Raising questions [Photo]

Fifth-grader Destiny Henderson raises her hand to ask her teacher Cathy Cox a question during Respecting Individual Style and Expression class at Brenton Elementary School on Nov. 21, 2008. R.I.S.E. teaches students to be more respectful to their teachers and peers by taking responsibility for ones actions.

Let's talk [Photo]

Cathy Cox addresses her fifth-grade Respecting Individual Style and Expression class at Brenton Elementary School on Nov. 21, 2008. The class provides students with the opportunity to discuss problems they face at school and in everyday life.

Steve Spellman mug [Photo]

Steve Spellman is a guest columnist for the Missourian

Bill Allen mugshot [Photo]

Bill Allen

Bikes only [Photo]

Outside of Kaldi's Coffeehouse on Ninth Street, the city has installed special parking areas for bicycles. The city has installed several of these on-street parking areas to hopefully encourage more bike travel.

Share the road [Photo]

A bicyclist rides past a "sharrow" painted on Ninth Street near Kaldi Coffeehouse in Columbia. The sharrows are symbols painted on the roadway to alert motorists that the road is shared with bicyclists.

Free parking [Photo]

Along Ninth Street in downtown Columbia, a special on-street bicycle parking area has been installed by the city as part of the GetAbout Columbia campaign to encourage more physical activity in the community.

MU women's basketball player Christine Flores [Photo]

Tigers forward Christine Flores shoots against SEMO on Dec. 29 at Mizzou Arena. On Saturday at Duquesne, Flores, a 6-foot-3 freshman, set a new career-high with 17 points.

Mary L. James [Photo]

Mary L. James, who died Friday, was appointed in 1999 to the UM System Board of Curators by Gov. Mel Carnahan. She served as president in 2005. But she was active in many other organizations as well.

MU men's basketball player Keith Ramsey [Photo]

Missouri's Keith Ramsey blocks a layup attempt by Georgia's Zac Swansey. Ramsey, a junior college transfer, had two blocks in the second half to spark a 14-4 run.

All together now [Photo]

With the guidance of art teacher Jody Spriggs, students worked collaboratively to create this piece. Each student was assigned a task, and in the end, their pieces were brought together.

Art Integration time [Photo]

Jody Spriggs, art teacher at Lee Expressive Arts Elementary, works with students Justin Denny, left, and De'Hajnae West as they paint poinsettas during Art Integration time. This is a period where teachers, and sometimes students, from different classrooms work together on projects.

Expressing with pictures [Photo]

Desire often uses art to communicate. Doug Hunt said that during one of his first interactions with the fifth-grader, Desire drew this picture to explain how his brother in Africa had made him a scooter out of wood from a tree.

What to say? [Photo]

Gire Ngzihayo, who is from Burundi, contemplates what to write on a holiday greeting card during art class. Gire and his friend Desire are very much part of their fifth-grade class, said teacher John Nies. "They're both very, very bright, and that's evident ... when we play math games. They pick up on the rules quick," Nies said.

Making a card [Photo]

Iratubona Desire draws an illustration on a "get well" card for a school custodian.

Help with letters [Photo]

First-grader Shamso Hussan gets help with writing letters during an English Language Learners class at Grant Elementary School.

Help from audio books [Photo]

Peg Hurley, English Language Learners teacher, helps Desire's sister, Jeanine, start an audio book to read along with. Jeanine says that her favorite part of classroom time is writing but that the best thing about school is the ice cream in the cafeteria.

Teaching English [Photo]

Peg Hurley, English Language Learners teacher, has a dozen refugee students in her class at Grant — the largest number she's had at the elementary level. Some of her students had never attended a formal school before. All need help with English. Hurley said she finds that rhymes and music help students remember the language.

Individual attention [Photo]

Retired MU English professor Doug Hunt volunteers to tutor Iratubona Desire on a regular basis. "Desire is so eager to learn English that he would spend all day learning it," Hunt says.

Pointing out his former home [Photo]

Iratubona Desire points out where he is from on a map in his teacher's room at Grant Elementary School. Desire is one of nine African refugee students at Grant.