Meaning through medium [Photo]

Diana Moxon, left, executive director of Columbia Art League, and Education Director Amy Meyer hang artwork at the gallery on Sunday in preparation for the upcoming "FATE Fiber Show: Seven." The show opens Thursday and includes the works of seven artists who explore the metaphoric potential that medium can imbue into artworks.

Retired minister Dick Blount [Photo]

Retired minister Dick Blount runs the Open Door Ministry program at the Missouri United Methodist Church on Ninth Street.

John Cheetham conducts [Photo]

John Cheetham conducts a piece of his own work during a rehearsal of the Columbia Community Band at West Junior High School on April 29. Cheetham conducted his work as well as played euphonium on other pieces with the rest of the band.

John Cheetham [Photo]

John Cheetham takes part in a rehearsal of the Columbia Community Band at West Junior High School on April 29. Cheetham plays euphonium as well as conducts a work he has written.

Making music [Photo]

Matthew Thurman toys around with audio editing equipment in his room on May 5. Thurman is a singer, music producer and owner of his own production company.

Draft CID boundary map [Document]

A PDF showing the potential changes from the Special Business District boundaries to the new Community Improvement District boundaries.

Highlights of Meyers' travels [Graphic]

Lee Meyers at a high pass on Everest trip [Photo]

Boone County doctor Lee Meyers stands at a high pass with the Himalayas and Mount Everest behind him during a three-day driving trip to the base of Mount Everest.

Tents at Rongbuk base camp [Photo]

Tents fill the Rongbuk base camp at 17,000 feet. The tents act as homes for three months of the expedition when climbers are not too high on the mountain to use them.

Asher Kolieboi with Mallory Herrmann at Lavender Graduation [Photo]

After receiving his purple tassel, Asher Kolieboi sits with fellow graduate Mallory Herrmann as others are recognized during Lavender Graduation. The event was hosted by MU's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Resource Center and the student group Triangle Coalition. Kolieboi helped create Queer People of Color, a group at MU.

Prayers on paper tossed skyward [Photo]

During the Puja ceremony performed by the Buddist monk, small pieces of paper containing prayers are thrown skyward to ask the gods for a safe and successful journey.

Moving toward Camp 4 on Mount Everest [Photo]

Puja ceremony during first week of expedition [Photo]

Before one of Lee Meyers' trips up Mount Everest, a Buddhist monk was invited to perform a Puja ceremony, which is to ask the gods for the safety of all on the trip. Tibetan prayer flags are strung out in four directions, and as the wind causes the flags to flutter, it is believed that the prayers are taken skyward.

NCAA softball bracket [Graphic]

NCAA softball bracket

Missouri seniors find meaning in volunteer work [Slideshow]

Saying a prayer at Truman Veterans Hospital [Photo]

Willie Payne, left, prays with volunteer Jim Frisby on April 4. Frisby donates his time at Truman Veterans Hospital by working with and interacting with patients.

Recounting a war story at Truman Veterans Hospital [Photo]

Patient Tony Dolahite recounts a war story while volunteer Jim Frisby listens at Truman Veterans Hospital on April 4.

Making impressions [Photo]

Lugine Hein guides her son Austin's hands over a piece of clay during their Access Arts pottery class on April 23. Austin, who has Batten disease and is blind, has been attending class at Access Arts since 2004.

Pottery wall [Photo]

Students' projects line the walls inside of the Access Arts pottery studio.

Social interaction [Photo]

Austin Hein, 15, reacts as his mom, Lugine, congratulations him on their two completed clay picture frames during their Access Arts pottery class on April 23. "He likes the interaction, the social aspect of it — also the texture, working with this hands is good for him," Lugine Hein said.