Cassandra Wren wins raffle prize at Head Start 'I CAN' event [Photo]

Cassandra Wren, a Cole East Head Start parent, wins a raffle prize at the "I CAN Help My Child Stay Healthy" training for Head Start grantees in mid-Missouri. The training was designed to be fun and engaging for a diverse group of parents. "I love these things," said Wren, who has attended various similar events.

Parents gather for Head Start program launch [Photo]

A diverse group of parents and guests from Head Start centers in eight counties in mid-Missouri gathered for the "I CAN Help My Child Stay Healthy" training Thursday. The training is designed to empower parents to better utilize the health care system and decrease unnecessary ER and clinic visits. Parents described the event as fun and engaging. Mernell King, Head Start director for the program, said the event is useful to show parents the importance of learning more about basic health care. "When you get 500 people in a room you think, well, maybe it is a big deal," King said.

Bike, Walk & Wheel Week breakfast [Photo]

From left, Sarah Ashman, an employee of Walt's Bicycle Fitness and Wilderness Co., Cheryl Hardy and Ava Fajen , both volunteers for the Bike, Walk & Wheel Week, serve breakfast to Julie Alsberge, Ana Kelty, Eric Bohle and Maria Rodriguez at the breakfast station on the MKT Trail access at Stewart and Providence roads Friday morning. The breakfast station, sponsored by Walt's Bicycle Fitness and Wilderness Co., was one of 12 stations around town that offered free food for people who walked or rode their bike to work or school Friday morning. The event was part of the eighth annual Mayor's Challenge: Bike, Walk & Wheel Week, which is organized by the Columbia PedNet Coalition to promote non-motorized transportation.

Ella Kane talks to Ian Thomas [Photo]

Ella Kane, 5, the daughter of Spencer Kane, left, a volunteer at one of the Bike, Walk & Wheel Week breakfast stations, talks to Ian Thomas, right, as Cheryl Hard, center left, and Ava Fajen, center right, also volunteers, watch. Thomas, executive director of the PedNet Coalition, is one of the main organizers of the eighth annual Mayor's Challenge: Bike, Walk & Wheel Week.

Breakfast snacks for Bike, Walk & Wheel Week [Photo]

Raisins, bagels, granola bars and other items wait to be eaten by hungry pedestrians and bicyclists at the breakfast station on Broadway and West Boulevard early Friday. The breakfast station, sponsored by the Mayor's Council on Physical Fitness and Health, was one of 12 stations across town. As part of the eighth annual Mayor's Challenge: Bike, Walk & Wheel Week, the event was organized by the Columbia PedNet Coalition to promote non-motorized transportation.

Staying strong, staying healthy with Extension program [Photo]

Ginny van Hove and Ellen Sapp work on toning their arms at a Stay Strong, Stay Healthy class at Parkade Elementary on April 6. Stay Strong, Stay Healthy is a 10-week program aimed at improving health, strength and balance.

Ellen Sapp lifts weights [Photo]

Ellen Sapp lifts weights during a Stay Strong, Stay Healthy exercise class at Parkade Elementary on April 6. Stay Strong, Stay Healthy is part of an MU Extension program and is led by Vera Massey, a nutrition and health education specialist at MU.

The new face of gay activism [Photo]

Bill Donius, at his home in Ladue on April 8, said he never saw himself as an activist. But as board chairman of Pulaski Bank, Donius is part of the new face of the gay movement, a movement to get more people with power, wealth and name recognition involved in activism.

LBC Gospel Choir to perform Friday [Photo]

LBC Gospel Choir members Jurl Vinegar, Jeremy Kilpatrick, Aaron Fuller and Khalila Beecham sing during the group’s winter concert at Second Missionary Baptist Church on December 12, 2008. The choir will perform again Friday night at Mizzou's Baptist Student Union.

Flooding near south end of Perche Creek bridge [Photo]

Flooding near the south end of the Perche Creek bridge on the MKT Trail after heavy overnight rain on April 30.

View from 6-mile marker on MKT Nature/Fitness Trail [Photo]

This is the view from the 6-mile marker on the MKT Trail on April 30 after heavy rain overnight. Rushing water washed away the trail surface and will be replaced, according to Porsche Moran, Boone County public information officer.

Learning a Bollywood dance to song from 'Slumdog Millionaire' [Video]

MU’s new South Asian fusion dance team, Mizzou Masti, holds a dance workshop to raise money for costumes, transportation and competition costs. At the one-hour workshop, participants were taught a Bollywood dance to the song “Jai Ho,” from the movie “Slumdog Millionaire.” It took place at 8 p.m. Wednesday at Mark Twain Ballroom and cost $3.

Radio broadcaster Tex Little [Photo]

With only one of Missouri’s baseball games broadcast on TV this year, fans who can’t make it out to the ballpark still must rely on Tex Little's radio broadcasts of the action on the field.

Hickman tennis player Alex Turner [Photo]

Hickman High School senior tennis player Alex Turner practices his returns at Cosmo Park on May 6. Turner is part of the No. 1 doubles team for the Kewpies.

MU seniors sent off with a smile [Photo]

Truman the Tiger congratulates MU senior Maddison Smith on Thursday afternoon as she and her fellow seniors walk through the MU Columns on Francis Quadrangle. The Mizzou Alumni Association holds the Senior Send-Off ceremony to represent students' first steps in becoming alumni.

MU Senior Send-Off [Photo]

An MU senior receives a beer Thursday afternoon at the Mel Carnahan Quadrangle after walking through the MU Columns as part of the Senior Send-Off.

Joshua Childers found in woods [Photo]

Joshua Childers, 3, was found in rugged Missouri woods Wednesday, 50 hours since he wandered away from his home three miles away, authorities said.

Impersonating batting stance [Photo]

“I just like being funny,” said sophomore Rhea Taylor, right, who entertained teammates with impersonations of the batting stances of other Missouri players. “I saw other people doing it and I was like, 'Oh, let me get in this.’ They weren’t doing them very good,” she said. “It was just really funny because they’re so many different stances and a lot of people don’t realize how funny they look.”

Mixing up honey treats [Photo]

"Honey Treats" are healthy, sweet snacks that include honey, peanut butter, dried milk, uncooked rolled oats and raisins. Children at Benton Elementary School were being taught the recipe as a healthy snack alternative.

Benton Bees make honey treats [Photo]

Harvest of the Month Club volunteer Jim Ronald teaches Tyrone James how to make "Honey Treats." The new program at Benton Elementary focuses on teaching students about agriculture in a classroom setting.