu Pond at Ueno Park, 1939.

Ueno Park is the largest and oldest park in Tokyo.

Poetic Painting [Photo]

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Journey to Japan leaves 2 Columbia teachers with deeper understanding [Photo]

Clint Darr practices his Japanese symbols.
 Darr and Tammy Cox were two of 160 American teachers who spent three weeks in Japan as part of the Japan Fulbright Memorial Fund Teacher Program.

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Clint Darr poses with students he spent a day with in Japan last month. Darr said plans to build a Web site that will include photos and snippets from his journal.