Charlie the baby liger of Woody's Menagerie [Photo]

Charlie is a baby liger, a lion and tiger mix, in Woody's Menagerie. Owner Greg Woody keeps ligers until they reach adulthood. He then sells the ligers to large animal breeders.

Long-tailed porcupine of Woody's Menagerie [Photo]

Amanda Davis of Oregon holds a long-tailed porcupine during Woody's Menagerie, a wildlife entertainment program, at the Boone County Fair.

Benny the monkey of Woody's Menagerie [Photo]

Benny, a monkey in Greg Woody's Menagerie, is displayed during a show at the Boone County Fairgrounds during the Menagerie's first show Tuesday.

Dakota the wolf of Woody's Menagerie [Photo]

Amanda Davis kisses Dakota the wolf during Woody's Menagerie at the Boone County Fairgrounds on Tuesday.

Glowgolf business has initial success [Photo]

From left, Ryan Asbury, Sorsha Smith, Adam Kidwell and Tori Buxton take time to celebrate Sara and Toni Buxton's birthdays with a round of put-put. Glowgolf in the Columbia Mall is growing in popularity in only its third month of being in business. The facility's black lights illuminate the artwork on the walls, the golf balls and the putters.

The Art of Hair [Photo]

Maja Jaszczynska cuts the hair of Brett Hathaway, 6, at Art of Hair on East Broadway on July 3. Jaszczynska has owned and operated the business since January.

Plato's Closet offers brand-name clothing for less [Photo]

Rows of jeans line the aisles of Plato's Closet in Columbia, which celebrated its grand opening on July 7. The retail franchise specializes in the purchase and resale of "gently used" brand name clothing.

Loma Vista Hardware opens new location [Photo]

Longboards, skateboards, clothing and accessories are all available for purchase at Loma Vista Hardware, a skateboard shop which has opened a new location at the mall in Columbia.

Hummingbird coloring page [Document]

Download the Columbia Audubon Society's hummingbird coloring page. Those from 5 to 15 can submit their page for a chance to win one of several bird-related prizes.

Boone County Fair carnival rides [Photo]

Two fair workers walk down the stretch of carnival rides at Boone County Fair. After a long day of rain Tuesday, fairgoers attended later in the evening.

Keaira Rubble performs at talent show [Photo]

Keaira Rubble, 12, performs Kellie Pickler's "Red High Heels" during the Junior Division of the Boone County Fair Talent Show, held Tuesday at the Boone County Fairgrounds.

Girls wait to perform at talent show [Photo]

Stephanie Stricker, 13, left, and dance partner Caroline Sunvold, 13, wait backstage before performing in the Junior Division at the Boone County Fair Talent Show.

Nathan Tempel sings at talent show [Photo]

Bill Tempel, left, of Columbia, videotapes his son Nathan, 8, during his performance at the Boone County Fair Talent Show Junior Division. Nathan has been singing since age 3.

Final act at fair talent show [Photo]

Taylor Noakes, 16, performs the final song of the Boone County Junior Division Talent Show on Tuesday. Noakes sang "Not Anymore," by LeToya Luckett.

Rachel Guilford waits to sing at talent show [Photo]

Rachel Guilford, 9, waits for her turn to sing during the Boone County Fair Talent Show. Guilford, along with sister Hannah, 11, performed in the Junior Division.

Water guns at Boone County Fair [Photo]

Water guns sit unmanned after rain drove away fairgoers at the Boone County Fairgrounds on Tuesday.

Family operates non-denominational church [Photo]

Pastor Eric Petrie preaches on Sunday about church participation at God's Creation Worship Center, the church he founded with his wife, Linda.

Eric Petrie worships with his congregation [Photo]

Eric Petrie, pastor of God's Creation Worship Center, worships with his congregation ahead of his sermon on Sunday.

Family members follow sermon [Photo]

Steven Petrie, 25, the son of founding pastors Eric and Linda Petrie, and Rajah Petrie, 2, their grandson, follow along during the sermon at God's Creation Worship Center on Sunday.

Working for a laugh [Photo]

No Content member Shannon Kirk, left, and DeeDee Folkerts work their way through a series of improvised scenes with the help of a Styrofoam prop. Every new attempt to make the audience laugh is a new risk, but most succeed in the end. “You could fall flat on your face, literally,” Folkerts said, “and that might be funny.”