Chatting before deliveries [Photo]

Karen Carter, left, with Meals on Wheels, and Deborah Booker, right, talk while Booker waits to start her deliveries.

From hands to homes [Photo]

Deborah Booker, a volunteer for Meals on Wheels, delivers food to one of her five locations on the north side of Columbia on Friday, Oct. 24.

Delivering a difference [Photo]

Deborah Booker, 71, has been volunteering with Meals and Wheels for eight years.

One meal at a time [Photo]

Deborah Booker, a former equestrian teacher, delivers food for Meals on Wheels because it matches her philosophy "each one, teach one." If a person extends his or her hand to help someone out, then the person who has received help has the chance to extend his or her hand to yet another person.

Deborah Booker [Photo]

Deborah Booker, a volunteer for Meals on Wheels, delivers food on the north side of Columbia on Friday, Oct. 24. "You're paying back the community that's helped you," Booker said.

On the route [Photo]

Deborah Booker, a volunteer for Meals on Wheels, delivers food in north Columbia on Friday, Oct. 24. Booker, 71, is a retired teacher who began volunteering eight years ago.

Ready to rally [Photo]

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the Republican vice presidential candidate, attends a rally at West Port High School in Ocala, Fla., on Saturday. Palin will be in Jefferson City at 11 a.m. Monday for a rally the day before the general election.

Fur is flying [Photo]

Lori Weinberg of Edwardsville, Ill, leads her 7-year-old bearded collie Rocky through an agility course at the Columbia Canine Sports Center on Sunday morning.

Good dog [Photo]

Pilot, a bi-blue Shetland sheepdog, plays with her owner, Nancy Lauermann from St. Louis, after Pilot ran an agility course. Pilot received an Excellent B Standard, the highest score, on the second run.

No obstacle for Levi [Photo]

Levi, a Pyrenean shepherd, jumps over obstacles during a dog agility trial at the Columbia Canine Sports Center on Sunday morning. The trial was held Saturday and Sunday with 300 entries each day.

'The Vision of St. Bruno' [Photo]

Shown is the painting "The Vision of St. Bruno" in Dallas on Oct. 23. The lost painting by Italian master Sebastiano Ricci has turned up in Texas after a 300-year journey that has seen it change hands from a European nobleman playboy to a Missouri fur trader and finally to generations of an American family. Discovered in a Dallas warehouse after the family asked an art expert to take a look at it, Ricci's painting will be offered by Dallas-based Heritage Auction Galleries.

Trick-or-treating [Slideshow]

"Mmm, chocolate!" says 2-year-old Addie Summers after her trick or treating excursion down Paw Print Lane on Halloween.

Lauren Titterington mug [Photo]

Lauren Titterington is a columnist for the Missourian.

MU's Lei Wang [Photo]

Lei Wang practices setting the ball during pregame warmups before its match against Texas Tech on Saturday. The Tigers won the match 3-1.

Studs Terkel [Photo]

Pulitzer-Prize winning author Studs Terkel at his home in Chicago in a May 2007 photo. He died Friday at 96.

MU basketball clinic [Slideshow]

About 60 Special Olympics athletes from across Central Missouri participated in a two-hour basketball clinic with the MU men’s basketball team Saturday. This clinic is just one of the many opportunities MU will provide to Special Olympics athletes this year.

Evangelical voters [Graphic]

John Clark, former prisoner of war [Photo]

Retired Pilot John Clark stands with some of his memorabilia from his 30 years in the service. Clark was a POW for six years in Hanoi Hilton with John McCain during Vietnam after his plane was shot down.

Hanoi Hilton prisoners of war [Photo]

John Clark holds a few of the Prisoner of War Bracelets bearing his name that people wore during his six years as a POW in Hanoi HIlton. Bracelets like these were often worn by people who did not know the POW but still wanted to keep that person in their hearts and minds.

Missouri basketball hosts clinic for Special Olympics [Photo]

Missouri’s Miguel Paul, far left, and Mike Anderson Jr., left, practice dribbling with Special Olympics during a two-hour clinic held Saturday at Mizzou Arena. Six stations gave participants a chance to learn from Tigers players.