Blackwell drawing [Photo]

Grant Blackwell works on a drawing while sitting on Ninth Street. Homeless just two years ago, he credits his rigorous work ethic with getting him off the streets. He feels fortunate to make a living through his passion for art.

Blackwell pencil shavings [Photo]

Pencil shavings on Ninth Street. For his latest project, Grant Blackwell used colored pencils and paper. For previous projects, he has used a variety of media, including discarded pieces of wood.

Farm to School [Graphic]

The process of harvesting and preparing apples to be distributed to wholesalers and sold in stores is highly mechanized. Here is a simplified version of a Peters Orchards apple's journey from tree to truck.

'Star Trek' remembered [Photo]

Sean Kenney, right, tells stories about his experiences on the set of "Star Trek: The Original Series" and answers questions posed by Randall Durk of the Central MIssouri Astronomical Association and others on Monday. Kenney began dabbling in photography in the 1960s while stationed in Japan with the Air Force and passed through Columbia with his wife on the way to shoot portraits in collaboration with the Association of Realtors.

Rock Bridge tennis player Kelsey KinderKnecht [Photo]

After dropping five games in a row to lose the first set, Rock Bridge's Kelsey Kindernecht came back to win against Hickman rival Dina Kaissi on Monday at No.1 singles. It was Kindernecht's first victory against Kaissi, after losing to her four times last season.

Pinkel address the media [Photo]

Missouri football coach Gary Pinkel speaks to the media about the upcoming season during a press conference Monday. Pinkel said when it comes to new players youth and lack of experience are insignificant to him. He is more concerned about how the team prepares.

Messy Night held Monday [Slideshow]

Washington University grad and grandson [Photo]

Yoshio Matsumoto with his grandson Andy, an incoming freshman, shows a photo of his engineering class in 1943 oat Washington University, Friday in St. Louis. Matsumoto, an 88-year-old retired engineer, was one of a number of students that were relocated to universities across the country instead of being sent to an internment camp in 1941.

Boots cuts through car body [Photo]

Zach Boots cuts through the trunk of a Cash for Clunkers SUV at Sorrels Auto salvage yard on Thursday. Some of the parts he cuts from cars end up being used as material for schools that teach body work.

Taking ceiling off car at junk yard [Photo]

Zach Boots dissembles parts from a Cash for Clunkers SUV at Sorrels Auto salvage yard Thursday.

Dissembling cars at junk yard [Photo]

Zach Boots dissembles parts from a Cash for Clunkers SUV at Sorrels Auto salvage yard Thursday. Zach has done this for the last five years and he sees his work as a stress reliever. "When you have a bad day, tear one down," he said.

Boots carries rims in salvage yard [Photo]

Zach Boots caries two rims across the Sorrels Auto salvage yard on Thursday. The cars that go to the Cash for Clunkers program are dismantled at the salvage yard and some of the parts get resold.

Roman riding at the Ashland rodeo [Photo]

Max Reynolds drives his horses Roman-riding style through a burning ring of fire at the annual Cattleman Days Rodeo in Ashland on Saturday. Reynolds was one of several acts during the rodeo, performing trick riding and rope spinning throughout the night.

Site of fatal crash memorialized [Photo]

A teddy bear and several flowers rest at the base of the tree where Jennifer Stewart wrecked her Jeep early Sunday morning. The single-car accident, which occurred at 3 a.m. on Highlands Court, is still under investigation. Police reports state that Stewart appeared to not be wearing a seat belt.

Crash site memorialized [Photo]

A teddy bear and flowers memorialize the aftermath of the crash that killed Jennifer Stewart early Sunday morning on Highlands Court. When police arrived at the scene, they found Stewart's Jeep crashed into a tree and on fire.

The Calf Scramble at Ashland's rodeo [Photo]

An event featuring four calves and a few hundred kids is aptly named the Calf Scramble at the 33rd annual Cattleman Days Rodeo in Ashland on Saturday. The object is to snag a strip of duct tape off one of four romping calves and return it to a rodeo commissioner. Every piece of duct tape is worth a dollar.

Rider trips on horse at Rodeo [Photo]

Saddle bronc rider Cory Rud holds on as the horse Ogalolla trips headfirst into the dirt at the annual Cattleman Days Rodeo in Ashland, on Saturday. In accordance with the rules, Rud was given a re-ride after Ogalolla slipped and fell.

Teaching a child how to rope cattle [Photo]

Bruce Douglass teaches 4-year-old Blake Hunter the trick to cattle roping as Hunter's grandmother watches at the 33rd annual Cattleman Days Rodeo in Ashland on Saturday. Douglass of Rocheport has been throwing rope for more than 30 years, but this was his first time volunteering at the Cattleman Days Rodeo.

Reynolds entertains the crowd at rodeo [Photo]

Max Reynolds, a professional rodeo entertainer, shows off his rope-spinning skills at the 33rd annual Cattleman Das Rodeo in Ashland Saturday. Reynolds, know for his roman riding, has been performing for more than 30 years and been featured in movies, television and rodeo events around the world.

Saddle bronc rider Roy Toney [Photo]

Saddle bronc rider Roy Toney of Lamoni, Iowa, holds on as the horse Soleme bucks its way to a full eight seconds during the 33rd annual Cattleman Days Rodeo in Ashland on Saturday. The rodeo, which is in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association circuit, was a two-night event where riders competed for the best time and a chance at the $14,000 prize.