Peace Corps in Mali [Photo]

A Malian woman feeds her child during an infant nutrition meeting at a Peace Corps volunteer's village.

Where the body was found [Photo]

The side parking lot at Ballenger Liquor and C-Store, where the victim was found Monday morning.

Ballenger Liquor [Photo]

The shooting victim was found in the parking lot behind Ballenger Liquor and C-Store, 2201 Ballenger Lane, early Monday morning.

MU wrestler Mark Ellis [Photo]

Missouri heavyweight Mark Ellis, right, maneuvers for a takedown against Iowa State's David Zabriskie on Feb. 15 at Hearnes Center. Ellis lost his match 2-1, but the Tigers won 18-15 in the dual, their last of the 2009 season.

MU wrestler Troy Dolan [Photo]

Missouri 125-pound wrestler Tory Dolan controls Iowa State's Tyler Clark in his match Feb. 15 at Hearnes Cetner. Dolan lost 4-2 but impressed his coach for wrestling well.

Runner-up in backstroke [Photo]

MU's Lauren Lavigna took second in the women's 200-meter backstroke.

Butterfly effect [Photo]

Lia Kunnapas competes in the women's 200-meter butterfly.

A long way to go [Photo]

Mexico's Luis Escobar Torres competes in the men's 1500-meter freestyle on Sunday,

Competitors from Fort Lauderdale [Photo]

Stephanie Moeller, 16, left, talks with Siena DeVenuto,16, as they wait in the practice pool during the Missouri Grand Prix on Sunday. Both Moeller and DeVenuto are from Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Explaining an idea [Photo]

Isaiah Berry, center, points out his signature to his sister Sanora Berry and Columbia School Board of Education member Jan Mees.The painting was unveiled at the Gaines/Oldham Black Culture Center on Sunday.

Celebrating collaboration [Photo]

Brenda Perkins congratulates her son, Isaiah Berry, after the unveiling of his painting at the Gaines/Oldham Black Culture Center on Sunday. Berry worked with local artist Grant Blackwell to create the painting.

Conveying a diaspora [Photo]

Nathan Stephens, left, and Isaiah Berry unveil a painting by Berry and local artist Grant Blackwell that shows their interpretation of African diaspora, a term used to describe Caribbean immigrants of African descent that arrived during later American history. The unveiling took place at the Gaines/Oldham Black Culture Center on Sunday.


In 2009, Missourian sports reporter Alex Ruppenthal participated in the Polar Plunge at Stephens Lake.

Gun demand on the rise [Photo]

Despite rising prices for firearms and ammunition, Target Masters has struggled to meet the higher than usual demand for firearms according to store clerk Bob Cron. Cron said he thinks the increase in demand is fueled by gun owner's fear that President Barack Obama will push for increased gun control laws.

Target practice [Photo]

Andy White (right) instructs co-worker Cindy White how to operate a .22-caliber rifle at the Rocky Fork Lakes Conservation Area Shooting Range. Although it was Cindy White's first time shooting, Andy White said he has been shooting for years. "I don't shoot it unless it has a target, or I can eat it." Andy White said.

Dancing at the plaza [Photo]

DaMichael Dodson shimmies to the music of the band Straight Arrow on the Back Door Lounge dance floor Friday. "I come here every weekend. There's always good times, and you can't beat the music," he said. The Back Door Lounge, located at the Midway Travel Plaza, draws colorful crowds every Friday night for live country music.

Cutting a rug [Photo]

Stephanie Wriedt lets out a laugh as a reaction to one of dancing partner Chuck Jallup's jokes that he's known for at the Back Door Lounge. Both are regulars for the dancing Friday nights in Midway.

the beat 2/13 [Audio]

Columbia College's Rachel Oswald [Photo]

The Cougars' Rachel Oswald goes to the basket against Illinois-Springfield on Feb. 14 at Southwell Complex.

The Cougars' Terrell Turner [Photo]

Columbia College senior Terrell Turner heaves a long pass against Illinois-Springfield on Feb. 14 at Southwell Complex