J.D. Franklin shouts orders at Trojan practice [Photo]

Columbia Trojan head coch J.D. Franklin issues plays at a Trojan practice on June 25. Because of knee problems, Franklin couldn't play on the team, but he was happy to take a coaching job.

Columbia Trojan Jack Prewitt turns upfield [Photo]

Columbia Trojan wideout Jack Prewitt turns upfield during kick return practice June 25. The Trojan Football team practices a professional approach to the game, being disciplined through the leadership of head coach J.D. Frankilin.

MU student stuck in Honduras [Graphic]

MAP | Tyler Shields has not been able to leave Choluteca, Honduras, after last week's coup.

MU student with Honduran friends [Photo]

Tyler Shields is surrounded by children from a malnutrition clinic and daycare for children in extreme poverty and social risk in Limon, Honduras, a small impoverished community outside of the city of Choluteca. The photo was taken at a farewell party.

Proposed street plan for festival [Graphic]

Representatives of Thumper Entertainment Co. met with City Council members during a pre-meeting dinner to hash out details of the upcoming Roots 'n' Blues 'n' BBQ Festival, including proposed downtown street closures and ticketed admission areas.

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Councilman Wade makes statement [Document]

Guest from first 'Pepper and Friends' show [Photo]

Cookie Hagan greets Paul Pepper on Monday outside the KOMU/Channel 8 station. Hagan was on Paul's very first show 27 years ago as part of the Paquin ukulele ensemble. The group was interviewed upon their return from a performance for president Jimmy Carter.

"When we came home and a local TV station picked it up ... it was just wonderful, a memory that just lives forever," said Hagan.