J.W. 'Blind' Boone home [Photo]

J.W. "Blind" Boone home

Preliminary plans for job site [Document]

DOCUMENT: Preliminary plans for an employment center site on 210 acres off Route Z east of Columbia.

Request to rezone 201 acres [Graphic]

Green Acres LLC has requested permission to rezone 210 acres off Route Z from residential to light industrial.

GetAbout Columbia's budget [Graphic]

Cycling safety [Photo]

Michelle Windmoeller works to fit the tire back over the air tube on her bicycle wheel during a GetAbout Columbia Confident City Cycling Class inside of Stephens Lake Activities Center on May 6. Windmoeller was demonstrating how to change a flat tire to class participants.

Brushing up on bike safety [Photo]

Robert Johnson and Michelle Windmoeller attach a rear wheel back onto Windmoeller's bike after completing a tire changing demonstration during a GetAbout Columbia Confident City Cycling Class inside of Stephens Lake Activities Center on May 6. Johnson and Windmoeller are both instructors with the program.

Taking tips on tires [Photo]

Robert Johnson and Rachel Pinnow inspect Pinnow's completed changed tire during a GetAbout Columbia Confident City Cycling Class inside Stephens Lake Activities Center on May 6. "I wanted to start commuting on my bike more and realized that I needed a refresher course," Pinnow said of the class.

Spreading the knowledge [Photo]

Michelle Windmoeller shows her mother-in-law Kathy Windmoeller how to pop the tire back over the air tube on the wheel of her bicycle during a GetAbout Columbia Confident City Cycling Class inside of Stephens Lake Activities Center on May 6. "I think confidence in cycling definitely makes you safer," Windmoeller said.

Making a safe landing [Photo]

TOP ROW: From left, Anderson "Danny" Peebles, navigator; Flavil Ray Edgin, co-pilot; John Cartmill, bombardier; Don Billings, radio operator/gunner; Robert Mink, engineer/gunner; John Brewer, armorer/gunner
KNEELING: Michael Garvie, crew chief; GEORGE PARKER, pilot; Charles Franzwick, assistant crew chief

George Parker was piloting 42-96188, another B-26B55, when he and his fellow crew members were hit by flak over France. He made an emergency landing at a British advanced landing ground, B7-Martragny, near Bayeaux in Normandy on July 7, 1944. All the crew members were safe after making a belly landing.

Then-candidate for state treasurer [Photo]

"It doesn't matter what your age is; you can help and influence the election," said state Rep. George Parker, R-Columbia, and a then-Republican candidate for state treasurer, to a group of youthful supporters at a Young Missourians for Parker meeting on Sept. 13, 1972.

George Parker [Photo]

The family of George Parker said this was their favorite photo of him.

A change in political thought [Photo]

George Parker, former chairman of the Boone County Republican Central Committee, wanted to change the way people thought about politics. This photo is dated Oct. 25, 1990.

Reflections of the past [Photo]

The reflection of George Parker, the founder of the modern Republican Party in Boone County, appears on the picture of a young Parker with the F-101 Voodoo. During World War II, he flew a B-26 Marauder bomber. The photograph was taken at his home in Columbia on Dec. 11, 2006.

Sun Devils celebrate [Photo]

Arizona State's Jessica Mapes (12) runs along the dugout for congratulations after scoring against Missouri in the second inning.

Making her delivery [Photo]

Missouri's Chelsea Thomas pitches against Arizona State in the first inning.

Consulting with the coach [Photo]

Missouri coach Ehren Earleywine goes to the pitching circle to talk with pitcher Chelsea Thomas in the second inning of a College World Series tournament game against Arizona State. Thomas allowed six earned runs in two innings of play. Arizona State won the game 7-3.

On the campaign trail [Photo]

Hi-Liters and ballots fill the voting table in Hickman High School's common area during lunch. Students had the opportunity to vote for the "Big Four" student body government offices: president, vice president, treasurer and secretary, on April 23 and 24 during their lunch hours.

Before the committee [Photo]

Michael Corey-Yares, center, addresses the steering committee during his first steering meeting as president-elect while, from left, Hannah Pingleton, Emily Pintel and Billy Borgmeye look on.

Winning the election [Photo]

Hickman junior Michael Corey-Yares answers the phone at his home to find out that he has been elected as Hickman's student government president for 2009-2010.

Student government members tally votes [Photo]

From left, student government members Billy Borgmeyer, David Salmo, Emily Pintel and Sebastian Martinez, enjoy a laugh with Jami Thornberry's, the student government adviser, as they tally votes