Jill Biden visits Columbia [Photo]

Promoting the Obama/Biden ticket for the presidential race, Jill Biden gave a speech at Stephens College in Columbia on Friday morning. The wife of vice presidential candidate Joe Biden urged Columbia residents to help "convince those who were still undecided about the election."

James Cook [Photo]

James Cook, inventor of the TightRope procedure, has seen few complications resulting from the more than 800 cases he has tracked of veterinarians performing his procedure on dogs experiencing knee problems.

Getting older with makeup [Photo]

Lauren Allmeyer applies stage makeup to age her face. "It's fantastic. I'm so excited about my old lady face," Allmeyer said.

Step-by-step instructions in stage makeup textbook [Photo]

Introduction to Stage Makeup students use a textbook, which provides instructions and examples for completing the looks assigned each week.

Focused on makeup [Photo]

Lauren Allmeyer, a junior majoring in interdisciplinary studies, applies highlights, shadows and wrinkles to age her face.

New looks bring laughter [Photo]

Fonzie Geary laughs about the old-age looks with his students in MU's Introduction to Stage Makeup class.

Applying new identities in stage makeup class [Photo]

Introduction to Stage Makeup students Lauren Allmeyer, left, Katie Wenzlick, middle, and Kathleen Blakeney, right, apply makeup and practice facial expressions during their Monday afternoon class.

Vets fix broken knees [Photo]

Veterinarian James Cook, center, performs TightRope on a blue heeler at the MU veterinary school earlier this month alongside two students. Cook said he hopes TightRope will avoid the extreme surgical complications, which he's seen occur after the use of other canine knee-repairing procedures.

Surgical 'rope' repairs joints [Photo]

The material used in TightRope, a knee-repairing technique developed at MU by veterinarian James Cook, is part of what makes his surgery unique. Cook used the Kevlar-like "rope" above earlier this month when he operated on the joint of a blue heeler at the MU veterinary school.

Restoring canine knees [Graphic]

MU's veterinary school developed a new surgery to maintain a dog's knee function.

How to apply old-age makeup [Graphic]

Students in MU's stage makeup class learned how to age their faces by using highlights, shadows and wrinkles.

Stage makeup class [Slideshow]

MU's stage makeup class meets every Monday in the men's dressing room in the Fine Arts Theatre. Fonzie Geary, a graduate teaching assistant, leads the class this semester. This week's theme was old-age makeup, where students were assigned to use makeup to appear older.

A day at the vet's [Slideshow]

People bring their pets from all over the state to have them treated at the MU veterinary teaching hospital. Recently, many have come to Columbia to have their dogs undergo TightRope, a new surgical procedure pioneered by MU faculty member James Cook, but the bulk of dog owners are still coming in for quotidian reasons: dogs getting check-ups, dogs getting older, dogs getting sick.

The third presidential debate [Photo]

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., and Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., met for their final presidential debate on Oct. 15, at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y.

Rock Bridge running back Stuart Eiken [Photo]

Rock Bridge junior running back Stuart Eiken has gained 45 pounds in the past two years.

MU swimming fan Kelly Goldthorpe [Photo]

MU freshman Kelly Goldthorpe helped create H-ZOU-O, a new cheering section for the Missouri swimming and diving teams.

Quarterback Ryan Perrilloux [Photo]

Ryan Perrilloux,left, is now the quarterback at Jacksonville State in Alabama. Out of high school, he planned to play at Texas then changed his mind at the last minute and chose LSU, where he never caught on in a starting role. After Perrilloux disappointed Texas, the Longhorns asked Chase Daniel if he would reconsider his commitment to Missouri.

MU quarterback Chase Daniel true to word [Photo]

Missouri quarterback Chase Daniel celebrates at the end of the Tigers' victory Oct. 4 at Nebraska. It's hard to imagine the success the Tigers have had without Daniel on the team.

Chris Kelly [Video]

Chris Kelly, Democratic candidate for the 24th District of the Missouri House of Representatives, addressed a question on the efforts to restrict eminent domain at a forum on Thursday. The forum was sponsored by the Columbia League of Women Voters.

Ed Robb [Video]

Ed Robb, Republican candidate for the 24th District of the Missouri House of Representatives, addressed a question on the efforts to restrict eminent domain at a forum on Thursday. The forum was sponsored by the Columbia League of Women Voters.