View of Harpers Ferry [Photo]

A view of Harpers Ferry, W.Va., at the conjunction of the Shenandoah, left, and Potomac rivers, on July 20, 2008. The town was the site of abolitionist John Brown's infamous 1859 raid on the local arsenal, an event that led toward the Civil War.

Concerts in the Shelter Insurance Gardens [Slideshow]

The Shelter Insurance Concerts in the Gardens started June 14 in Columbia. Families came from across town to listen to the series’ first act, The Columbia Community Band. The one-hour concert series will take place each Sunday until July 26, with the exception of July 5. Anyone is welcome to listen to the diverse music at Shelter Gardens.

A wedding 20 years later [Slideshow]

With the help of family and friends, the Bihomora family was able to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary with the church ceremony they never had.

Navigating flooded roadways [Photo]

A vehicle slices through standing water in University City, Mo. on Tuesday.

Securing buildings [Photo]

Bill Robison rides in the bucket as he and driver Kenny Carter bring sandbags to help secure buildings along Mary Avenue in Brentwood, Mo. when the road flooded following the heavy rain Monday.

MidMo Pridefest [Audio]

MidMo PrideFest celebrates its 6th annual event this year. The Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Organization hosted the sixth annual MidMo PrideFest on Saturday. The event included dance, music, food, and games. Columbia residents talk about their similarities and how the festival is a friendly-oriented environment.

Engaging people: Ian Thomas [Slideshow]

Ian Thomas prefers to ride his bicycle around Columbia with his family, a habit he learned growing up in England.

New neighborhood association [Graphic]

The City Council approved the formation of the Tenth Hitt Elm Locust Neighborhood Association at Monday night's meeting.

Food preservation worskshops through MU Extension filling up [Photo]

Vera Massey, a nutritionist, conducts a home food preservation workshop on using boiling water to can foods at the Boone County MU Extension Center. Hot water canning may be used to safely preserve fruits as well as homemade jams, pickles and salsas.

Food preservation workshops teach how to can jellies, salsas at home [Photo]

Vera Massey conducts a home food preservation workshop on using boiling water to can foods. MU Extension has offered the food preservation workshops for years, but there was a waiting list to register this year, possibly because of rising food prices.

Using hot-water canning to preserve homemade jams, salsas [Photo]

Vera Massey spoons blueberry-spice jam into a jar following a home food preservation workshop on using boiling water to can foods as part of a food preservation class offered through MU Extension. Hot-water canning may be used to safely preserve fruits as well as homemade jams, pickles and salsas.

Enjoying homemade preserves [Photo]

Pam Mietzner, Stephanie VanVranken and Erika VanVranken sample homemade preserves following a food preservation workshop on using boiling water to can foods.

Canning at home [Graphic]

CLARIFICATION: The National Center for Home Food Preservation recommends using 2-piece lids when canning, which includes canning flats and rings. Jars should also be placed on racks in canners to prevent jars from coming into contact with direct heat from the bottom of the pot. (06/25/2009)

Burundi gospel choir celebrates ceremony [Photo]

Members of the Burundi gospel choir, Paz Sauti (Big Voice), broke out in dance and song in the church sanctuary after the service concluded.

Preparing for the wedding ceremony [Photo]

The women prepare before the ceremony in a preschool room of the church. Clementine M'Sengabo, Stani's sister-in-law, looks on as Shirley Colbert fixes her dress in the bathroom and a friend does the bride's makeup. M'Sengabo came from Hazelwood with her husband, daughter and four boys to attend the ceremony. Colbert organized much of the wedding while Moyosola, from Ghana, a good friend of the family and past neighbor, sang during the service.

Wedding day send-off [Photo]

Marianne and Stanislas Bihomora leave Christian Fellowship Church after renewing their vows. Members from Christian Fellowship Church, the St.Louis-based Global Christian Church, the International Friends Center, Church Afrique, along with other friends and family of the Bihomoras, all joined for the ceremony and send-off.

Wedding vow renewal ceremony [Photo]

During the service, pastor Phil Schaefer of Christian Fellowship Church spoke some words tailored to both Stani and Marianne about faithfulness and endurance of hardship. While he spoke, Caritas Habimana, a relative of Stani, translated the sermon into Swahili for the diverse audience. Shaefer concluded with a reference to a biblical metaphor saying, "Twenty years of marriage, six children, is rain coming down, streams rising, winds blowing on your relationship and things beating against your house ... but God is going to make you stand together for his glory." Both Marianne and Stani saw the wedding renewal ceremony as a gift from God.

Wedding day arrives after 20 years [Photo]

When Marianne's father, Michel Mumyantarama, came to Columbia from Africa on a limited visa, the Bihomoras decided to have the wedding ceremony they had always hoped for. "I thank God that I can do this while my daddy's here," said Marianne. Stani mentioned that at the first ceremony, twenty years ago, Michel was also present. It is unsure if Michel will be able to stay in the United States after his visa expires. The Bihomoras and friends from Christian Fellowship Church are currently working on Michel's situation so that he can remain in the United States with his daughter's family.

Ryan Ferguson retrial denied by Boone County judge [Photo]

Ryan Ferguson's appeal for a new trial in the killing of Kent Heitholt, a Columbia Daily Tribune sports editor, was denied Monday by Boone County Circuit Judge Jodie Asel.

Ian Thomas leads PedNet Bike Train [Photo]

Ian Thomas is executive director of the PedNet Coalition, a non-profit organization that promotes active modes of transportation such as walking and biking in Columbia. Thomas leads a Bike Train to Fairview Elementary School on Fridays. All of the children who ride in the Bike Train have taken PedNet's BikePro course. “They act as if they’re kind of the cool kids because they get to bike, and all the other kids have to come in a car or in a bus,” Thomas said.