Discussing career paths [Photo]

Everett Rayl of Versailles, right, is Dorie Clark's pastor and close friend. The two worked together at the F.A. Smith & Company factory in Eldon until both were laid off. Clark and Rayl discuss employment options such as teacher certification or studying computer science.

Monitoring his blood pressure and pulse [Photo]

Since 2006, Clark has been recording his pulse and blood pressure. He checks it before and after his morning workout and says doing so helps him keep track of "when I'm up, when I'm down and when I'm stressed out."

Clark awaits his interview [Photo]

Dorie Clark awaits his interview for a position at the Eldon Police Department on Monday in Eldon. With only three officer positions available, Clark hopes his past experience as an officer in the 1980s and good relationship with the current staff will give him an edge of the competition.

Desk filled with important papers and people [Photo]

Dorie Clark's desk is filled with important papers and important people. Aside from his current career choice as a future police officer, Clark started his own private investigation business, and he is also a minister. Photos of Dakota Miner, the child who Clark has cared for since the age of three, line the desk's main work space.

Vigil attendees mourn slaying of Kansas doctor [Video]

Heavy rains did not prevent people from gathering Tuesday night to share memories and thoughts about Dr. George Tiller and the issue of abortion. Tiller, the Kansas physician who performed late-term abortions, was killed Sunday. The vigil was held in McAlester hall on the MU campus.

Snow cones at Mill Creek block party [Photo]

From left, Cole Rackers, 9, and Levi Thiessen, 6, celebrate the last day of school and the beginning of summer with homemade snow cones. The Rackers family hosted a neighborhood block party at Mill Creek Manor on Tuesday.

Water balloon handoff at Mill Creek block party [Photo]

From left, Emma Ayers, 11, hands off a water balloon to Laurel Ayers, 8, during a block party at Mill Creek Manor in Columbia on Tuesday. Members of neighborhood families organized the party to celebrate the last day of school.

Preparing for siblings near bus on last day of school [Photo]

From left, Haley Evers, 13, and Ashley Reichert, 12, prepare to greet their younger siblings as they step off the bus Tuesday, the last day of school for many young students in Columbia.

New development approved on Route Z [Graphic]

The classification of the approximately 210 acres was changed from agricultural to light industrial in the hopes of attracting businesses to the region. While local business leaders, such as the Columbia Area Jobs Foundation, supported the measure, area residents expressed concern over the change for a variety of reasons.

Columbia bus riderships rises [Graphic]

Standing up for George Tiller [Photo]

From left, across the front row, Vicky Wilson, State Rep. Mary Still, Sean Spence and Bonnie Trickey are among those at the vigil Tuesday night to remember George Tiller, the abortion doctor who was killed Sunday in his church. Heavy rain caused the gathering to move from Peace Park to MU's McAlester Hall.

A light to remember [Photo]

“During this time of tragedy, it’s important to grieve, but it’s also important to stand up for what we believe in,” said Michelle Turpino, lobbyist and mid-Missouri spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood.

Helen Noonan discusses Centralia Anchor Festival [Slideshow]

Helen Noonan, a cosmetologist and esthetician for Brown Chiropractic Wellness Center and Spa in Centralia, discusses the importance of the Centralia Anchor Festival to her family and the city.

Students at Two Mile Prairie Elementary School discuss changing grade levels [Audio]

Students at Two Mile Prairie Elementary School in Columbia discuss why they are excited about changing grade levels and schools.

A horse fan [Photo]

Dianne Lynch likes horses and is attracted to the Stephens equestrian program. "It is one of the truly unique parts of the school," she said. Her 11-year-old daughter, Annie, will learn to ride on a horse named Chopper when she arrives in Columbia.

Learning combat moves for the stage [Photo]

Stephens College President Dianne Lynch stops to watch professor Erik Gratton's Stage Combat class on Tuesday. The students, who will perform a full fight scene toward the end of their summer class, showed off a few moves to Lynch.

That fear might be gone [Photo]

Karren Prasifka and Stephens College President Dianne Lynch share a laugh. Prasifka said she decided to join the college's equestrian program to "get over my fear of riding a horse."

Meeting colleagues [Photo]

Stephens College President Dianne Lynch introduces herself to employee Jim Klick, who has worked as the supervisor of the college's Mechanic Shop for more than two years. Lynch met a number of faculty, students and staff on Tuesday.

Cleaning desks [Photo]

11-year-old Lucy Kingsley, left, looks on as fellow fifth-grade classmates clean out their desks on the last day of school at Fairview Elementary in Columbia on Tuesday.

Taking a picture on the last day of school [Photo]

11-year-olds Da'Jon Gully, left, and Lucas Wadley pose for a photo on their last day of fifth grade at Fairview Elementary in Columbia.