Suspect sought in shooting [Photo]

Police are searching for Grady F. Dortch Jr. in connection with the shooting death of Miles Herd.

Canvassers look through lists of registered voters on Tuesday [Photo]

Canvassers Katie Barnes, left, Darryl Douglas and Yun Zhang go through lists of registered voters on Election Day 2008 to remind people to vote.

Steve Hobbs mug [Photo]

Steve Hobbs

Ed Robb [Photo]

Ed Robb

Chris Kelly [Photo]

Chris Kelly

Mary Still [Photo]

Mary Still

Kurt Schaefer mug [Photo]

Kurt Schaefer is the new senator-elect for the 19th District.

Blaine Luetkemeyer [Photo]

Blaine Luetkemeyer is the U.S. House representative for the Ninth District of Missouri.

Canvassing at Kelly Henke's house [Photo]

Obama supporter Darryl Douglas canvasses the home of Kelly Henke while her son, Benjamin, 6, and daughter, Sara, 4, look on. Douglas asked registered Democrats in the Fair View neighborhood if they remembered to vote before the polls closed on Tuesday.

Darryl Douglas canvasses in the Fair View neighborhood [Photo]

Darryl Douglas asks Joe Marshall if he voted while canvassing homes of registered Democratic voters in the Fair View neighborhood of Columbia on Nov. 4, 2008.

Stephen Webber at work in a Columbia neighborhood [Photo]

Stephen Webber works in a Columbia neighborhood on Election Day, Nov. 4.

Stephen Webber campaigns on Election Day [Photo]

Stephen Webber, a Democrat who is running unopposed to represent the 23rd District in the Missouri House of Representatives, canvasses in a Columbia neighborhood for other Democratic candidates on Nov. 4, 2008. Already assured of victory, Webber has enjoyed a less stressful campaign. "I've started thinking more about legislation and policy while others are still in campaign mode," he says.

Chris Kelly greets Debbie Efting outside of the Ashland Senior Center [Photo]

Ashland resident Debbie Efting shakes hands with Missouri House of Representatives candidate Chris Kelly outside of the Ashland Senior Center on Tuesday afternoon. "I've been itching to come vote," Efting said after a hectic day of work at Starbucks, which offered voters free coffee.

Chris Kelly meets Ashland resident Jan Ward [Photo]

Missouri House of Representatives candidate Chris Kelly walks out to meet and shake hands with Ashland resident Jan Ward outside of the Ashland Senior Center in Ashland on Tuesday afternoon. Kelly arrived at the Ashland polling place at 6 a.m. and said he planned on staying until polls closed to show his gratitude to Ashland's supportive voting community.

Sweet rewards for voters [Audio]

Four college students pick up their free coffee from Starbucks on Tuesday night as part of the cafe’s reward for voters.

Chris Kelly greets Rick McKee on Election Day [Photo]

Chris Kelly greets Ashland resident Rick McKee on Tuesday afternoon at the Ashland Senior Center. "You got my vote because you were standing out here," McKee told Kelly.

Poll rides on Nov. 4 [Photo]

Adrienne Roncher, left, gets into Jane Whitesides's car after voting at the Missouri Conference Center on Nov. 4, 2008. Whitesides, driving, along with NAACP members Gwyn McKinney and Lily Tinker Fortel, provided rides to the polls for Columbia voters.

110508 Election football [Photo]

Jaron Baston is one of the loudest talkers when it comes to politics, say several of his teammates. “Jaron, though, he’ll argue about anything,” linebacker Brock Christopher said.

First-time voter discusses experience [Slideshow]

Amy Davis, 18, is a freshman journalism student at MU and a first-time voter. Davis was undecided until a week ago on whom she would vote for in the presidential race. Davis headed to her polling place at the Life Sciences Center at MU after class at 2:50 pm. She talks about how her first Election Day as a voter unfolded.

Andrea Heiss [Photo]

"I begin to study the man directly ahead of me, wondering what his background is."