Decorating Shakespeare's [Photo]

Julie Bennett participates in Decorate the District for Homecoming by painting the windows of Shakespeare's Pizza. Bennett is a freshman in the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority.

Decorating Quinton's [Photo]

Katie O'Toole participates in Decorate the District for Homecoming by drawing tiger paw prints on the balloon arch located outside Quinton's. O'Toole is a senior in Delta Sigma Pi, a business fraternity.

Nixon checks his lineup [Photo]

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon talks with MU players before heading to the draft. Nixon took Zaire Taylor with the second pick and Kim English with the third pick.

Forsee and Nixon choose sides [Photo]

UM System President Gary Forsee, left, and Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, center, choose squads for Friday’s Black & Gold basketball game as coach Mike Anderson looks at the draft board. Forsee, who won the pre-draft coin flip, chose
J.T. Tiller with the first pick.

Tracy Fisher [Photo]

MU freshman Tracy Fisher died Monday from an undetected blood clot in her leg, according to the Boone County Medical Examiner's Office

Clinch in court Tuesday [Photo]

William Clinch points to a timeline illustrated by public defender Jennifer Bukowsky while on trial Tuesday at the Boone County Courthouse. Clinch is on trial for first-degree murder and armed criminal action.

Texas quarterback Colt McCoy vs. Oklahoma [Photo]

Texas quarterback Colt McCoy scrambles to avoid Oklahoma defensive end Jeremy Beal in last Saturday's victory in Dallas.

Tracy Fisher remembered [Photo]

A T-shirt, photographs and candles lie on a table during a memorial service for Tracy Fisher on Tuesday at Mizzou Hillel. Fisher died from a blot clot in her leg that traveled to her heart. Tuesday would have been her 19th birthday.

Friends mourn sorority sister [Photo]

Rachel Solomon, 20, and Michelle Benaim, 18, mourn the loss of their sorority sister Tracy Fisher on Tuesday at Mizzou Hillel. The two were in Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi, a Jewish sorority, with Fisher. "We're all wearing headbands because she always was," Solomon said.

The Progression of Pulmonary Embolisms [Graphic]

Pulmonary embolism results from the passing of a blood clot, or emboli, through the pulmonary arteries in the heart. Emobolisms are hard to detect or diagnose because symptoms are often vague and nonspecific.

Georgia officials visit Columbia [Graphic]

Five government officials from the Republic of Georgia will be in Columbia from Nov. 7 - 15 to learn about American government through the Open World Program. The officials hail from five different Georgian cities.

Loan Disparity [Graphic]

Less than 12 percent of the Farm Service Agency’s guaranteed loan program was leant to borrowers for the building and expansion of specialized pork and poultry production operations.

Bill Eppridge speaks about photojournalism [Photo]

Bill Eppridge spoke at 2 p.m. on Tuesday at the Reynolds Journalism Institute at MU. Eppridge presented photographs from his long career, which included coverage of the Beatles' first U.S. tour, Robert Kennedy's presidential campaign, and a photo essay on heroin use in New York City. Eppridge said that technology makes photographers work harder, but also makes them better photographers.

Scientist drills out wood sample [Photo]

Mike Stambaugh drills out a small sample of wood from the Hickam House located in Rock Bridge State Park on Tuesday. Seven samples were extracted, and Stambaugh said he thinks four or five will help date Hickam House.

Forestry experts to attempt to determine age of Hickam House [Photo]

Mike Stambaugh examines the rings of a piece of wood extracted from the Hickam House located in Rock Bridge State Park on Tuesday. Stambaugh of the MU forestry department, will examine different pieces of wood to determine the age of the house. Pending results, the Hickam House could be torn down to make room for new park facilities.

Wood sample extracted from Hickam House [Photo]

Mike Stambaugh pieces back together a small wood sampling extracted from the Hickam House located in Rock Bridge State Park. Stambaugh, of the MU forestry department, will examine different pieces of wood to determine the age of the house.

Student caused crash while texting [Photo]

Mallory Benedict, a junior at MU, stands with her new car near the site of her August 2007 car crash on Sept. 22, 2009. Benedict had been driving home from a friend's house on North Ballenger Lane near Mexico Gravel Road at 4 a.m. when she texted the friend for directions. While typing her message, Benedict overcorrected her steering three times, which led to her rolling and totaling her car. Although her airbags did not deploy, Benedict, who had worn her seat belt, was not injured.

Student's car totaled after accident caused by texting [Photo]

Mallory Benedict's car after the accident. While texting, she overcorrected three times, which caused her car to roll, leaving it totaled.

Belcher visits Columbia schools [Slideshow]

Every day, Columbia Public Schools Superintendent Chris Belcher visits a different school to have lunch with the students and speak to the faculty and staff.

Co-captains for Columbia College soccer team [Photo]

The Columbia College soccer team co-captains Lloyd Jacobs, left, and Jordan Cox, right, are both seniors playing in their fourth season season for the Cougars. But their coach says they bring different leadership styles to the team.