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Retiring police Chief Randy Boehm, left, shakes hands with Les Kerr from the U.S. Attorney General's office during a farewell celebration held at the Daniel Boone Building on Friday.

Farewell to Boehm [Slideshow]

Retiring Columbia Police Chief Randy Boehm attended his retirement reception held by the city of Columbia at the Daniel Boone Building on Sunday. The chief has served with the Columbia Police Department for 31 years and will take a job as manager of security for MU Health Care on July 7.

Oakland Family Aquatic Center opens pool slide [Slideshow]

Oakland Family Aquatic Center debuted a 125-foot-long water slide Friday. But Saturday marked the first time many used it. The pool cost $180,000 and was paid for by a city park sales tax.

Wine and Food Festival 2008 [Video]

Assistant chef at Churchill’s restaurant, Emmitt Joyner, explains the importance of complementing food and wine at the Wine and Food Festival 2008 at the Holiday Inn Express in Columbia on Friday evening.

Summer Survival Guide [Photo]

Searching for a past [Photo]

TOP: A Wilson family reunion in Quincy, Ill., in 1970.
BOTTOM LEFT: Traci Wilson-Kleekamp’s grandmother, Mary Ella Wilson, and her brother-in-law Arthur Wilson with Kenneth, Robert and William E. Wilson Jr., Traci’s father.
BOTTOM RIGHT: The Rev. Nathaniel P. Wilson and his granddaughter, Tonie Wilson-Buie.

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“I’ve learned one little missing link can put everything off. But one little piece can set everything right.”
Traci Wilson-Kleekamp, who traces her own genealogy and hires herself out as a researcher for others trying to find their roots.

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TOP LEFT: Marc Cobb’s great-great-grandfather, Henry James, from Knox.
TOP RIGHT Cobb (center, tallest), with mother Connie and his brothers and sisters.
BOTTOM: The brother of Cobb’s great-great-great-grandmother on his mother’s side, Leslie E. Fonza, who lived in Quincy, Ill.

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“This has been a time of healing. By going back into family history, it gets people talking again. People are trying to get the stories straight.”
Marc Cobb, who has traced his family back four generations.

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LEFT: Mollie and Henry Rogers around 1930.
RIGHT: Linda Palmer’s relative, Mollie Rogers, on her 100th birthday.

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“We call each other ‘cuz.’ We keep circling around the same family, the same town. I know we are related somewhere.”
Linda Palmer (right) about her friend and possible cousin, Traci Wilson-Kleekamp (left)

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The Hardimans, a group of Linda Palmer’s family members.

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Eugene D. Cobb, Marc Cobb’s grandfather.

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Moss Johnson, Traci Wilson-Kleekamp’s relative.

Disaster drill [Video]

About 50 people participated in a disaster drill organized by Columbia’s Office of Volunteer Services on Thursday, June 26, 2008. The purpose of the drill was to practice and test the community’s management of volunteers in the event of a disaster. Volunteers registered, were interviewed and placed, and then received identification and training for a position in response to a hypothetical major power outage.

Jury finds Hayes guilty on all charges [Photo]

Dwight T. Hayes

Midwestern rains threaten more flooding in Boonville and elsewhere [Photo]

David Eberle sorts through, separates and lays out water-soaked pictures to dry on the lawn of his home in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. "All you can do is save what you can, and keep the memories you have," Eberle said.

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From left, Kathleen Weinschenk, Greg Ahrens and Sean Spence listen to a speech given at a fundraiser for Weinschenk. The money will be used to buy a wheelchair-accessible van.

Lean on me: Friends help community activist raise money for new van [Photo]

Kathleen Weinschenk's van is parked in front of Unity Church. A fundraiser was held Tuesday night to raise money for a new van for Weinschenk.

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Kathleen Weinschenk, left, and Royda Crose greet each other at a fundraiser to raise money for a new van for Weinschenk.