Riders wait their turn at 2009 Missouri High School Rodeo [Photo]

Sara Duncan, 15, of Rocheport, left, waits under threatening skies with other contestants during the Missouri High School Rodeo’s Barrel Jackpot on Wednesday at the Boone County Fairgrounds.

Some Ashland teens agree with curfew [Photo]

Anthony Chavez, 12, and Alex Terrell, 13, live in Ashland, where children under 17 cannot be in public between midnight and 5 a.m. The two agree with the curfew, saying it keeps teens safe.

Teens unsure of potential curfew [Photo]

Joseph Boettcher, 12, left, and Hayden Mahieu, 15, play video games at the Virtual Arena. The two are neutral about a potential curfew for teens in Columbia. The curfew would likely apply to teens younger than 17 after 11 p.m. on weekdays and Sundays and after midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.

Teen disagrees with curfew [Photo]

Larry Green, 15, says there should be no curfew in Columbia.

Park Avenue teens against curfew [Photo]

Jakeyla Prowell, 15, says she does not want a curfew for teens in Columbia. She was spending time with friends on Park Avenue.

Some Park Avenue teens against curfew [Photo]

James Pollard, 16, says he does not want a curfew for teens in Columbia. He was hanging with friends on Park Ave.

Weather ends concerts of Meiko, Hutchinson [Photo]

Meiko, right, performed two songs Wednesday night in Heinkel parking lot, Elm and Sixth streets, at MU's free outdoor summer concert before lightning and a Boone County tornado watch forced the singer/songwriter to delay her set, as well as that of Eric Hutchinson, the concert headliner.

Maguire Boulevard extension site investigated [Photo]

The Maguire Boulevard extension site was investigated Wednesday after complaints of a Columbia resident of "extreme erosion" in the construction area. The site is part of a city project to extend Maguire, which involves building bridges over both the north and south forks of Grindstone Creek.

Public Works inspectors investigate BMPs [Photo]

Also present at the Maguire Boulevard extension site during the investigation on Wednesday were, from left, construction project manager David Bugg and Public Works inspectors Jim Thaxter and Veneet Kapila. Visible in many of the photographs are elements of what Bugg describes as BMPs, or best management practices, construction strategies used to control water flow and silt runoff, such as silt fences (black plastic barriers), rock berms (rock levees layered with dirt and straw) and sediment basins, where eroded silt is able to settle into controlled pools of water.

Environmental specialist visits construction site [Photo]

Matt Sperry, a Missouri Department of Natural Resources environmental specialist, visits the Maguire Boulevard extension site to investigate Columbia resident Scott Wilson’s complaints of "extreme erosion" in the construction area on Wednesday. The site is part of a city project to extend Maguire, which involves building bridges over both the north and south forks of Grindstone Creek. On Monday, Wilson recorded video of silty water pouring into the creek and made a formal complaint about inadequate storm water controls. According to Sperry, the Natural Resources Department generally follows up on complaints within five days.

Stream Extravaganza fun for all ages [Photo]

Five-year-old Madison Hayes investigates a Mink pelt during the Stream Extravaganza. The event featured educational information on streams and the wildlife that live in and around them.

Fight Night: Combat Theatre at Stephens College [Video]

VIDEO: Watch as Stephens College sophomores Chrisena Ricci and Denise Saylor rehearse a stage combat scene to prepare for Stephens College’s production “Combat!” at 7:30 p.m. June 19 at Warehouse Theatre.

The show is the third of four pieces put together by the Stephens College Summer Theatre Institute, a program designed to give students real-life theater experience while they take courses. Ricci and Saylor will perform their scene from Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” as part of a full production of controlled, realistic stage combat scenes featuring 29 performers.

Heat and humidity draws crowd at Stephens Lake [Photo]

Amy Sarver dips her son, Owen, into Stephens Lake on Wednesday afternoon. Temperatures were hot, predicted to reach above 90, and humid after days of thunderstorms.

Seeking muddy relief from the heat [Photo]

4-year-old Owen Sarver, covered in mud, is ready for a dip at Stephens Lake on Wednesday afternoon. It was hot and humid after days of thunderstorms, with temperatures predicted to reach above 90 degrees. Also pictured, from left, are Lexi Hox, Brooke Bigard and Lindsey Hox.

Police video of fatal Clark Lane accident [Video]

Columbia police released the video captured from the patrol car Officer Alan
Mitchell was driving when he ran over Jeremy Setzer, 24, in Clark Lane in

Jeremy Setzer death investigation report [Document]

Click here to download a 28-page PDF of the Columbia Police Department's investigation into the death of Jeremy Setzer.

Jordan Wyner [Photo]

Jordan Wyner is a reporter for the Missourian.

John Brown [Photo]

This 1857 file photo shows John Brown, leader of the historic raid on the federal arsenal and armory at Harpers Ferry, W. Va. Brown, an abolitionist, and his followers attempted to bring attention to the plight of slaves in the United States by using armed force in the raid on Oct. 16, 1859.

John Brown's fort [Photo]

This undated file photo shows John Brown's fort, a fire engine house located at the entrance of the Armory Grounds at Harpers Ferry, W. Va. Brown and his followers used the fire engine and guard house as their fort when they raided the U.S. arsenal on Oct. 16, 1859. Brown was captured by Colonel Robert E. Lee, put on trial for treason, sentenced to death and executed in December 1859.

Dennis Frye talks about John Brown's raid [Photo]

Dennis Frye, chief historian of Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, talks to tourists about John Brown's 1859 raid on the arsenal, in Harpers Ferry, W.Va., on April 4. "John Brown was not the cause of the Civil War, but he certainly was the first serious shot that sent us reeling toward division," Frye said. In the background is the fire engine house where Brown and his followers took refuge with their hostages, now restored and moved to a new location.